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  1. i wipe my snowboard glasses with a thin coat of vinigar that usually last 3-10 full day trips and then i repeat it M.J.Lampert
  2. so I've got to the point where I want to start making my investments start paying of so i am making these fire pokers to sell the material costs me 3.60 and i take 1/2 hour with propane to make them they are about 29 in I was thinking of charging 25$ as on amazon similar size is going for 30-50 $ would this be a good price or should i go cheaper thanks M.J.Lampert and yes frosty I need to learn how to make shovels and brooms as well
  3. red shed: I would tilt the blade 10-20* left or right depending on you plow area as this will lower resistance and push the snow to the side instead of straight forwards also as you sound fairly decent in mechanics try to make a quick connect it might make it easier to store then it helps to be the son of a heavy duty mechanic and help him jerry-rig grader blades for backhoes M.J.Lampert
  4. thanks Another FrankenBurner any one worked with the FLSUN QQ-S or other FLSON products?
  5. thanks the ender came up in previous searches this is the first i heard of the prusa my teacher says that he likes the delta type printers more dose antone elsa hold with this idea thanks M.J.Lampert
  6. hello every one i am looking to buy a 3d printer and i am wondering if there is any you would recomend for begginers with decent printing and size but under around $700 thanks M.J.Lampert
  7. I agree I didn't get the confirmation email might try again lefties require the sarcasm to keep sane figured it out wrong email entered
  8. there's a link named email that takes you to a page to enter the email you want the updates sent to your welcome M.J.Lampert PS I just signed up today
  9. first of all thank you all for your service i am dealing with the Persian gulf war in school and wondering if i can interview any of you who was there on your experience there if you are up to it please PM me thank you M.J.Lampert wow that's an amazing story to have in you history don't let your future generations forget it
  10. wow can i somewhat copy your idea it would take me twice as long just to learn those scrolls awesome work hope one day i can get that good
  11. My mother got this knife from a friend recently and is wondering what it is for a design. i looked around online a bit and couldn't find any thing so I thought there must be someone here who knows the closest thing I could find in shape was the Egyptian Khopesh sword and that isn't very close the only marking is a stamped 'TAIWAN' at base 13" overall 9" blade thanks in advance M.J.Lampert
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