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  1. Making roller dies

    Greetings Weldedwood, Hot hammering your stock will yield inconsistent thickness and will jam in your dies. I would make a bending fixture than texture and hard way bend a little at a time. Your stock will pretzel and twist so slow is best. Just this ol boys 2c Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  2. Champion 400 Parts

    Greetings James, Lots of info on this sight on the subject of repair of your Champion blower.. Do some research first. Please fill in your profile someone might live near you to assist. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  3. Greetings Pool, I would just call a wrecker company one with a extendable boom . You than can lift the unit at its center balance point . Tilt and extend the boom into the garage.. Standing it back up should be easy with part of the weight on the floor.. Worked for me in the past. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN WITH YOUR NEW TOY.. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  4. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Greetings Biker.. Your Hardy tool problem with 1/4 x1 stock .. You can flatten you stock to 1-1/4 and form a loop 1- 1/4 wide to fit your hardy than weld it to the base of your tool. To work with short chisels and punches with hot metal wrap a chunk of leather around the chisel and pinch it with a pair of vise grips .. ( instant holder) I have done this for years and it works quite well. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  5. Please pray for our family

    It’s hard to even picture such a loss .. Prayers sent..
  6. New flypress stuck tooling

    Just stuck.. Put it in the refrigerator than try again.. Forget the heat..
  7. New flypress stuck tooling

    Greetings Dueulear, Weld a thick 1 in washer on your tool , secure the tool holder than an air chisel at washer to remove. This will scrap your tool but save your holder.. There is no need for your tools to be so close tolerance a fit into the holder. Press on and make beautiful things Jim
  8. Appreciate everyone

    Greetings Pr3ssure, Ya got the right stuff. An open mind sharp ears and a great attitude. You will do well . Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  9. New press is mounted

    Greetings DU, You will find that you need to anchor your base to the floor if you have not already done so. Have fun with your new toy. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  10. Hand forged tongs from rebar

    Greetings. At my home and shops I have a ton of nuts bolts metal and resources. The closest hardware is 30 miles away and over the years many local friends have stopped by to tap my inventory. Instead of just giving them what they need or charging a few bucks I developed a slick system. They must return the item to my stock but not just one but 2 . If they forget we’ll you guessed it.. No next time. This way they still have to purchase the item.
  11. Integral tool holder for flypress?

    All you need is 1in shaft locks from Grainger. Weld them onto you 1in shaft.. And yes the tools bottom in the holder. Look at the tools in my box.
  12. Integral tool holder for flypress?

    Depends... You don’t want to bottom the tool in the ram. The force is best put on the face.
  13. Integral tool holder for flypress?

    Greetings Du, Yep you are missing something.. Various tool holders have different functions. Many are designed to hold smaller diameter punches and drifts. You really don’t need a full stroke for many projects. Where in Mich are you located? I have several different holders that I have made up over the years. Welcome to fly press 101.. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  14. Greetings Pr3esure, If you wish to remove all the paint from your anvil just get a quart of water soluble paint remover. There are several out there but I prefer the orange one. It’s easy apply than wait an 1/2 hour than scrub into the cracks with a hand wire brush. Rinse off with a hose than do it again. When your happy with the look finish with tung furniture oil or equivalent: This will make it as new.. Have fun.. I have done several. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  15. It followed me home

    Greetings all, Ah yes another voting season. The salvage material makes a great hanging paper towel holder.. Great stock to have on hand... Forge on and make beautiful things Jim