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  1. Greetings All, I have a bunch of bending forks but have a few favorites that are easy to make. The big one is 3/4 stock with 3/4 round bar offset on opposing sides for heavy duty jobs. The others are straight on forks from 1/2 and 3/8 round bar. The 3/8 one slides through the 1/2 for leverage. The straight on ones are great for adjusting scrolls and elements in a gate fence or fireplace screen., Have fun Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  2. Greetings BSWQ, Just drill a hole in it and observe the metal . Crumbly partials , cast , nice Curley parts , steel . Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  3. Greetings John in WA, It would be great if a truck went by your house and an anvil fell of in your driveway so you wouldn't have to look so hard. I know for a fact that Josh has driven thousands of miles and to great expense to add to his collection. I also have more than my share but guys like us started many years ago when anvils were considered scrap . You should be thankful we had the forethought to preserve the prcious iron. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  4. Greetings NH, The best way I have found to mount your anvil is to trace the base pattern than use a router to cut a 1/2 inch well to set it into. Than two simple brackets to hold it down.. Vice mounting is all about available space. Enclosed one of my portable set ups that is easily moved . Good luck Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  5. Greetings NH, Anvil base could be used but the vice mounted on the same unit not so much. You will soon find out that you will need access to all sides of your new anvil.. I suggest that you do some research on anvil stands and post vice mounts on this sight . I myself have posted several.. You will do well. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  6. Greetings Vaughn, What might be a factor in your welding success is the tank material. I was told years ago that high pressure tanks like you have are a higher carbon steel some 4140. Maybe John will chime in with more info.. I love cool welding jigs . Have fun. Forge on and make beautiful things. Jim
  7. Greetings LBS.. Looking good.. Just a few suggestions. Prior to twisting your stock file the surface clean on the Rubic's cube and your plain twist . Round the edges for hand comfort. A smaller diameter ball pien for the screws than a round punch for the screw to set flat. As you might of guessed I've made bunches.. Keep up the great work . Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  8. Michael, Just an old drum and recycled stuff.. You can get a good start on a 3/8 or so plate placed on the ground. Have fun! Forge on and make some great grub. Jim
  9. Greetings Michael, Lots of good info and. Recipes out there. Before you make a campfire set up do some research on the ovens. I prefer cooking on a steel plate just using coals on the top and bottom. Get the free app on the app store ( Dutch oven helper) its cool and shows a lot of info on temperatures. I have two cooking stations . Lots of fun Jim
  10. Greetings Marcus, Now that's a chunk of iron. When the lights in Michigan dim and the lakes and streams quiver I will know the source of the problem. Have fun with your new toy and stay safe. Forge on and make (big) beautiful things Jim
  11. TP May you and family stay strong . Prayers sent. Jim
  12. Greetings Owen, Very well done. Easy to follow for the beginner smith . Your explanation of procedures are over the top great and your hammer techniques a true pleasure to watch. Thank you. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  13. Steve ,Sean, I wish you well and prayers sent.
  14. Greetings Millhand, Just clean and lubricat the friction point at the bottom where it contacts the moving member. It will easily rest in the open position. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  15. Greetings 58er, Give a guy a new power hammer and he turns into a kid in a candy store. I know we live in a " DIGITAL " world but your new hand made creations are over the top cool. IMO I would remove one ring and mount the sign on the side of your shop facing out. Have fun and keep up the great work. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim