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To the fellow wanting to know if I ever shut up

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Yup I sure do; you can go to your profile page here and add my name to your ignore list and I will be soundly shut up for you.


Otherwise; I live 5 days a week minimum almost 200 miles from my wife and shop and so I have a lot of time on my hands that I can't spend annoying the neighbors or my landlord and so I annoy folks here.


You can always ask the moderators to ban me.  I'd go peaceably if *they* asked.

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Thomas; Please never quit talking to us.

You have taught me a lot!

And you have been a large chunk of the I Forge Iron back bone.


Thomas, when you post I know that it is always worth viewing.


I hope the person who said that would please consider what I Forge Iron is all about!


Here it is in a nut shell: "We attack problems" But not people!


I give that same consideration and courtesy to you, from me!


I hope you will consider viewing this site as a tranquil place to learn and share ideas;

that has no room for personal confrontation.

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You can please some of the people some of the time & some of the people all the time, and then Thomas there are some you just can't please!


If someone doesn't like what you write they don't have to read it, what's the big problem?


Looking forward to more of your posts, maybe you can hit 20,000!!

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To take the neutral point, the definition of a curmudgeon is "a person (especially an old man) who is easily annoyed or angered and who often complains.  I have seen many of Mr Powers's postings and I find them informative, and he has something to contribute.  I would miss his input if he "shut up".  However, He is a master curmudgeon and that means a grouch to me.  I think it is the tone and way he presents his postings that may offend some. I don't expect or want him to change but I do understand some possible objections to his manner.   


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While I'm not really a group think kind of guy I have to agree. Not that I think you'll be driven off by a complainer. I sure hope not if you stop posting I'll have to try picking up the slack and all of you know how quiet and shy I am!


Every once in a while someone just has to give a person some kind of grief, maybe it's the only way they can think of to make some kind of difference. I get one now and then, happily most have been PMs and easy to ignore. Still, I sometimes am sorely tempted to tell them to put me on the ignore list or just not read my posts. Being type II diabetics our blood sugars can get low or worse running high and we get annoyed enough to reward such folk with some attention. I know my posts in this regard sound like Thomas'.


Have an apple or take a walk Bro that'll do the trick. <wink>


Frosty The Lucky. And often CRABBY!

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Yes, Mr. Powers*, do go on, I can read your feckless meanderings for hours.  :rolleyes: As another crabby old coot, I appreciate your particular brand of tough love, and if I could type above 15 words per minute, would probably say more myself. Now if we could just get you a digital camera................


*a respectful international form of address

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I have known Thomas for many years both online and in person. I may not always fully agree with him, but I always respect his opinions. Further, I see many who don't bother to check to see if their question has been answered before, or even read the posts that followed their question and then repost the same question again in a few weeks.

I too find that lazy.

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