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  1. Ah thanks Pat. For some of the stuff I’m banging out just now it’s just brass brush then wax/polish. I’ve also experimented with wire wool to bring back out the brass brushing finish after BLO applied warm. Mostly tips pulled out of the Frosty store in this thread. I’m getting a lot happier with finishes now. If you give me another 20 years I’ll be more able to give an opinion on what’s best happy hammering!
  2. I was waiting for that nice, I love the idea of using barbed wire JHCC, I crank about 3 or 4 of these out a week
  3. you did. And Powers never lets one get by! thanks Steve! (You never know!) if I believed everything I read here I’d be outside howling at the moon doing some forge welding right now!
  4. I just checked, I was sure you weren’t in Australia! What on earth is a Roo guard!?
  5. Much the same as our common grazings. It’s not many drivers on the island that haven’t hit a sheep. It’s only a little fewer that haven’t popped the carcass into the boot(trunk)
  6. "why rusty barbwire? well Thomas just so happens I’m removed old livestock fencing from my sisters house next week and putting up new. If I could prevent one metre of the barbed wire going into landfill I’d be happy. I look forward to seeing it
  7. Thanks BsnNFrnt! You haven’t seen all the dragons that went before though! Thanks for the inspiration, im thinking I’m going to try a miniature claw hammer from coil spring that’ll avoid the difficultly of the drifts.
  8. Nice. Difficult? I’ve thought about making one for my cousin who is a carpenter. I didn’t get near my Christmas tree today a dragon to go behind a two bottle whisky display and the beginnings of a rams head door knocker. I had to make a new eye punch as it was heavier stock than the fire side tools I usually make. It got shorter with each test until I was happy with it
  9. Sounds like a good thanksgiving then, glad you got to enjoy it with your family! All the best for the show pal hope you are having to make more sunflowers after it
  10. see! It looks good, much nicer than the full horseshoe ones. I’ll throw a pile of rusty shoes into the cement mixer tomorrow and get cracking! Thanks Das. Oh happy thanksgiving to you fellas over there!
  11. Das, I like that tree. Definitely definitely the nicest horse shoe Xmas tree I’ve seen. I’m going to make one, mind if I cheekily borrow your design?
  12. Thanks Jonnytait. It keeps me out of the rain Very neat hammer again. What a finish! You went through all the grades to get that- and then a polish?
  13. There’s always someone who doesn’t like rams head poker sets. They want something horsier Horse head tools, horse tail hanger and attempt at horseshoe style feet. In my experience horse owners either have too much money or none at all. I’m of the latter
  14. It looks great. I snapped a bale spike in July, and am tempted to make a hammer out of a but when I get a chance. What’s the fishing like up there the now? daswolf, you can go from one extreme to the other no problem, from fixing the truck to these delicate hearts. Well done, great lines and symmetry.
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