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  1. was heated in advance but not enough advance in now for first cycle
  2. thanks for the pointers Georgerge, Welshj, ThomasPower, and JHCC. I cleaned up the blade some more there are still two or three little pits but it definitely looks much better now quenched and waiting for oven to heat up
  3. so got my grinds done today, quench and tempering is planned for tomorrow
  4. so i got into the shop the last few days in small increments and finally got it shaped so now to start my grinds and get it quenched
  5. if i do three smaller pieces in a bit of vinegar can i reuse it for a few more if I add a small amount of fresh thanks before hand M.J.Lampert
  6. frosty i don't use website contact links unless there is no other way. Prefer to talk with an actual person not wait 1-5 days for each reply. I would take any rod under 3/8ths but i cant get any brass at all other than the $7 for 6 usable inches on a toilet float rod. might try melting and casting damaged brass rifle shells
  7. sorry everyone had Wi-Fi problems so couldn't check on comments GutRot I tried all the metal suppliers around and 1 could get a 12 ft. 3/16 rod special ordered from Chicago for over $250 checked with the welding store haven't heard back ThomasPowers and Irondragon ForgeClay Works yes I like the Arkansas toothpicks as well but as a dagger that's 5-15 years down the road i first came across them in a louis l'amour book I believe 'ride the river' (Sackett book # 5) and was like i need that and then i realized there's little use now days for suck a knife plan to do mor
  8. no the clip wont be sharpened as for a brass strip i can only find toilet float rod for pins have tried to get brass rod at a local supplier and they couldn't get any brass unless they special order it and then its to expensive. the guard will be mild steel finished stretching out the steel to thickness between 0.16 and 0.17 the last 2 inches of stock are not to thickness and will be cut off next day when i trim the billet closer to size to shape
  9. so in socials i just dealt with the Alamo and James bowie so decided the project would be a bowie knife here is the draft of the knife will make with a piece of 3/8 leaf spring post more when have some done
  10. thanks every one for explaining. really helped
  11. commonly a variety of 5160(+-15/20% carbon) but not always. the reason i said that thought is the thickness i looked and realized i made a typo i meant 7/16 which without proper technique is hard on you and your will power as well as using time that could be spent on a different knife
  12. what? frosty my father taught me to wear gloves with a wire wheel a cut-off or grinding ok without gloves but welding gloves, safety glasses, face shield, long clothing + a pair of coveralls. O and if possible a piece of plywood between your guts and the wheel
  13. just a word of advice dont try 5/16 spring steel until you have your hammer technique figured out, it takes forever (don't ask how i know) and it wastes a lot of propane also DO YOUR RESEARCH i learned this the hard way, and i assure you you don't want to born to smith, forced to work
  14. ha ha Thomas power random person asks smith "so do you shave just your for forearms or what." smith "no that's just all am wiling to put in the flames"
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