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  1. Probably the inspiration for me to heat up a bit of steel and hit it. Thank goodness Calum Angus filmed it. Facebook links removed Calum and his father used to have a forge beside my grandfathers workshop in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, before my time, it’s now the police station, they both moved workshops but my grandfather used to take me to visit the new forge, man, I was young but I remember it. It was certainly the most interesting place for a young boy to visit when my grandfather was doing the rounds. The fish smoker and the shoemakers just weren’t the same. told to go and meet him and show him the stuff I was doing when I moved home, but I didn’t. Frankly I thought it wasn’t good enough, this guy was an artist. I think it will always be a regret. The big C doesn’t wait for you to hone your skills. He is missed by all the old school in the Outer Hebrides, last of the blacksmiths in that part of the world for sure. There’s no subtitles so I hope my friends on here will understand the stories, there’s a few Gaelic words in there too, if you need a translation of any let me know. Calum ‘Stealag’ MacLeod 1935-2019 By hammer and hand... Obituary:
  2. I guess the quality of the leather is important too. I bought a ‘cowhide’ off eBay. Turned out it was a very small cow with very thin skin. Any idea what ‘grade’ of leather is best?
  3. There was a few old Gurkhas that visited the Hebrides a few years ago and one of them left a Kukri behind the bar in the local, we admire it from time to time. Jeez, they are sharp and such a weapon, when you hold them you can feel the damage they could do. Yours is pretty impressive, nice scabbard too. I’d love to try tooling leather for the sgian dubhs I’ve made. Difficult?
  4. I’ve got an ikea led desk lamp with a flexible neck clamped to a rafter above my workbench. Really handy for moving it about.
  5. This is why I love Sound advice given freely, whether it’s from Alaska, Australia, Texas... Man I think you fellas are all great. Can you tell I’m working down in London for a couple of months and missing my forge, my sheep, my dogs, my kids and Mrs Macleod? Even more heartbreaking is I couldn’t drive down this time as I snapped a coil spring in my good car just seconds after Mrs MacLeod told me to slow down. However, the silver lining to that cloud is I can try making a graver out of a section of it when I go back up. Sorry, just realised I added no value here at all to the discussion. My current swage block is made out of a bit of 6 by 6 fence post, good for making wee shovels but the smoke gets in your eyes. oh! The bit that’s heartbreaking about the car is that I usually cram it full of any good iron I can get at car boot sales and the like down south and take it home. I only have a 20kg allowance on the big silver bird.
  6. Jetta. Named after my sons favourite car. She lost her whiskers this morning by sniffing the fire. I would call her daft but I got my best burn to date by taking a firm hold of a bar I was bending in the vice. When does this kind of stupidity disappear in the journey to being a blacksmith?
  7. I love this forum, great advice on blacksmithing and sound marriage guidance counselling! Thank you again gentlemen! We’re OK again I’m still chuckling at that
  8. If it’s not tied down.... A couple weeks ago I used the power outlet for the deep freeze in the shed for my angle grinder and neglected to plug it back in. Mrs MacLeod was raging. Today I finally got round to taking the refrozen fish, venison, lamb and chicken nuggets to the local skip. Look what I found!! Mrs MacLeod is raging again.
  9. I was working down in London recently and ordered from the metal store to get delivered to short term accommodation. I had my posh car (the one with an MOT) with me so I put cutting instructions for 1 metre lengths of various profiles in the order. 6 metre lengths turned up. Cue a comedy sketch whereby a local handy man with a grinder and a stone cutting disc sets himself on fire. Always best to follow up an online order with a phone call.
  10. Pandrol clips! Thanks for the info. I know what to call them now!
  11. Oh man, these are great. I’ve been looking for something to obsess about and help wean myself off Rams head pokers. They are beyond me yet, but would love to see the video- are you on the YouTube as jlpservicesinc? Or do I need Netflix?
  12. They use bent sections of round bar to hold the tracks to the sleepers in the UK, you never see them kicking about although they look like they would be handy bits of steel for practicing with. I was thinking of making my own railroad spikes out of knives
  13. I don’t think you all are as curmudgeonly as you think. I’ve been round most pages here now and I don’t think there is one person on if I I would not pour a dram for.
  14. I’m three weeks into my first ‘YouTube 10 minute Blacksmith project’.