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  1. The VFD is a fantastic idea, smart folks around these parts.
  2. Soooo, may have jumped a little quick but I brought home a project. It's a bare bones LG 50, so bare it's just the frame. Already picked up the counterweight and sourced many parts but the clutch seems unavailable so far and I've put off ordering anything else until I know I can complete it. Main question, had anyone set one up with a tire for the clutch? very open to ideas and thanks for any input
  3. My experience with welding equipment is that a machine that can do it all does nothing particularly well. A dedicated single operation machine built for purpose lasts longer without hiccups. If you truly need one machine that can do it all then maybe it's ok to compromise the quality of each process,,,I guess.
  4. The rivet forge I've been using is fun but Its time to step up to a larger shop forge. Love the look of a masonry forge but I've never touched a brick. Think I'll stick to the steel fabrication i know for now.
  5. I'm impatient, I use an acetylene torch to shape the wooden handle till its close. The char is scuffed away easily and the wood left is dry as it gets. I drive the handle into the hammer head then drive a split hardwood wedge in from the top (I've been using purple heart cause I have pieces in abundance around the shop) followed by a steel wedge 90 degrees to the wood wedge. I've waxed the end grain on some heads to keep them sealed. Wood swells when moist and shrinks when dry, drive a handle when it's shrunk and you'll likely never have a loose head again
  6. Simple EDC utility blade design made beautifully. The leathers perfect for it too. Nice work!
  7. That's a beaut that any gent would love to carry on the trail
  8. A conical horned anvil in the 250lb range is at the top of my wish list at post :-)
  9. It's nice to be on someone's list. Means they think about ya ;-)
  10. Sitting at the computer I inlarge the pic to get a better look and it's nice, the side of my chair explodes as my 7year old daughter jumps up and exclaimed she wants one so she can help me work. :-) love that kid. Thought I was going to run the forge but it looks like the bandsaw instead today.
  11. Clean and simple, my kinda carry blades.
  12. I've had crayons in my toolbox for years to solve rusted stuck screws and bolts. Heat the head, tap gently and touch the crayon to the edge. It smokes if it's to hot but you'll see the wax wick into the threads. I tap the part til the wax solidifies some then give it a turn. Rarely do I need to repeat. Also it's imperative that you use only the white crayons! Cause your kid doesn't use the white ones anyway and they get mad when you jack their favorite color :-)
  13. Thank you, Easy to hold the bottle and simply push with your thumb. Not sure why they posted sideways
  14. My names David. I've lived in the Ogden Utah area the last 20 years after my farther retired from the military. I've been interested in moving hot metal since I can remember. First glance at a real smithy was at mystic seaport when I was 8. A lady was hammering out S hooks with speed and I've been entranced ever since. Once home I proceeded to burn up oxy-acc tanks faster than my dad cared for. I think he knew there was worse trouble I could be getting into, smart man. First anvil was like many a rail track that someone else had finished nicely. I'm not sure what mangled hunk of steel was the first item but the first with any use was a rebar weed cutter that I was XXXX proud of. I've made a living as a welder fabricator in adulthood, started a family and chased little ones around the yard. It's only been recently that I've felt there's been time to start again. Bought a rivet forge from the scrap yard and haven't had so much fun in a hobby as far as I can remember. I've looked in as a non member for a while and I've seen this forum to be friendly and enthusiastic, I'm happy to be here
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