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    Most anything to do with steel fabrication. Older farm equipment repair. Kind of loosing my interest in working on cars but I will when it's forced on me.

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  1. Playing around with consistency. These were bolts and washers that go through wooden spools. Turned them into swivel hooks. Another Black Bear forge idea.
  2. Thanks for sharing Ted. I really like it. Its got me thinking about that tin thing on the corner of the carport.
  3. Thank you Frosty for the advise. And thank you JHCC for posting that visual aid, it makes it real clear what Frosty said. Not having the middle web rounded does cause the item being drawn out to get hung up with each hammer blow.
  4. Could you just add on to your garage? If your thinking small. Basically a lean to, it's one less wall to put up, Breaker box is near by for a couple of lights and outlets. Maybe even keep it a dirt floor. I'd think you wouldn't get to regulated to death with this set up.
  5. Made this stand for an improvised anvil. I'm surprised how steady it is. looks like it will come in handy for drawing out small things, or forming the boss area on tongs.
  6. Now we know why that brand is so cheap on Amazon.
  7. A different twist on forging a cross. It was a bit clumsy to make.
  8. Would have made a good title for a 1950's scifi movie.
  9. Thanks Chad. I didn't see your post until yesterday? No problem as far as borrowing the design, I'm probably not the first. And as George N.M. has stated in another thread it's more the wow factor, it's a conversation peace, it's "Hey, that use to be a rail road spike".
  10. You find it irritating when an add on Craigslist is titled "Wrought iron gate" but turns out to made of box tubing.
  11. Scrolling down. looking at the pictures before the name and imedietly know its alexandr. Very distinguished style.
  12. I don't know about cheese, but it does ok cutting that clear tape on packages I get in the mail from time to time.
  13. Thank you Robert. I know they we're not meant to be cutlery but I just had to give it a try.....
  14. I made a few of these hooks... Those cork screws got me thinking of them. Idea was from Moose head forge.
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