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  1. Fire Alarms

    Herd mentality. If no one else is doing anything, then neither will I. Might I guess that they were all under 30?
  2. Questions on making a push-pull hoe

    Rust preventative for garden tools? Get a drywall bucket, fill with dry sand, add motor oil (used if you are cheap thrifty like me). Stab tools into bucket two or three times after use, and wipe off before hanging them back up, neatly.
  3. Am I week or Did I misjudge the Steel?

    OK, so here is what I see in the video. (1) These guys swing a hammer for a living, often working together, so there is no wasted time or effort when the metal is at working temps. Plan your work while the iron is heating, when it comes out of the fire, it is GO time. (2) The metal starts out HOT, almost white (burning) so there is a longer window that it can be worked. Vigorous hammering actually keeps the metal hot longer, as does lifting it slightly off the anvil between blows. (3) They are using a sledge in the hands of a striker, and a long whippy handle on the rounding hammer. If you look at the wear patterns on the handle, he is using the full length of the handle most of the time, swinging from the rafters, choking up only for final finishing. Maximum Metal Movement: MMM good! All of which makes it look easy to an outsider.
  4. Please help me ID this 400lb Anvil

    I can see what looks like a Trenton diamond in the last picture; oblique lighting would help.
  5. Mousehole Anvil find

    To my jaundiced old eyes it looks like an iron cheerio-shaped ring rusted stuck in there: I am willing to bet that a suitably sized punch and light hammer would dislodge it PDQ.
  6. Mousehole Anvil find

    I have seen all manner of things stuck in pritchel and hardy holes. It could be as simple as a mud dauber nest, or a seized piece of tubing.
  7. CRS, it looks to me to be a hot cut chisel in a simple wedge shape, held by split bamboo instead of tongs, being struck by a helper with dog head hammer. (The assistant has his thumb on top of the handle. Flame wars: Go! ) The master is holding the blade with tongs in his gloved left hand.
  8. If you own two vehicles, you will always be driving the wrong one when a bargain becomes available and needs immediate transport.
  9. Anvil advice for newbie

    Your external commercial link will shortly be taken down by an admin: they are expressly forbidden in the site agreement. A guy reselling imported cast anvils out of 1053 (?), that has no say over the quality control, and offers no reasons why his are better or equal to those sold thru reputable dealers (with guarantees) for a similar price. What could go wrong? Color me skeptical. Get a lump of scrap steel for pennies a pound, or buy a real anvil from a real dealer with a real customer satisfaction record. You will be happier in the long run.
  10. It followed me home

    Sorry, no pics. Only own a stupid phone. Helped a friend with ongoing cleanup on his father's estate. (Packrat level: Epic.) Brought home a sandstone grinding wheel, rusty tripod pipe vise, Makita chop saw, Skil saw, extension cords, etc., for my help. Cleaned out 30 square feet. Another 10 or 12 pick-up + trailer loads and we can start on the upstairs of the two car garage - which has not had a car in it in 20 years.
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    You are already 18 months late on mine: get crackin'!
  12. MIG problems

    Oh, the stories that I could bore you with about problems with bottled gas from supposedly professional welding supply companies. Mis-labled contents, 30 bottles delivered and half were empty, obviously damaged tanks, you name it, I've seen it. TL, D Write. The lowest paid, lowest ranked, least supervised guy in the place is probably the loading dock bottle guy. Without a gas sniffer ($$$), you are at the mercy of the company as to what is in each bottle. Compare with a known bottle if you can, and send it back for a credit. If they get enough flak from customers, they will look into problems.
  13. Id , help please 0-3-12

    Wilkinson brand, crossed cannons logo (the hot dogs) Queens Dudley, from near London. Another branch of the family that made cutlery used crossed swords as a logo, and I think somebody still makes razor blades with that image.
  14. OK, inquiring minds want to know: where does one acquire decent jika.-tabi work shoes or boots in the US? Just what I need to set off my Utili-Kilt. Oh, BTW, nice video. It shows what can be done with patience and hammer control. Note added: More on the footwear - click here
  15. 5th year forging

    Stands to reason: if the Scots invented Uisge Beatha to get the taste of haggis out of your mouth, the Icelanders had to find something equally potent for the fermented shark.