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  1. with the bowl in-between the mandibles M.J.Lampert
  2. can you re-share a new pic this one is quite blurry M.J.Lampert
  3. this is like the advancement of bombs the first where black powder some metal scraps in bamboo or paper this has now evolved into the highly effective and lethal hydrogen bombs that create many millions the destruction of the first ones. but this is efficient in what it does the first ones where meant to injure or sare the enemy an atom bomb is meant to wipe out large industrial areas quickly these both do the job they where meant for back to Thomas' original post this is like when people say the German tiger was a bad tank, it was used in the wrong spot it was meant as a heavy brea
  4. please save as a jpeg and share so we can see windows wont open it either M.J.Lampert
  5. yes i talked to him and he said next time I'm around his area with some spare time to drop into his shop also the guild is hopefully going to start meeting again in july at a forestry and Rail road museum where he is also set up to do demos he teaches lessons but it might be a while before i take one as 550 cad is a bit hard for me to gather for spendin mabe after rhe summers over (theres also the problem of the class being 8-530 and 1.5 hours away plus trying to get my father to drive to the city on a weekend (my mother isnt up at that time and my father hates crowds)) M.J.Lampert
  6. this is a skidder center pivot pin about 60% rebound on the bearing ball test 1/2in? plated welded on to allow attachment the the 2x10s are to bring the 16in stump(cut for a wood stove with a processor) IIRC 5in D on top work surface i have another wondering if i should make another rig for a friend or put the 2 together (Weld) and have more under hammer mas. 30lb a piece M.J.Lampert
  7. thanks i never saw the arc marks till you mentioned it mine will be done with either .035 or .040 wire or 1/8 7018 rod (i was given an almost full box and have tried 1 rod) M.J.Lampert
  8. phires hot dummy sfeile can you share dimensions i have been thinking of building something like this but didn't get to drawing it as i wasn't sure how big it should be
  9. looks great forge on and make nice stuff but learn from the bad stuff M.J.Lampert
  10. here's a great thing on that undying, gravity defying wonder this is a misconception, this article explains it well on what happened M.J.Lampert
  11. ok so the report is bad, definitely cast, 30-40% rebound also wondering if it is a cast steel possibly as has a good ring from 1/2" bearing ball and the rebound was like twice my cast aso (15-20ish) still dont think will get on the plus side guy at store gave me the name of another local smith Pioneer blacksmithing he has a web site with that name as well and recently started a local guild so not all bad today M.J.Lampert
  12. ah yes for some reason wile e coyote had a hard time getting it out of boomerang mode
  13. i would like to ask for prayer for a close, elderly family friend who is going through some family tribulations unable to disclose any details really other than what is already said but if you can keep her in you prayers for comfort and healing of relationships thanks M.J.Lampert
  14. ok thanks for clarifying frosty i will use a bearing ball 1/2in ish
  15. lets see you cannot use : nukes, navy, airforce or armored corp and only half the land troops just to make it even M.J.Lampert
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