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Thomas Powers ICU


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  I agree with everyone, Thomas.  There is no place like home.  Now, do you think you can drum up a New Mexico heat wave to beat down Frosty's (I'm sure he denies it) artic blast?  At least send some of your sun here, it's been overcast for weeks.  I miss ol Sol... 

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Minion James is in Socorro and I am visiting family out of state. 

He sent me a great gift. 

For those not familiar the hammer is named Frenchie. The minions covet her, love her, and she is the favored hammer. So we share pictures of her and joke that when she is missing the other minion stole her. 


So to see pictures of Thomas, in his shop, checking in on her makes me smile. 


Thomas, student of Thomas, celebrating his return to the shop. 


How long until he tells us to clear out the stuff we stored in there while no one was at home. (Lawnmower and generator) we should have done it sooner. 



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I thought I was having a wonderful Christmas already and upon checking Iforge I see pics of Thomas fondling Frenchie and grinning! I'm with George this has to be one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever received! I'm almost giddy! 

League Curling is starting up and I'll have to figure out how to name our team after Thomas! I've GOT TO come up with something, the club president suggested that because my name is Jerry we call the team "Jerry Curlers!" :o Yeah, I have 4 games under my belt but am such a novice I have trouble standing on the ice. So what if I've won the last 3 games, is that any reason to name the team for me?


Thom: I'll stand the minions to a beer one of these days!

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thomas, it's great you were able to get home before the holiday. Did you manage to get to the shop?

My daughter has worked for a couple of the hospice outfits in ABQ. Pm me who you're looking at and I'll get you an inside review. They all have good and bad but some of the bad is administrative other is more patient centric.

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