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  1. I will never forget that Frosty. We were so glad that you made it!
  2. I am still kicking, and greatfull for the support that Glenn and I Forge Iron has provided to me over the years. So I just wanted to take a minute say Thank You!
  3. Recently due to my wife experiencing serious health issues, Neurological Technicians were sent to our home to set up equipment to monitor my wife’s health. When the last one left, he took more than he brought with him. HE TOOK (STOLE) HER WEDDING RINGS AND A DIAMOND BRACELET THAT I GAVE HER WHEN WE GOT MARRIED FIFTEEN YEARS AGO ON THE 15THOF FEBRUARY. It was the perfect crime. The medical community has harbored them, and will not Provide any information about the people they sent into our home. They will not even provide information to the Sheriff’s Department.
  4. Hello Blacksmiths! It has been a while, so I am no longer familiar with the protocol used in “I Forge Iron”. I am hoping this would be an appropriate place to post this. Aging and illness has taken a toll on my body, so I am no longer on my “A” game of life. It is now more like I have used the whole alphabet and I am down to my “W” game. I am getting pretty close to 80 so I am just proud to still be here. With that being said, “I WANTED TO THANK GLENN WHO HAS NOT FORGOTTEN ME, ALL THOUGH I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO BE ACTIVE ON THE SITE”. Cancer, Heart Fa
  5. Coding of Steel I write the following just as a matter of discussion in response about the “dilemma about color-coding steel”. I have been out of the business of blacksmithing for about 10 years. I was involved with blacksmithing for over 50 years. Cancer and a few other things limited my ability to continue. Glenn Connor of “I forge Iron” has treated me like a king all these years although I have not been active on I Forge Iron. This is why am attempting to respond about your issue. At one time, I was a government (Industrial) blacksmith, and then
  6. I agree with Glenn, although I would add one other question. What is the rate that you use the material? Material can take up valuable space in many shops, so prioritize how you use your shop space according to your needs. Tools take priority. I would suggest that you store 12” x 12” sheets (or smaller) on their edge (vertical) so you can just pull the selected size strait out of a bin. On longer sheets you may stack them, or just hang off of a chain with clamps securing the material as a means to keep it out of your way. Calculate “how much stock that you w
  7. Thank you seldom, sometime things become more complicated with health issues than the norm. It has been a whole new challenge to keep all of the issues in balance. You might say; "The order of operations" have changed for me. But one thing has not changed, and that is my hope and encouragement for all of the members on "I Forge Iron" to move forward in developing their skills even if it is an inch at a time. One thing I would suggest is this: As you learn and apply each aspect of the forging skills that you acquirer by do them "Perfectly Each Time You apply it".
  8. Hello Ted,

    My old friend, it been a long time, I had to do something for myself and that was completed in December of 2016, since i am done I decided to look up my old friends. I have time to work on my blacksmithing stuff. I hope you are well, in health and spirt.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Marc1 and ausfire, THANK YOU! I am a blessed man. I see so many men who are laying in the VA Hospital, or who are stranded in life out here alone with no support, none what so-ever, and in many cases "NO HOPE" There is a saying that goes like this. "Hang onto dreams, for when dreams die, you are like a broken winged bird and cannot fly" Otherwise "HOPE" is valuable, and so it is also to be loved with the milk of human kindness. I have no problem speaking this way, my life has been spared many,many times. How does this have anything to do with blacksmithing?
  10. Diddo. And Thank You Frosty! RLTW
  11. There are lots of very smart people in the blacksmithing craft. They have an issue, then they solve an issue. Then when we see the results of something they have done, we have to scratch our heads at times to figure out how or why? That has been the fun of 60 years of blacksmithing. I was able to see how truly clever other men and women were. This stacking design has been around for a long time. It will help a person adjust to the height that serves them best. Then they usually make it more permanent. Some will use sand. The blacksmith will adjust to what eve
  12. Thank You Steve. Life is valuable. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said this: "We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now. Steve I truly believe we all have the same value, and we are not any good with out each other. Although sometime we are not always being who we was meant to be, if you look deep inside you will see love that is hidden, covered over with fear and hurt. I have seen it many times while ministering to the gangs and with people who are considered throw away people. Grandpa Jones wrote a song that contained the following la
  13. Glenn, I just received a wonderful surprise from you. I now have a very nice "I Forge Iron" "T" shirt. It says (in some artistic design) "IRONHEART" with a heart held by some tongs. It don't get much better than that. Who says blacksmiths can't fix a broken heart? I believe that kind words from a blacksmith can go a long way toward fixing a broken heart. This jesture, and all who have spoke encouraging words help pave a very rocky path. THANK YOU"!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh, one thought. As soon as my huge mussels relax a bit, I will put it on, take a photo (wide lens of coarse) an
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