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  1. Anvil repair

    Just use it horn to the right and you are good to go. That cut won't bother a thing.
  2. What is it??

    Thanks Alan did not think of that!!
  3. What is this?? Found on an old farmstead in Nebraska, my thoughts are a potato digger or chaff cutter. It is missing a wood handle. edge is sharp. All forge welded together.
  4. Bird

    Nice, if you need cheap stock come my way sometime and we have a couple great scrap yards that still let you dig. Everything goes out at $.20 a pound.
  5. Give us a full pic of the drill
  6. 400 lb Vulcan

    Do they have a new home, if they want one I have space. I can even keep them as a family!!!
  7. Cast Iron Post Vise?

    I have 4 or 5 like that. I think they are Eco line columbians.
  8. Too damaged?

    To add to why the key rings bottle openers hooks ...... Because they sell in any market and your practice is with lot cheaper material. Plus most of the hammering skill are in the decor items. Did I mention they sell... Good way to gain some extra $$$
  9. The person that comes in thinking they know all and they really don't know anything. Which leads to the cures of working alone. Then it is all my doing and I am the only one that could get hurt. Take the time for prep work has been drilled into my head so much that you can pre tell the oh crap moments. Or the why did you have to redo that after you got the stitches. Take the time for prep and thinking it really does help things go better and faster.
  10. What do you have planned for the 4 corner receivers?? Tool tray?? Vise??
  11. Personalize your tools

    Mine are always yellow and black striped
  12. Interesting barn door hardware

    Needs bigger hinges
  13. Bridge Anvil

    Holes are square when you use a carriage bolt also. Well in part of the hole anyway. Could be either and you could use it for either. Have fun with it!!
  14. Vise stand mod

    Saltforks sells that swage block. Very reasonable.
  15. W. Moseley Anvil?

    Would need pics of it to tell you. Could be old mousehole anvils with no pritchel were older ones. Don't know without seeing it.