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I Forge Iron

To the fellow wanting to know if I ever shut up

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Now if you want to create the quintessential de Novo post...It should contain *some* of the following:


Hello; while I have never held a hammer and tongs in my hands I am a quite skilled smith on several on-line games.

As my first project at a coal forge I would like to forge a damascus greatsword just a bit bigger than the cloud sword.

I want to use red and blue metals or mithril and adamantite.

How do I light a match?

Can I make my forge out of plastic?

I can't find coal can I use gravel spray painted black?

I want to save money by doing things in a much more expensive and time consuming way...

I don't see where practice is more important than buying a fancy set up when it comes to skill...

Why is everybody always picking on me?

I saw a Movie where they.....(pretty much doesn't matter what comes next...)


Please add *your* suggestions....

I can't go to a local blacksmithing meeting as my Mother won't let me cross the street...

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I could a sworn it was adamantium to vibrainium. Or was that unobtainium? I can never keep those two straight.


Anyway, I'll be right back as soon as I finish forge welding aluminum wire and brass rod to stainless steel wire in my coal forge......... Don't harsh my vibe and tell me it can't be done just because you old guys can't do it. 'Cuz I gotta be me, man.

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With a little practice you probably could do a solid phase weld of those metals using plastic explosives.  I know they make up a plate of Al welded to steel to use for ships having a steel hull and an Al super structure---stick one of those plates in and *both* can weld to it---if you get the orientation correct...

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Welcome aboard Paul, glad to meet you. You sure air shot me, it was so over my head it didn't even muss my hair.


My preferred method for welding unobtanium and 4140 kryptonite for greatest swords is to polish the laminae, wrap them in puritynium foil and put the billet in a lagrange orbit so it won't get lost. I've NEVER had it fail, not once.


Frosty The Lucky.

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