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I Forge Iron

To the fellow wanting to know if I ever shut up

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I apologize for being a METOOFANBOY, Mr. Powers, but it's raining and I have the day off.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your prolific posts.  I hope to see much more of your wit, and often. I am sure I annoy plenty of people, but I am trying to cut down. 

As you stated in your OP,  all a feller has to do is push the button.

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Given you grief?   I usually *charge* for grief---cue mandatory reference to Monty Python's "Argument" sketch...


 GREAT reference, Tom! I haven't thought of/seen that sketch in years, but now recall I laughed with tears the first time. BTW, thank you for all of the years of wisdom you have offered.




(*...runs off to search YouTube for "Argument" sketch*) :ph34r:

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I have been the recipient of one of Mr. Powers's "Put where are you located?" posts (quickly rectified) and understand why that is so important.

The thing I really enjoy about his posts is his sources. I'd really like to get a hand on Mr. Powers's Library of reference.....while reading many of his posted responses referencing his sources, I have written them down and tried to get copies - however, some of the references are now in the hundreds and even thousands! But that's why they make libraries and book loans.

Keep up the good postings and references - I need the help and guidance.

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Thomas, 42......many on this forum will be too young to get it! Especially as 'collecting' books has become unfashionable ( not that you would conform anyway) I enjoy your 'chirping' just feel that many will be left floundering.

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Long thread.  Didn't feel like reading it.    But the jist seems to be that someone got a booboo cuz someone said something ?


LoL.  I Say.


Get back to smitin the iron and all will be well.


Thick skin is a requirement of of one who forges iron, isn't it ?


Why am I wasting time on such as silly post?   Maybe because I feel that the neighbours don't find it neighbourly to hear the sound of an angle grinder at 2:30 am.

Yeah,... Only reason.






Too long to bother reading, but you post anyway? we can resolve that problem for you

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I have learned a TON from your posts. I came on here thinking I knew a lot, and you knocked me back numerous times right where I needed to be.
In Africa, there was an area where the old male elephants were getting poached which made the younger males get out of control. The only way to restore order was to bring some older males back in the area...
I'm not calling anyone an old elephant. But there is something about the wisdom that comes with age that makes any of us sit up and take notice at times. And be humbled.


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I checked my fingerprints, iris scans and DNA and I sure seem to be me---but those photo's are a number of years in the past.  I am less hairy and miss greatly being able to braid my beard...Folks treat you differently when you have a braided beard with anvils hanging off the braids...

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