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  1. ianinsa

    My method for casting ribbon burners

    Ted thanks for posting this! the perspex seems like a grand plan , personally i haven't ever had issues with crayons providing you drill them out! a doddle with a cordless once the refractory has cured fully. Ian
  2. Ok you got me beat when you can quote the Pope, or was it? L. Ron Hubbard , or was it?Jimmy Saville, or was it?Gandhi, or was it? Budha, or was it? Those Telly evangelists? Those nicely dressed folk at my gate last week. Ian
  3. and Wallis invented bouncing bombs? not bearings
  4. Don't say things that start fights!
  5. ianinsa

    Artistry in the scrap. A few pics.

    Yes , but well camouflaged , possibly hiding in plain sight. Those punch presses can be very handy and quite forgiving in the restoration thereof , lots of adjustment gizmos. i would have thought older though possibly 60's ? great pile! Ian
  6. ianinsa

    Drip Oiler

    i'm not familiar with this specific model but many oilers allow/require packing with felt/cotton wool(poormans felt and easier to source) the denser the pack the slower the drip! Ian
  7. ianinsa

    What colour lights?

    just an outside the box comment the "cooler"colours of white are less likely to attract the flying bugs. but that may not be problematic in your part of the world?
  8. And where pray tell is the "proof"of these purported hardy tools that you "supposedly" made ? not actually doubting you ..... well we just like pictures
  9. kudos for a worthwhile job well done, and "quo vadis" where to now?
  10. WRT. = with regards to and yes interesting, Thanks. p,s, anyone seen a hammerhead in their shop? Ian
  11. ianinsa

    New guy from South Africa

    welcome and it sounds like you got a great deal for those not familiar with the currency its about $70 odd US. BTW. Rayner most folk on this site have no idea just how big sa is so adding a town to your location helps those that are interested look up where you are! regards Ian
  12. Slag , that's a very interesting article thanks for posting. there is an old adage relating to those that mess with Mambas " the quick and the dead"nd WRT. the sideways fangs, sorry no knowledge in that regard. Ian
  13. ianinsa

    Crucible Shattered

    as an uninformed African pray tell how?
  14. On our kyalami(Johannesburg) property i encourage snakes in a patch of indigenous forest in the garden even cobras and rinkhals the occasional berg adder is also welcomehowever Puff adders like mambas in Natal are killed on sight sad but realistic. ian
  15. ianinsa

    Bellows table for $65?

    I don't know Lisa however i guess you might be wanting a smack! i recon that's what I'd get if i bought it with the pretence of "i bought it for you my love"