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  1. It's enlightening to forge a hammer by hand. It's making other forging projects seem much easier. Tried out some tools I made for converting a piece of hyster fork into a straight peen. Taper on the drift was to short. jlp if I was a judge on that panel you would get a winning vote from me. The pictures are great at explaining the process.
  2. Wow. That's some impressive work. I find quite a few pics of metal sculptures on the internet but typically nothing that elaborate. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Thanks Frosty, Irondragon, and anvil for sharing your experience / experiences. anvil I probably wasn't specific enough on what part of the tongs I was talking about. Had already started on a set made from mild steel 5/8 round stock when I came across this thread. The area where the tape measure is laying. I just took a guess from viewing other pictures. They still need some work, I think I'll try other types of material and see how they work out.
  4. Is it a mistake to make hammer head pick up tongs out of mild steel? I was looking for dimensions on the widest point of the jaws. Unfortunately the threads I'm finding are pretty old so pictures and links have vanished. Along the way I read Brian Brazeal recommends half inch coil spring.
  5. Focus the mig welder on the round stock and pull the trigger for a split second on a low setting. Just enough to where it looks like it's melting on to the sheet metal. Coil spring that seems to have good spark when I cut it. Couple of scratch awls and a letter opener.
  6. Get home after work and there's 4 empty humming bird feeders. So I go out there with just 1 to start with and stand real still for about a minute...
  7. That's what I was thinking. Hinges look almost store bought, the hammer is a work of art.
  8. You explained it perfectly. I thought pun's were mostly an english language thing. Being we have so many words that sound the same but have different meaning.
  9. First thing I remember being taught about lathes was to roll up your sleeves.
  10. I've had problems with JB weld Kwik, but not so much the regular jb weld for similar projects.
  11. What road trip would be complete without some kind of excitement or adventure? Sorry things took such a turn for you. Hope your getting some quality time with grandson.
  12. Not in a wheel chair, but Glenn ( GS Tongs ) sits while forging. Sort of a Japanese style?
  13. Playing around with consistency. These were bolts and washers that go through wooden spools. Turned them into swivel hooks. Another Black Bear forge idea.
  14. Thanks for sharing Ted. I really like it. Its got me thinking about that tin thing on the corner of the carport.
  15. Thank you Frosty for the advise. And thank you JHCC for posting that visual aid, it makes it real clear what Frosty said. Not having the middle web rounded does cause the item being drawn out to get hung up with each hammer blow.
  16. Could you just add on to your garage? If your thinking small. Basically a lean to, it's one less wall to put up, Breaker box is near by for a couple of lights and outlets. Maybe even keep it a dirt floor. I'd think you wouldn't get to regulated to death with this set up.
  17. Made this stand for an improvised anvil. I'm surprised how steady it is. looks like it will come in handy for drawing out small things, or forming the boss area on tongs.
  18. Now we know why that brand is so cheap on Amazon.
  19. A different twist on forging a cross. It was a bit clumsy to make.
  20. Would have made a good title for a 1950's scifi movie.
  21. Thanks Chad. I didn't see your post until yesterday? No problem as far as borrowing the design, I'm probably not the first. And as George N.M. has stated in another thread it's more the wow factor, it's a conversation peace, it's "Hey, that use to be a rail road spike".
  22. You find it irritating when an add on Craigslist is titled "Wrought iron gate" but turns out to made of box tubing.
  23. Scrolling down. looking at the pictures before the name and imedietly know its alexandr. Very distinguished style.
  24. I don't know about cheese, but it does ok cutting that clear tape on packages I get in the mail from time to time.
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