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  1. Sorry to hear about your back JHCC hope it’s better soon. I slipped a disc a couple of years ago and although I’ve broken over 11 bones before and had splinters up my fingernails and picked up a few bits of hot iron and seen my football team lose hundreds of times I have never had pain like it. I have good news and bad news. Remember all these hardy Hole tools that followed me home a few weeks ago that I didn’t have a hardy hole for because my french anvil has a silly slanty one(and then Frosty sighed and said ‘leg vice ‘)? Well, the good news is ‘Anvilina’ the old french Anvil, when I moved her earlier, I noticed, she has ANOTHER hardy hole!!! and it fits every one of the hardy tools I got!! Bad news? Oh yeah, it’s on the bottom of the anvil. Born lucky me. Back to the leg vice then.
  2. If Jetta knew what my cap said on it, I don’t think she would be happy to wear it. She doesn’t dislike them she just doesn’t understand why they don’t want to play.
  3. Billy Bones is a braver man than me. Thomas, you’ve got it good!
  4. Hi Frosty, hope you’re well! the leg vice is at the other end of the workshop (that’s about 6 feet from that one!). Yet again you have pointed out the straightforward, sensible, pragmatic solution that was entirely not obvious to me! I’m gonna use the leg vise. Goodness only knows how long I would have spent fixing yet another problem I didn’t have. That’s another dram I owe you!
  5. Thanks Thomas, my father used to say ‘if you keep a thing for 20 years, you’ll find a use for it’. I might give a couple of the cut offs a french tail to fit the hardie as they need reforged but I have an idea for a hardie hole for the others. I find it a bit wrong reworking something that a blacksmith of old took care to make and used many many times and put his touch mark on. Perhaps I’m weird. However I guess if I’ll go some way to wearing it out again and someone else reworks it in 70 years I won’t be spinning in my grave. Excellent, Thanks Chris. Yet again, IFI gets me back to thinking I’m normal again! I’ve smuggled a couple of them into the house with me tonight just look at them and work out their intended purpose when they were forged!
  6. pnut, you’ve been there!
  7. None of them fit in my silly french hardie hole but I picked this job lot up recently. They were delivered while I was working away, was difficult saying it wasn’t more ‘scrap iron’ given the weight of the box. I’m thinking I’ll make something else with a hardy hole to fit them. I love them already though, and that’s the main thing right?
  8. The only thing I can contribute to this topic is remember to ask the owner or main user of the hairdryers express permission prior to permanently fixing it to any forge setup whether coal or making a gas blowtorch forge hotter. “Can I borrow your hairdryer please?” Seemingly doesn’t provide sufficient information to indemnify you against the consequences of melting or drilling holes in something your significant other considers an important asset in the home. Offering a defence of “What about ‘what’s mine is yours’?” Also does nothing at all to restore harmony. In many ways more dangerous than cutting into a drum.
  9. That’s what I’m looking for! Thank you Anvil
  10. Gotcha. It makes sense when someone who knows says it. Thanks Glenn.
  11. This is a straight forward cry for help. I’ve tried both ways and still can’t really work out which is better. When I make rams head implements I normally finish with beeswax and blo which darkens them nicely, but I do love a brass brush finish. What should I put on first? My small brain tells me the brass won’t stick on top of oil yet I find that for a brass brush finish the heat is a bit lower than for a good blo finish. I’m going round in circles Any tips? I couldn’t find the answer in the ifi tomes.
  12. That’s great. Proper blacksmithing I’d say. It looks fantastic- thanks for sharing the steps. Oh man do you ever stop Thomas?! I too avoid sitting down till late evening but that’s because it’s so difficult to stand up afterwards.
  13. To be honest, it’s more of a happy coincidence from an easier to make(for me) design rather than much forethought and planning. Handy for marking lines on my pokers before twisting(with v shaped dies) will save messing about the grinder, and twice as fast as a chisel- in theory! Won’t take long for you to make one of these.
  14. I look up to the sans-culotte Well, after cutting up rust leaf springs and cutting up some plate to make a frame which took all of yesterday, including head scratching time, I changed my approach today. I went for something that suits the small stock I mainly use and cobbled this together using an old square profile caravan axle. I suppose what I really mean is I went for something more suited to my ability! It’s not pretty but I can turn the dies 90 degrees in it which will come in handy. I had to do a silly shaped hardy peg for Anvilina’s silly shaped hardy hole but it doesn’t go anywhere when I leather it. Apart from work on my sons dirt bike I did nothing else today, Mrs MacLeod’s to do list grows longer
  15. I got home today and have been thinking about making a guillotine for the last three weeks. As always I find the inspiration on iforgeiron! Another great thread! I earlier this evening located a leaf spring I took off a van about 12 years ago and excavated it. The other one can’t be far away so this one is going to make a prototype, the kind where I’ll make as many mistakes as possible in order to learn the maximum amount from the experience. I have a nice lump of dry ash wood I got from the sawmill last year and want to make a wee foot stool with a steel tenoned base. A guillotine will help with the joints and I have a couple of fancy dies in mind. Thanks for all the tips. There, I’ve said it now so I’m going to have to do it. I said guillotine out loud to my old french anvil earlier, she’s excited about it too. I was also very impressed with the tidiness of the workshops in the photos on this thread. Puts me and my wee hovel to shame.