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  1. Mine are always yellow and black striped
  2. Needs bigger hinges
  3. Holes are square when you use a carriage bolt also. Well in part of the hole anyway. Could be either and you could use it for either. Have fun with it!!
  4. Saltforks sells that swage block. Very reasonable.
  5. Would need pics of it to tell you. Could be old mousehole anvils with no pritchel were older ones. Don't know without seeing it.
  6. I took the idea from the saltforks craftsmen. Holds my small swage block and has multiple hardy holes screen shots from my Instagram page.
  7. My thought is a die for sockets for tools that have a wood handle.
  8. About all I can tell you is it is pre 1910. After 1910 all were stamped with England.
  9. I think I have a little bigger silver I will check and if I do I will get pics and make a pattern for you.
  10. You asked, he answered, the vise looks like a columbian knockoff. The other thing is the screw may not be origanal to the rest of the vise parts
  11. All look good Das, I like the feather!!
  12. It was not made in America, it is a pre 1910 Peter Wright. The TTT3 is hundred weight. They are not T but 1. So it is 1 1 13. The England was put on after 1910.
  13. Can we see the file work?? Is your tree painted? Again great looking hammer.
  14. Great bowl, and it is fun to ply with temp colors. Love the hook ruler also!!