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  1. my same thoughts saw some excellent appys in the mountains didn't get much on pics but therewas a red roan i have a few of glad your still kickn M.J.Lampert
  2. heading out today made this scabbard for my axe yesterday, talk to you all when i get back and keep safe M.J.Lampert
  3. sorry i should have explained better at base camp there is a cook out at spike camps the guide and/or wrangler will do the cooking the wrangler at the least is stuck with dishes (we are usually blessed by the inventor of paper plates) also yes on a drive I have herd of stories of what happened if someone decided to mess with chucky they would get some oil in the next meal, and runs for the next day. this was an effective safe guard as for a man on a horse getting off every time you need to let on rip (quite often with all the beans)and this would be a simple waty for chucky to get revenge not sure this could be an urban legend if so correct me M.J.Lampert on the other hand i am going to grab the few items i still need from the city
  4. not sure but there's either a lip or a delamination on the last photo showing otherwise looks great M.J.Lampert
  5. month and a half, 3 hunts moose and caribou as well as wolves this will be the longest trip i have been on (the last one was me and father for 2 weeks after bison ) PS I might end up being chucky for part of the time NO I might get kicked out of camp for that or at the least be allowed zero access to the axe/hatchet (I had to look that up and was surprised i was able to sleep after that) ok that's quite funny in a very dark way M.J.Lampert
  6. this is where i will be posting pics of this years wrangler trip (for those who don't know a wrangler is the person incharge of the horses, in my case for a hunting outfitter) i will also hopfully give some pics as i prepare for the trip keep safe y'all and don't burn yourselves when I'm gone M.J.Lampert
  7. haven't been in the shop for the last while and wont be for the next month and a half as I am going wrangling for a hunting outfitter will start a thread in everything-else to post pics in on that note what do y'all recommend for hiking boots i destroyed my last pair and was very unhappy with them (the soles where to hard and i slipped on damp rocks tp happy your OK M.J.Lampert
  8. i recently pulled strut springs off a pair and luckily my father was there to stop me or i might not be here with the proper tools is safe. without it can kill you on a side note i got 2 fix up snow machines today a 500 and a 440cc hope to post pict tomorrow M.J.Lampert
  9. we had some wind today, destroyed the hinges on the pumphouse/ cellar door also Saturday we had a late lamber with 2 new ones M.J.Lampert
  10. here you go not the best pic but it sufices M.J.Lampert
  11. my father has the same one and i have found it wonderful i really enjoy using it M.J.Lampert
  12. looks nice will try to share a pic of one my great-grandpa made he silver-soldered carbides on the tips M.J.Lampert
  13. nope not just you also the welder or grinder boy M.J.Lampert
  14. D i would recommend wearing a respirator when working with antler as the dust is hazardous also i would agree on the san mai M.J.Lampert
  15. sorry it took so long to reply there is a piece of pipe on the plate that the rod sits in (sorry both of those parts ended up the same colour) and a set of springs to pull every thing up (i cant draw retracting springs in the program(or at least i don't know how to and neither did my teacher for the program) another change the frame will be I-beam so that will be updated and shared once its done picture of the piece after a colour change M.J.Lampert
  16. looks beautiful hopefully one day i can travel the world some more and i think Russia will be a stop on my list M.J.Lampert
  17. sorry i was thinking latrine when i said lateen the lateen is a sail type M.J.Lampert
  18. dennis looks a lot nicer than i would do great job looks good mine will be done in a few months hopefully M.J.Lampert
  19. well the pro-teen is a good one (like me) and the la-teen stinks (aka the head aka water-closet without water M.J.Lampert
  20. yes indeed rained all through the night where very happy and i think the farmers as well as this improves there chance at a 2nd hay crop M.J.Lampert
  21. no thats the french pronunciation we call it poo-teen M.J.Lampert
  22. haha I'm currently 15 if i end up like my father and his dad I have but 15-20ish more years with a full head of hair, bout the same for my mothers side so thing don't look good for me and my hair either way M.J.Lampert
  23. good news RAIN we have had rain on and off for the last few days and a few of the local evacuation alerts have been lifted!!! on the other hand a few of the orders have been extended the fires are now 50 and 55 klicks from us but with the rain and forestry activities (between the 2 fires there are 76 firefighters, 6 helicopters, 39 heavy equipment, Also deployed are three (9) structure protection units.) M.J.Lampert
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