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  1. John McPherson

    Craft vs. Art

    Are you familiar with the term "art snob"? No such term for crafts people exists, to my knowledge. Another central tenant is "Art serves no practical purpose." A craftsman never does anything without a purpose.
  2. John McPherson

    Mouse Hole purchase..

    Cleaning the paint off of the face with a wire wheel brush, and a light wash with vinegar will reveal any welding done on the face.
  3. John McPherson

    anvil Identification

    C in a triangle is a Columbian.
  4. John McPherson

    Perun Anvils???

    There are dealers in the US, one here in NC run by a multi-generational family of smiths that I know personally. They do not sell junk, and these are their mid-grade between Kanca and Peddinghaus. They are over $1000 at this time.
  5. John McPherson

    Mouse Hole purchase..

    Not a face delamination, which would be horizontal, but a significant structural crack. Don't do any heavy work on the heel without getting it repaired. Or, just don't do any heavy work on the heel. Could be repaired by a tricky welder without hurting the face heat treatment at all. After gouging out the crack, weld the anvil upside down in a trough of water, with 1/2" of the face submerged. It needs to be several inches deep and gallons of water to be an adequate heat sink, with the face supported outside the weld zone, not just a baking sheet. The weight markings are 1 * 0 * 15, which translates as 1 x 112 + 0 x 28 + 15 pounds, or 127 pounds. Also known as 9 stone, 1 pound. Pretty close to 130. (And if you think the hundredweight (112), quarter weight (28) and stone weight (14) system was bad, try making change in pence, farthings, shilling, quid, etc.)
  6. John McPherson

    It followed me home

    caotropheus, the way I read that label from top to bottom is: bending concrete reinforcing rod (rebar) 10mm, shearing flat strip 12mm thick, shearing round bar 18mm shearing square bar 18mm shearing T and angle shapes 50 x 50 x 5mm 45 degree notching T and angle shapes 40 x 40 x 5mm
  7. John McPherson

    Air powered closer for post vise ideas?

    Ray Clontz, the tire hammer guy, built a foot pedal actuated one from an 18 wheeler brake can. If you put more than a couple psi to it, it would crush anything in the jaws and warp the vise itself!
  8. John McPherson

    What Should I Offer for This Anvil?

    From what I can see when I blow up the pix, there is about a 3" chip blown out on one side. So it is safe to say the face is still there. Call and agree on a price per pound or don't even get in the car, bring a scale, hammer or ball bearing and cash money, and be prepared to turn around and get in the car if he tries to renegotiate after you get there.
  9. John McPherson

    Why does my Vulcan 8 also have a 2 on it ?

    If you have any large trees near the building, the top of the chimney needs to be 3 - 4 feet above the top of the roof line to assure a good draw. Look at any building from the 18th and 19th century when they cooked and heated with wood and/or coal, and built structures around the fireplaces and furnaces. Compare that to recent homes where the fireplace is an architect's cosmetic afterthought.
  10. John McPherson

    Museum smithy handbook?

    I appreciate it greatly. This is outside my area of expertise.
  11. John McPherson

    Museum smithy handbook?

    OK, let me try again. Not how to do a demo, (which I do appreciate) but who is responsible for what and when, step by step site opening to closing procedures, clock-in/clock-out, time sheets, inventories, key issuance, alarm codes and security rules, etc. Administrative oversight and guidance, in other words. I need advice from the museum side of things. Does anyone already have such a manual?
  12. John McPherson

    Museum smithy handbook?

    OK, hive mind, I need some help. A local historic home/museum that I volunteer at has recently built a demonstrating smithy. Now they want to write a guidebook for the rotating cadre of blacksmiths that show up to operate the shop for tourists and school groups. Shop rules, things to make. Things NOT to make. Before we re-invent the wheel, does anyone have a document that they would be willing to share? A site online that has this already? My google-fu is weak on this one.
  13. John McPherson

    Rusty Leg Vise

    There was a book on restoring tractors that recommended an ammo can (or oil drum) partly filled with kerosene and two weeks in the back of a pickup truck as a parts cleaner & rust breaker. Mo' travel on gravel = mo' better results.
  14. John McPherson

    It followed me home

    OK, so my high school German was waaaaay back during the Nixon administration, and little used since. You got me going, and I had to break out my google-fu skills. Not that there was a lot to find, and google translate does a poor job with dialects and idioms. It seems that "Krumbiren" is a Swabian potato recipe, or perhaps a regional type of potato that only Swabians can manage to make taste good.
  15. Yes we used to' use pure (green) tungsten, but we also used to put leaded gas in cars with carburetors that rode on bias ply tires. Time and technology change the answers.