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    Most anything to do with steel fabrication. Older farm equipment repair. Kind of loosing my interest in working on cars but I will when it's forced on me.

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  1. Or clam chowder. Frosty got me thinking of a scene from The Great Santini.
  2. I can see it on a bumper sticker or t-shirt. If we learn from our mistakes, I should be omniscient. Made a handled punch from a small ball peen.
  3. Thanks Billy, I've seen handled punches made from a ball peen, not much on claw hammers.
  4. I used 1 inch shaft. But I built mine the hard way without any plans. Never had a set of plans because I couldn't find them online at the time. Guessing a bolt is used because it would be easier to line up. I don't recommend using 5 inch pipe crammed full of 1 inch rebar for an anvil but I wanted to get the project done, since then I acquired some 5 inch by 30 inch round bar that i'll replace it with.
  5. Das, I'll be giving that a try. There is a video of dog being made from one. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck reforging one into a handled hot chisel.
  6. I frequently check out a place that recycles building materials. I'm not sure what to do with the claw hammers but for $5.00, what the heck.
  7. lary

    Tong blanks

    To say those are nice is an understatement. Are you using a die on a power hammer?
  8. Mr Hewitt that work bench will out live all of us. I heated up the hammer head until it started turning blue, then coated it with blo. I have been experimenting with some of the indigenous types of woods for handles. Used a piece of Maple, it grows like weeds around here. I know Hickory and Ash are preferred. Charred the handle, rubbed it down with boiled linseed oil.
  9. Nice to see all this activity this morning. Rojo your giving me ideas with your door knocker design (from the other thread). Used a portable band saw to cut the peen end, then widened the eye and normalized. And some grinding with a flap disc.
  10. It's enlightening to forge a hammer by hand. It's making other forging projects seem much easier. Tried out some tools I made for converting a piece of hyster fork into a straight peen. Taper on the drift was to short. jlp if I was a judge on that panel you would get a winning vote from me. The pictures are great at explaining the process.
  11. Wow. That's some impressive work. I find quite a few pics of metal sculptures on the internet but typically nothing that elaborate. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Thanks Frosty, Irondragon, and anvil for sharing your experience / experiences. anvil I probably wasn't specific enough on what part of the tongs I was talking about. Had already started on a set made from mild steel 5/8 round stock when I came across this thread. The area where the tape measure is laying. I just took a guess from viewing other pictures. They still need some work, I think I'll try other types of material and see how they work out.
  13. Is it a mistake to make hammer head pick up tongs out of mild steel? I was looking for dimensions on the widest point of the jaws. Unfortunately the threads I'm finding are pretty old so pictures and links have vanished. Along the way I read Brian Brazeal recommends half inch coil spring.
  14. Focus the mig welder on the round stock and pull the trigger for a split second on a low setting. Just enough to where it looks like it's melting on to the sheet metal. Coil spring that seems to have good spark when I cut it. Couple of scratch awls and a letter opener.
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