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  1. ausfire: Thanks. That was my idea behind putting it in there. I hadn't really looked for ones with or without it, just while making it, it just seemed like it needed something instead of just the tab to go in the hole... so I put the loop in. AFTERWARD, I wondered if it was a common thing I just hadn't seen yet. But when I searched google for images of trammel hooks, I didn't find any with loops. I found some with a T at the top for a lift handle. So then I wondered if I had messed up and there was a reason loops weren't used. JimsShip: Thank you sir. Frosty: Thank you as well sir. I hope it works well for my friend. I am really only a hobbyist. I don't get enough forge time in to worry about "marketable" yet... but I am making notes for the possible 'some day'.
  2. My first attempt at a trammel hook. Am attempting to make some campfire cooking gear for a friend of mine's birthday. I'll upload pictures in a bit.
  3. And I would be real surprised if you start learning under him if some tools aren't some of the first things you make. So... do your darnedest to make time to go see him for all the above reasons.
  4. Coool! Post pics please. Is a humbug kin to a humdinger? or maybe a doodlebug...
  5. I put my 20 gal tank in water to keep it from freezing up. Just be sure to have it secured so that it can't tip over. I understand that could be a very bad thing.
  6. Ok. That explains it. My apologies. Water extinguishers are rarely seen anymore, and the ones I have are stainless. Most common are dry chem and CO2. What size extinguisher was it?
  7. If the bar is close enough to the ceiling of the closet, how about an upswept piece that could brace against the ceiling? maybe a nice scroll
  8. What is wrong with the old regulator? Does it leak? Maybe it just needs a new gauge... And I'm surprised no one else has pointed out that regular white Teflon tape is a NO-NO with propane.
  9. Neil is saying the 2"T is the Forge. The burner comes in on the drop leg.
  10. I have worked in the fire protection industry for over 20 years. I have personally never seen a portable fire extinguisher lined with anything rubbery. They have to be emptied and visually inspected on a regular basis, checking for rust or other corrosion, as well as hydrostatically pressure tested.
  11. looks like he already knows what it is, and is just curious about what it used to be.
  12. If I may be so bold as to offer a modification; "Research, research, research, PLAN then work."
  13. Not all groups meetings are the same, but as Frosty has been known to point out,"It's probably not a coincidence that black smithing and bull shooting have the same initials." So, attend the ones you can and garner all the info, wisdom, experience and entertainment available.
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