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  1. Oh man, same here. Although being out in the sticks means life is fairly normal, the ‘non essential’ shops being closed and community gatherings not being on is a bit rubbish. I’m not going to blame getting the first jab on Thursday as the reason as I feel so fortunate to have got it.... (In the Scottish islands the demographics mean the larger older population were done first and quickly now the health board are charging through the 40+ Range) .... BUT I got this far on new tongs yesterday before I declared myself knackered and crawled into the house for a beer and to make involuntary noises when standing up, sitting down and making any small movement. I got no sympathy. Jonnytait must be a machine
  2. There’s a bit of that but if you are going to get anywhere at all you need decent directions! Thanks. How was your meal out? I’m looking forward to a pint. I’m imagining something like the last scene of “Ice Cold in Alex”. I’m making tongs today, inspired by jonnytaits recent ones and just in case i accidentally include my go-to rebar ones in a photo and the (Thomas)Powers that be sees the state of them
  3. Someone started a “100 animal heads” here some time ago, here’s my efforts tonight. Another blink in’ fireside set started alongside the first rams head I ever made. I turned that first one into a Chuck key for my angle grinder so I have to look at it most days. Looking at the books I reckon I’ve sold over 200 now and made over 300. Another 300 and I’ll be getting there Any improvements in aesthetics along the way are all due to the advice given on IFI
  4. Great news about vaccinations going well. Enjoy your dinner Frosty. I think the use of cutlery in public will be something I’ll need to practice again. (Half joking)
  5. Thanks, it was all one slab of oak. So two of the edges are natural. Just removed the bark. The strength in spring steel is ideal for that floating look and just drilled holes for sockets and used a wooden mallet to bang it all together. No glue, nails or screws. No IKEA on this island
  6. Glad you got the jab yes, it’s raining! The horizontal kind. But the days are beginning to stretch and there’s a just hint of spring in the air!
  7. Used coil spring steel to deepen the oak seat for this bench and to support the back. Surprisingly comfortable and stable; a fortunate accident rather than clever design.
  8. Hi Thomas hope you’re well. Yes, it was for someones son who was moving out. I ended up making a few and some inoffensive ones
  9. Childishly I agreed to make this one leading up to Christmas, in China it means good luck and Winston Churchill used the gesture for victory but sadly neither was the sentiment behind this one.
  10. Ah thanks Pat. For some of the stuff I’m banging out just now it’s just brass brush then wax/polish. I’ve also experimented with wire wool to bring back out the brass brushing finish after BLO applied warm. Mostly tips pulled out of the Frosty store in this thread. I’m getting a lot happier with finishes now. If you give me another 20 years I’ll be more able to give an opinion on what’s best happy hammering!
  11. I was waiting for that nice, I love the idea of using barbed wire JHCC, I crank about 3 or 4 of these out a week
  12. you did. And Powers never lets one get by! thanks Steve! (You never know!) if I believed everything I read here I’d be outside howling at the moon doing some forge welding right now!
  13. I just checked, I was sure you weren’t in Australia! What on earth is a Roo guard!?
  14. Much the same as our common grazings. It’s not many drivers on the island that haven’t hit a sheep. It’s only a little fewer that haven’t popped the carcass into the boot(trunk)
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