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  1. Second forge that I built and delivered to Williams Grove this past Saturday.
  2. I plan on delivering it to the Steam Show Association blacksmith shop, if possible, on Sunday. I also have to prep the edges of an anvil, make an anvil stand, clean up a blower, that may or may not be ready by Sunday. .... Then I have to finish the second forge, and accompanying equipment, and then repair and mount vises on movable stands, then make tongs and other tooling, then look at starting another forging station. .....
  3. I built from what was on hand. The firepot steel was 1/4" thick. I plan on using 1/2" thick plate for the third firepot, because that was recently given to me. The hearth was what was on hand, diamondplate about 3/16" to 1/4" thick. If 1/8" was available, I would have used that for the table of the forge...... There will be no hearth or flue because they will be used outside of the shop, and moved back inside when not in use.
  4. Progress yesterday: Flat stock, 1” by 1/4” was welded around the edges of each forge, with a space for a project to enter the forge level with the top of the fire pot. This forge is basically tacked together. If it cools off tonight, I may go out to the shop and spend an hour of so welding on it. The photo gives an idea of what the forge will end up looking like, once finished welding and tuyer added. I modified the design to incorporate features that I saw at the June ABANA conference on the forges built by the New England Blacksmiths Assoc.
  5. I am currently building forges to increase the opportunities for members to have forge time, and so that we can offer classes. At the moment I am working on two forges and fire pots. To make the template for the fire pots I took a five inch wide piece of steel and drew a line perpendicular to the edges. I then measured 2.5" each way from the top of that line and 5" each way from the bottom of the line. I then connected those point and cut out the template. Because all four sides of the fire pot are the same, I could then cut all the sides by simply flipping the steel on the saw for each cut. The forge shown here is still under construction and will receive lips around the sides of the table and a fabricated tuyer.
  6. Going down Wednesday. If I understand the schedule, Wednesday is basically set-up, actual demonstrations start on Thursday. I could be mistaken, but I don't think so.
  7. The May meeting had a bit of a late start due to Victor needing to help a neighbor. All levels of skill are welcome to the monthly meetings.
  8. May 27th, 2018 will be the third meeting of the blacksmith group of the Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association, at 1 Steam Engine Hill, Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. Interested parties of all skill levels are invited. Please wear safety glasses, and bring what other food, drinks, chair etc that you may wish for your comfort and safety. There are food vendors on the Steam Show grounds every Sunday, selling food and drinks. Every Sunday is a flea market, and the vendors are located along the two sides of the flea market.
  9. It's sort of like asking what is the best vehicle to purchase. Depending on who you ask, you will likely get a different answer. If you are a young person "the best" may be to go to a college/university for a degree in design where they also have a blacksmithing program.... also learn German, French and Italian fluently so that you can, after the university, work in various shops around Europe. If not that, then start with the closest blacksmithing school, practice, then take specialty courses at whatever blacksmithing schools are offering courses to add to your skills. All said and done, try a couple of courses to see if blacksmithing is something that you really want to do.
  10. Actually, below are official U.S. Army diagram(s) of the U.S. War Between the States (aka Civil War) pack forge. The above forge is post Civil War and not a pack forge. Would love to have a forge like the one under discussion but all Civil War forges were side blast forges and used bellows. Blowers were not used by either army during the War Between the States.
  11. On March 25th, we had a very successful meeting of folks in the blacksmith shop at Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Both beginner and intermediate skills/information was shared with attendees. Please PM me with your email address if you wish to be added to list for updates to what is happening at the Blacksmith Shop at Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association. Blacksmith group meetings at the Williams Grove Blacksmith shop are planned for last Sunday of each month. (Please to not use the forge before you pay dues for the Williams Grove Association and sign their release form.) We will be developing an additional release form for smiths. Stay tuned for any updates. General Proposed Format For Meetings 8:00 am - Doors open. General discussion follows lighting of the forge 9:00 am - Beginner forge techniques and practices 12 Noon-Advance techniques demonstrations and discussion Demonstrations followed by Steam Show Association members time at forge Gates to Steam Show grounds close around 14:00 On April 29, 2018 Williams Grove Blacksmith Group Meeting On May 27, 2018 Williams Grove Blacksmith Group Meeting On June 24, 2018 Williams Grove Blacksmith Group Meeting On July 29, 2018 Williams Grove Blacksmith Group Meeting
  12. Was helping a friend many many years ago renovate his sister's house, and mentioned it to him and his sister. When her husband got home, she told him I was looking for an anvil. He said he has one in his VW bus and sold it to me.
  13. Some people build different forges, each for a different type and size of project, and efficiency of how much gas is used for the project, and in some cases how the heat is swirled around instead of directly *at* a project such as a knife. ...... Of course we know that a TV show would not design forges to make forging more of a challenge and to increase the temperature in a room... hmmm. :-)