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  1. Everything, Frosty, Charles Stevens and Thomas Powers, says, is as close to scripture, as you’re going to find on blacksmithing.
  2. Brands of torches, are for the most part, “Ford vs. Chevy” , type of discussions. My preference, is, “victor “. The size of the, “tip”, is of course proportionate to the dimensions of this material. I’ve used everything from a triple ought, to a size 6. Everything relates to, “size”.
  3. Well done. littleblacksmith, those are some nice tongs. Well done.
  4. Looking good, Daswulf. Anxiously awaiting pics of the finished piece. Rojo Pedro, that’s a beautiful rose. Goods, that’s a very nice hawk.
  5. Thanks. It’s affixed to the marble with a 10-32 screw and nut. The hole is countersunk on the bottom.
  6. Thanks, Jasent. My better half took the picture. I’m not that smart. Thanks, Frosty.
  7. Blackegg, that’s a nice piece of work. Love the way you left it attached to the original material. Well done.
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