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  1. Greetings 58er. Best make that 50x50 .. Ya gunna need more power. Just a step up from the power hammer that you bought from my friend Dave. Forge get on and make big things Jim
  2. Jim Coke


    Great news. Ya just can’t keep a GREAT man down. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  3. Greetings Ironbelly, Straps and hot iron don’t mix. Won’t last long. There are several ways to mount your anvil posted on this sight. READ READ READ Forge on and make beautiful things Jim Beat me to it Irondragon
  4. Greetings Rojo and Dave, i think you got the idea for old socket adjustable bending forks from me long ago. I also make forks that extend over the side of the anvil that are secured by a wedge in the hardy hole. All work great for different applications. Have fun Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  5. Greetings Backwiods, They make great Hardy dishing tools . Lots of different functions. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  6. Greetings Farmall , Back in the day it was common to go to the basement to start the old coil water heater . No pilot light at that time . That striker is long to reach into the burner. Just my thought. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  7. Greetings P3ressure, Pretty color however there are very few spots on my anvils that I don’t use to form metal . A nice new paint job wouldn’t last long and it would look like a spotted leopard. Pink highlights would be cool in the lettering and weights. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  8. Greetings Aus, Old broken tongs make great after dinner roll holders. I made one and ended up making 2 more for friends that visited my bathroom. Fun and easy to make. Forge on and make beautiful things . Jjim
  9. Greetings Welding Rod, It looks like an Acme that was sold through the Sears stores . It is a 2 speed . If you move the crank hub to the other gear you can go to slow speed : I have several and use them all the time. They are great for kids to learn and of course they are cordless. It looks like you have an adjustable table. Can’t tell by the Picts. Have fun Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  10. Jim Coke


    Anvil rung with one of his wonderful hammers
  11. Greetings Mihai, Another solution is to cut thick wall pipe for depth control in place of the collar lock . Split the pipe in half than a simple hose clamp will hold it together. Doing it this way the kiss block will not get in the way I the work. Forge on and make beautiful things jim
  12. Years of dedication , research and a bunch of cash so others can learn and appreciate the Fisher anvil brand. It’s no wonder magnetic north is changing. Probably pointing towards NJ
  13. Greetings Ted; I moved mine 200 miles. I rented a lowering hydraulic trailer that worked quite well . The trailer drops down to about 8 in. They move around the shop with a hydraulic floor jack pretty easy. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim
  14. Yes I did taper all the way. I also formed a v grove pocket for the penny. Indeed a challenge.
  15. Greetings JLP, I too had not made a half penny scroll in years . A friend of mine just finished a very large railing project that included well over 200 scrolls. Our blacksmith group had a meeting at his shop to celebrate the competition of the job.i got the bright idea to make him a trophy to crown him king of the half penny scroll . I made it with a true penny insert and of coarse I had to do something different. Notice the diagonal stock and the transition to round . It was fun to make . Try one on the diagonal it’s a challenge. Forge on and make beautiful things Jim