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  1. I love this forum, great advice on blacksmithing and sound marriage guidance counselling! Thank you again gentlemen! We’re OK again I’m still chuckling at that
  2. If it’s not tied down.... A couple weeks ago I used the power outlet for the deep freeze in the shed for my angle grinder and neglected to plug it back in. Mrs MacLeod was raging. Today I finally got round to taking the refrozen fish, venison, lamb and chicken nuggets to the local skip. Look what I found!! Mrs MacLeod is raging again.
  3. I was working down in London recently and ordered from the metal store to get delivered to short term accommodation. I had my posh car (the one with an MOT) with me so I put cutting instructions for 1 metre lengths of various profiles in the order. 6 metre lengths turned up. Cue a comedy sketch whereby a local handy man with a grinder and a stone cutting disc sets himself on fire. Always best to follow up an online order with a phone call.
  4. Pandrol clips! Thanks for the info. I know what to call them now!
  5. Oh man, these are great. I’ve been looking for something to obsess about and help wean myself off Rams head pokers. They are beyond me yet, but would love to see the video- are you on the YouTube as jlpservicesinc? Or do I need Netflix?
  6. They use bent sections of round bar to hold the tracks to the sleepers in the UK, you never see them kicking about although they look like they would be handy bits of steel for practicing with. I was thinking of making my own railroad spikes out of knives
  7. I don’t think you all are as curmudgeonly as you think. I’ve been round most pages here now and I don’t think there is one person on if I I would not pour a dram for.
  8. I’m three weeks into my first ‘YouTube 10 minute Blacksmith project’.
  9. Thanks Frosty-will do. I managed to track down some Colloidal Silicon, had no idea that it was sometimes used in boat repair mixed in with resin. A fairly local chandler who I’ve dealt with many times will deliver. Thanks very much for that tip and although I didn’t get much time at it today I took your advice on moving the torch out, seemed to get hotter quicker and sounded a bit healthier too, the flame was bluer too which judging by posts on here is better. Fishing? Sea Lobster and brown crab. Hand dived Scallops. By rod, anything that bites; cod, lithe, ling, pollack. During the summer, fresh water for trout and salmon. One upside of living on an island off the north west of Scotland, when weather permits, is that there is always some kind of fish to catch! Point re handle and door taken! Although won’t be touching it without welding gloves on for a while! I reckon the fishing might be better in your neck of the woods, and the weather more dramatic. I have never had a warm shed to work in this time of year but the wee forge heats it up a treat, along with swinging a 4lb hammer when I’m used to tapping in nails with a claw hammer.
  10. Thank you very much Frosty! Now I know what to ask for! And I like the apron idea! I did make a waistcoat out of sheet, before realising I couldn’t put it on as horseshoes don’t have elbows :-) An apron would be easier or I could dress them before assembly ;-) I’m also going to work on getting the torch burning better- again thank you! Thank you very much Eventlessbox. Hope you are enjoying the same kind of challenges I’m facing too. As a hobby, banging bits of hot steel is enormously satisfying, I’m loving it! All the best :-)
  11. Hallo there everyone, love this site and think it has already saved my life! I’ve just started, although been blowtorching horseshoe nails and hammering them into twisted hooks and making horseshoe gifts(using a grinder and a hammer and welder) for the last year or so. I was wanting to bend a horseshoe rather than grind and fold cold with a hammer like I’ve been doing. I went through the newbie mistakes post and was OK till I got to number 12, I made tongs out of rebar. I read on and identified with a few more though. :-( I’ve made a gas bottle forge, and have lined it with ceramic wool, but am trouble finding stabiliser in the UK, can anyone suggest a product? Even my search results on Amazon are proving fruitless. Think perhaps I’m using American brand names which aren’t available in the UK. I’ve of course not waiting and fired it up anyway, wore a mask and had the shed doors wide open. Still, I know I need something. Living on an island makes things a bit difficult, but while working on the mainland recently I picked up a bit of rail track to use as an anvil. The stone I’ve been battering is still in use though! I’ll be brave and show my portable set up, anvil, and the results of my first days heating and hammering. (Added a couple of ‘pre forge’ photos of hooks and one of my horseshoe cowboys.) Ah, I also learned not to touch the handle I put on the forge door without gloves. Fortunately we have plenty running water which is very cold in this part of Scotland! Unless anyone here wants to know about fishing, and crofting in the Outer Hebrides or dovetail joints, I’m afraid I’m not bringing much to the party. Thank you for this great resource and for grounding my feet after overdosing on 2 minute blacksmithing videos on YouTube! Kind Regards MacLeod