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  1. heres the pic of it running. I have no regulator in the line so my flame slowly weakens till I swap to a full bottle again I tried with a regulator but didn't get enough pressure can you give me an idea to fix this im adjusting the t-valve every 5 min it seams to keep the flame the same
  2. sorry frosty I had to do some work so I wasn't able to finish posting every thing the forge proper= about 5x7x18" inside with 1" refractory wool and 3 layers of a 5000F rated refractory coating. on the outside is 1/8 sheet steel will try to post a pic later it dosent want to load right now
  3. So now 5 months, many hours of reaserch and 600 cad later i am ready to reveal my new forge to you guys. the burners = orfaces are .023 welding wire tips the top fitting is a 11/4-3/4" the tube is 3/4x8" pipe bottom fitting is 3/4 -1".
  4. boy David sure am glad I don't know your daughter
  5. ok do you think frosty would be a good choice
  6. frazer the ceramic wool is 1" 8# and the reason im asking is because if I put another layer of wool in I will only a space 3" tall and 5" wide so if possible I want to keep space open to make larger items ie. axe heads and hammers
  7. hello I'm building a forge with ceramic fiber blanket rated 2600F and coating it with a refractory paint rated 5000F. I am wondering if I should put 2 layers of blanket of if I can just put a third layer of coating thanks
  8. whats the average crossing rate per day and is it automotive or pedestrian?
  9. let me guess Thomas the first one
  10. what is the temperature rating on this stuff?
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