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  1. Just some light work in the shop to keep in practice, along with making a new wedge for my portable leg vise (my apologies - no pic of that). Made three heart key fobs, two from 1/4" round by 5" long and the large one as an experiment from 5/16" round by 6" long. The large one is too big to be a manageable key fob. My spouse has suggested using it as either as a wall ornament or a Christmas decoration. Cheers, Don
  2. Two weeks ago I noticed what was called a 'Cobbler's Anvil' at a local Auction Hall's on-line event. The one picture for the listing had a neutral background and didn't have anything to indicate size. On a whim I put in a bid of $20 CDN. I was e-mailed last Tuesday that I'd won at $18 total cost. I haven't weighted it yet, so could still be running 4 to 5 dollars/lb. On pick-up, I found it to be a fabricated anvil, Top plate's an inch thick, 6" long by 3 " wide. Height of 6" from face to the base with a spike going into the wood stand. Face to bottom of stand 27". The stand even has brackets to secure it to a solid floor (wood or cement, no gravel). The welds are failing on the right side, Ill have to get my son to redo them. It's relatively small compared to my other anvils, but should be useful for small work.
  3. Jobtiel1 - I originally used brick to build a deeper fire, then I nearly set my car on fire. My rivet forge has a stamped pan which made it easier to install a sheet metal ring (see pictures). The ring is made from a scrapyard buy of some stainless steel sheet (about 28 AWG/0.7mm). I cut two pieces 6.5 inches/~160mm wide by 20 inches/~500mm long to make a ring about 12 inches/300mm in diameter. Note that I folded over about a 1/4 inch/~6.5mm of the top edge for safety reasons. The ring is held in place with some 'L' brackets made with smaller pieces of the sheet. I used a small hand punch to make all holes in the sheet and used existing holes in the pan for securing the ring in place. I've had continuous issues trying to insert/attach images to this post, hopefully the links to images in the Gallery work. https://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/40886-portable-forge-pan-1/ https://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/40887-portable-forge-pan-2/
  4. Fabricated Cobbler's (?) Anvil - note failing welds at bottom.
  5. Modification to Canadian Blower and Forge rivet forge to allow deeper fire.
  6. Modification to Canadian Blower and Forge rivet forge to allow deeper fire.
  7. Don Shears


    Modification to Canadian Blower and Forge rivet forge to allow deeper fire.
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