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Thomas Powers ICU


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Monday Morning Update,

He has improved a lot since things kicked off late last week.

When I saw him on Friday he was trying to keep up with conversation and was capped at about 2-3 words. 

I was told, on Saturday he tried to stand up. He was going to convince everyone he was perfectly fine and they could stop over reacting. When that didn't work out he went back to the drawing board. Although his legs were not up to the task he was getting back into his stubborn self and was ready to be up and doing things. From what I was told he didn't remember the last couple of days. I should note that the minions kind of expected some of this. When his sugars get that high he usually suffers from some memory loss, kind of like being really really drunk.

James told me to be weary of Darling Doctor Dana (Thomas's veterinary daughter) I guess he was not aware of her power. I went to college with her and knowing her lineage so I never doubted the fire that burns in her. He was surprised when she laid down the law, starred down Thomas, and told him he needed to rest. Thomas could be a powerful curmudgeon, capable of sending minions scurrying but against a daughter protecting her family, he lost. It is good to know that he is in good care, even if she has to threaten him with the cone of shame. He had the whole family there, his mother, two of his daughters, some of the grand kids, a minion, and his loving wife. I think that did more for him then anything else.

When I visited on Sunday he was keeping up with most of the conversations and adding in bits and pieces. He wasn't up for leading a discussion but he was adding in a few words at a time etc. He also asked for a bacon cheeseburger with light green chili. First time I had seen him eat or ask for food since all of this started. They are still working on getting his sugars and everything back in order but it is a lot better than earlier. After a full meal he followed along with most of the conversation but eventually drifted off to sleep. I am sure he needs his rest.

I will not lie, I was a mess late last week and most of us were preparing for the worst. Some still are but as someone that knows him put it, he is a stubborn man and he is going to make death work for it.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, well wishes and ringing the anvil for my friend.

I will try to do my part and keep you up to date.


Thom Student of Thomas

May he remember to nap early and often, because studies* show it is good for him, and his minions.



* there is no need to look up those studies, really, they are honestly there, and not some minion sponsored propaganda.

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Thank you Thom. Thomas's bouts of dangerously high blood glucose levels have been going on for some time and we've been along for the ride to a degree. I'm very relieved his condition is still allowing them to stabilize his BGs.

Not remembering the event is pretty normal and yes it's very much like being drunk. High BG means, among other things, the blood can't carry enough oxygen, it's like an engine running with the choke pulled, it may be running  but it's not running well and smudging up the works. 

I'll BET his daughter is nobody to mess with! She's probably in full blown Mommy mode and ready to flay the opposition alive, Thomas included. Please tell her Frosty sends a big hug and his sincerest thanks.

And heck how about all you minions giving each other a big warm Frosty group hug from me too. 

Jo Anne gets double Frosty hugs, heck everybody gets a hug. 

Thank you all, I love that old curmudgeon and wish I could visit.

Frosty The Lucky.


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Thom, thanks for all the updates, tell Thomas that I am praying for his quick recovery and missing his words of wisdom while he’s not able to give all of us on IFI advice on how to do something correctly or how to correct the mistakes we are making 


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What a difference a week can make.

As a general update, Thomas is doing much better. He is able to carry on most conversations. He is able to take calls if anyone wants to check in with him. I was told that by the end of the weekend he was making short walks, so he is out of bed and starting to move about.

I don't think they have sorted out how to get the internet really working out there so don't expect him be posting to soon. He was usually checking in when they visited town to run errands and I don't think he is that mobile yet.



Student of Thomas, may the forge always welcome him.

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I'm so very, very sorry to hear this.  Mark his passing well, we will not see his like again.  Thomas was one of those people who had a significant impact on many folk, including all of us here on I Forge Iron.  He was one of the good guys.  I can't say much of anything better about anyone.  Rest In Peace, Thomas, we'll see you again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


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As George says Thomas is one of the greats, his contributions to this and so many crafts are innumerable. 

I'm of mixed emotions I'm sad he's gone on one hand and on the other I'm glad this is over for him. 

Thomas was one of those people who felt like an old friend the first time we talked together it was like I knew him and just needed to catch up on things. Every once in a while you meet an instant old friend, I think Thomas had a world of old friends.

It's been an honor and privilege to know Thomas as well as I have. 

I'll cherish his memory as long as I live.

Thank you Thomas, be well brother I'll see you across the Rainbow Bridge.

Frosty The Lucky.

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As soon as I read this, I went into the Celtic garden to ring the anvil. I failed to count the number of anvil strikes while asking for peace be with him and for him to be in the company of past master's who went on before him.

Love you like a brother Thomas and sad we could never get together, when you made trips to the old homestead here n the Ozarks. Rest in Peace brother ya done good.


I can't control the wind, all I can do is adjust my sails. ~ Semper Paratus


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add picture of Anvil rock in the garden peaceful there
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To big for a bracelet, to small for an armband on me, and the original plan to make it a penanular style brooch will not work with this current shape. If I added a pin it would slide off the ends. But, as I thought of rebending things, without annealing, I heard a voice telling me stop before I made an irreversible mistake. Like the last one, that I almost ripped in half. 


That is enough for me. I swung hammer, I moved metal, the anvil rung, even burned some propane. That is enough for now. 


Words fail me. I am sure they will return. For now I make this statement. The work will continue. The lessons will keep coming (notice where I damages the piece trying to twist it with the wrong tools and technique, again.) I will keep to the path and improve. The road goes ever onward.


Thom Student to Thomas

May he always be kind of enough to laugh before I make a mistake, so I have time to stop, and laugh nervously. 




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Sorry to hear the news.

Thanks for all the sharing of information thomas. You left a big written heritage. 

It is a good thing the suffering has ended soon, but it is still sad to know.

My condolances to his family and friends. Take care.

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  I am very sorry to hear of his passing and I am sad I missed the opportunity to meet and know him in person.   Memories and his legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of all who knew him.  His wisdom and good humour were very special, and I will miss them.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Thomas, your family and many, many friends.


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When I got the call, my first thought was when I had last seen Thomas, last September at Quad State. Sitting in his chair with his nefarious look. You know the one. I will miss him more than I can say. I just hope to be half the friend to others that he was to me. 

Peace Thomas, see you on the other side!

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I just saw the news. Like Terry, i had a chance to spend some time with Thomas last September.  Im very glad i did. It is exceptionally difficult to express just how big an influence Thomas has had on me and the entire blacksmith community.  He will be missed, but his influence will last for generations. 

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