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When I was in for my appendix removal, in recovery they had an iv in my inner elbow. My arms don't naturally stay straight when laying around. Every time I bent my arm ( including in my sleep) the alarm was going off on the Iv machine. After taking the nurse forever to get there a couple times to reset it I watched and figured out how to reset it myself. 

Accidentally setting off the bed alarm and my anxiety attack from it and them taking forever to come stop it is another story. I was up and all around that thing dragging my iv and drain tube in my stomach trying to stop it with no luck. 

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Asking why they do things in hospitals is just another thing to drive you crazy like the food. Let's feed the diabetic food that has to be at least 75% starch. NO salt ever, you get X carefully calculated nutritious calories per meal.

What are you having for your first real food Thomas? 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Breakfast: 2 pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, grapes, hot tea; english muffin.  All easy to chew and not completely tasteless. 

We brought our favorite seasoning mix with us so the eggs get "normalized".  I was surprised at how well the sausage tastes.   Dinner was meatloaf, gravy, mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables.   Steak tonight!   Mashed potatoes and gravy helps slide stuff down well.

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REAL FOOD! A little heavy on the carbs for my BG but it sounds good. When I was in I had to order meals the day before and discovered they COULD make decent scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, pancakes and toast. WHEN they remembered to fry both sides of the pancakes.:rolleyes: I skipped the cakes and had half a slice of toast. 

They also made pretty good beef stew and it was on the menu all the time, I even had it for breakfast the after they half cooked the pancakes the second day in a row. 

I make scrambled eggs with a little finely diced sweated or sauteed onion in them. A thin pinch of sage goes well too. 

Home and real food will get you healing up a LOT better and faster than a medical facility.

Frosty The Lucky.

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16 hours ago, Terry Griner said:

Terry (one of the first) students who lived! 

I wonder what the Chain/Lineage looks like. I do not know who all came before me, or even sure who came in the time before my master.... In the dim times, when meteorite could be found in the soft earth....  

Lets see here:

  • Terry says he was one of the first that survived
  • I got to meet but didn't talk much with Adlai Stein
  • There is Me, James, and Eli the current/close minions. 

I know there are countless students that he has taught at the demos and classes over the many years but I wonder who all my brothers, sisters, abominations of mad science kin are. 


Thom, Student of Thomas, Not the First, Not the Last, just a lucky one that learned how to dodge before the fatal mistake. 


PS> I would try to pick his brain but there seems to be a line ...
PPS> Gonna have to data mine this thread to see what I can find out. 


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Eggs and hot sauce are always good if not a must. I like Franks Red Hot. Cream cheese and chives sounds like a great sandwich combo. 

When I'm feeling fancy I separate the yolks and whip the whites into soft peaks and fold the yolks back in. It makes the fluffiest omelets going and left to myself there's almost nothing I won't include. Cinnamon and diced apple is really yummy. Ah, desert omelets, Mmmmmmm.

I don't know how many good ways there are to make eggs, really the only bad ways are over cooked. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Is this when I should ask for a raise?..... 


If we are talking about eggs,

When I was going to college in Susanville (A community college in Northern CA with a dorm, yes very small but had a dorm). I remember going to the cafeteria one early morning and the tray of eggs was green. I thought, it's not St Patricks day, there is no green ham so not something to honor Dr Suse.... The lady working the line looked at me and politely explained they forgot to add the food coloring but they would still taste the same. Before that I only wanted scrambled eggs, after that I wanted something I could tell was an egg. 


Thom, underpaid minions can still be loyal minions. We don't get the job for our brains after all.

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One Valentine's day when De and I were first married I brought her a couple heart shaped pancakes I'd tinted with red food coloring, they came out pink but it was good enough. I brought her breakfast and coffee, she sat up in bed arranged her lap table and I put her breakfast down. Her expression changed from happy to resigned and she bravely said thankyou and looked at the syrup oddly. 

Turned out in her just awake state in the dimly lit bedroom the pancakes looked like big thick ham steaks and she doesn't like meat for breakfast. She was going to pretend though and at the first touch of a fork the secret was out. We had a good laugh and it was all good.

Frosty The Lucky.

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28 minutes ago, swedefiddle said:

Is this getting off 'the Beaten Path


i yacked with Thomas earlier on the phone!

he had assured me that he’s still got an appetite for real food! as of today!

infact he said he wouldn’t mind a bite of BBQ at the B&B joint up in Fayetteville just east of me,

he said something about he’d rather have it in person than have it shipped out to him! lol

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