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  1. Greetings Alaxandr, I have been on many institutions by myself . I know how hard it is sometimes. I usually get up the ladder and forget the tool I need .. DAAA . Stay safe I hate ladders. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  2. Greetings Eldridge, Beautiful work. Building code ? What part requires repousse ? A single element or ? Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  3. Greetings Go Fish, Nice find and clean up. You must know someone to score a fine blower like that. LOL .. How does it work on your forge? Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  4. Greetings Tom. Making a 11/2 deep depression in 3/8 is difficult. You will find the sides will raise and hard to return to flat without the proper tooling. You could grind the area to be depressed to 3/16 or so on the underside. This would be much easier to press down . You could purchase a 2 in shaft collar to support the bottom for the depression . Just don’t hit hammers with hammers . A large ball pein and a brass hammer will work . Just this ol boys 2c . Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  5. I will ring the anvil this AM...
  6. Greetings Grumpybiker, What you have is a construction lantern. Commonly used to mark road projects. Not a railroad lantern to my knowledge. Still fun to restore got a few myself . Keep on collecting when you reach over 300 ya got me beat. LOL FORGE ON AND MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS JIM
  7. Greetings Dave, Did ya have fun at my shop today. There is an old boy at the weld shop on 13 street who can weld up your crack. As far as the missing side you can easily form up a chunk of sheet metal to fit . Your new coal will for sure stay in the pan. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  8. Greetings Chris and Irondragon. Lanterns are addictive. I only have 5 Aladdin’s butttttt 250 plus wick style. Been restoring and collecting for 50 some years. Without kerosine lanterns this country would not have made as much progress. Many companies started making lanterns and additional companies followed suit. Lenses by Corning , steel, and of course Standard oil. Lots of history in lanterns. If only they could talk. Have fun and of course Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  9. Greetings Heinrocket, Trenton special build .. 300 lb on a 500 lb base all tool steel from the belt line up. Case base to boot. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  10. Josh is on vacation for the next 2 weeks
  11. Greetings Less, You can still fix the look of your cross. Take a heat, cool the left side to the split than tap the right side to correct the bulge. After you make 100 or so it becomes easier. Have fun and make more. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  12. Greetings, I have lots of visitors at my forge . It’s amazing how many people ask about the name of my small shop at Golden Bell Forge. Most do not know the basic elements . The name came from the first building on my property that was a hunting cabin with a large gold bell on the roof. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  13. George NM Thanx for the observation. All fixed . Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  14. George, You are oh so correct. I took some pieces to a demo last week and I think this one got a little squished. I’ll fix it shortly. I’ve made others more complicated. They all seem to end up differently. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  15. Greetings, Just finished the bud vase. I enjoy taking a single piece of metal and forging it and see what evolves. A challenge indeed. With no interruptions or welds. Bud vase 1/4 x 3/4x12in Candle holder 1/2 x1/2 x 24In I did add one piece of copper for the drip pan. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim