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    Most anything to do with steel fabrication. Older farm equipment repair. Kind of loosing my interest in working on cars but I will when it's forced on me.

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  1. I made a few of these hooks... Those cork screws got me thinking of them. Idea was from Moose head forge.
  2. lary

    Tongs from 5/8 round

    Yep.. just seeing if anybody was awake. I did try these out yesterday. They held on, didn't drop the spike.
  3. I've got quite a bit of this 5/8 round stock to play with so... I did clean the paint off before slenderizing the reins.
  4. Most of what I looked at on line that was listed as a copper brush, appeared to be brass in the picture. Maybe a gun cleaning brush? They seem a little small but I'll try that. Haven't tried clay yet. Thanks for the help.
  5. Has anybody figured this out? Ive played around with copper sulfate mixed with water. It gives bare metal a copper finish. But getting it to blend like in that picture might be a little iffy. So far I haven't had any luck finding a copper strand brush.
  6. Been lurking for a while. Lots of information available on this site. I've mainly been making/forging my own tools, hooks, towel racks, stuff out railroad spikes and rebar. Had an interest in blacksmithing for a long time. Finally made the decision to get serious about it less than a year ago.
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