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  1. Greetings Pr3ssure, Keep it simple ... Start with some 1/2 in square stock . Fold over approximately 1 in not tight .AKA fagot weld .. Heat to bright red.. hard wire brush .. Flux.. . Heat to bright white... flip off the flux .. than to the anvil quickly for only one smack.. return to the forge and a white heat to finish.. As you progress you will be able to complete the weld on the first heat.. Other welds will come with practice. FORGE ON AND MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS Jim
  2. Jim Coke

    Stainless steel hood?

    Greetings Wyatt, Now your cookin. It would be best if you put a piece of cement board behind your forge so to cover the wood shelf . A chunk of hot coal on the shelf could be a big problem. Glad you are making progress and havin fun to boot. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  3. Jim Coke

    Power hammer advice

    Greetings Tnbshr. I hate it when someone answers a question with a question but here it comes. Have you ever had experience working a power hammer? How are you making your billets now? Is your interest in only making knives and swords? Have you ever tried a hydraulic press ? As pictured the hammer does not have a power source Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  4. Jim Coke

    Stainless steel hood?

    Greetings Wyatt, I would rethink your hood design. Some of your pictures the fire pot is positioned too close to your hood. Do some research on the correct size of the draft entrance. For sure get the 10 inch stack . Lots of info here on IFI . Just this ol boys suggestions. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  5. Jim Coke

    Clifton Ralph Passing

    I will ring my anvil in respect ... Condolences to his family. The true father of the power hammer ..I learned much from his videos and instructions. Jim
  6. Jim Coke

    Making a dumpster

    Greetings P3ssure, As others have stated you must consider weight , rust, and cost. A container even made from 11g or 1/8 would be heavy . You can do the calculations by finding the steel weight per foot on the internet. My suggestion if you want steel is to visit your local farm store and look for a suitable container. You will find most have ribs for strength and are galvanized plated to prevent rusting. You will find cost is a big factor if you calculate the steel cost because you must buy full sheets from most suppliers. Just this ol boys suggestions. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  7. Jim Coke

    Dave Evans (Windancer) passes

    When I found you your dream anvil I thought for sure you would have much more time to make beautiful things. REST IN PEACE Jim
  8. Jim Coke

    Farewell. At least for a couple years.

    Greetings Mark, IFI is like a good book on blacksmithing. You put it on the shelf for a while but your curiosity will get the best of you and you will revisit it in the future. You will do well. As I always say. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  9. Jim Coke

    Buffalo Post drill n 615

    Greetings Heelerau, Did you know that that model has a two speed feature. You can remove the handle and hub and install it on the smaller gear hub for slow speed operation. They are fun and functional too. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  10. Jim Coke

    Air powered closer for post vise ideas?

    Greetings Dave, You might consider a caulking foot vise . I have 3 and use them all the time. They work well for brushing hot stock and for repositioning stock and tools for the treadle hammer. They are also very useful for upsetting. Just a thought. FORGE ON AND MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS JIM
  11. Jim Coke

    Foot-Vise Rejuvenation and Base Fabrication

    Greetings Steamboat, I have 3 caulking vises simulator to yours. The original upsetting block was cast and bolt through the base. Reproductions at one time were available by an east cost casting company which I bought 2 . Sorry they are no longer in business.. They sold them on line and at the SOFA tail gate sales. Originally they came with replaceable movable jaws that had cut outs for round stock. Most were lost. One improvement I made was to add a 1/8 shim to the fixed jaw which will allow the vise to close tight. This will also raise the pedal height to a more comfortable position. Have fun and a great restoration. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  12. Jim Coke

    Interesting 2x drive unit

    Greetings JHCC, That set up is a typical drive system for a method of updating a drill press with flat belt drive to a motorized unit. It also applies to various other small machines . Great find if you have a use for it. Belt grinder not so much. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  13. Greetings Deguy, I have many post drills . 5 very functional in different shops . Others just to look at. . Most of the ones I restore I leave natural cleaned and oiled with tung oil. I have one that I painted and detailed just for fun . Enclosed a picture of a rear flywheel Columbia . A rare find. Have fun with your new hobby. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  14. Jim Coke

    It followed me home

    Greetings Zeke, I have several , Two different .. Just make up one of my style anvil hold downs it will hold sheet ,round bar long stock etc. Notice the off set for longer stock. Now ya got some projects. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  15. Jim Coke

    It followed me home

    Greetings Zeke, The sheet metal vice grips can be made into a very useful tool. I’ve made several for my students . Simply weld them to an angle iron about a foot long as pictured. What it does is converts your holding stock in the vice vertically to horizontal. ATTENTION BLADE SMITHS. They work super for working on a blade horizontally. I use the them all the time to cut flat stock with the portaban. Nice haul for not much bucks. HAVE FUN Forge on and make beautiful things Jim