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  1. I love the original Mrs'Beeton.s book great laugh if you just read it ie'Gin to clean mirrors ect Ánd Alan my friend part of the"" blacksmith Culture" is being a skinflint
  2. some good advice so far and I suppose a steep learning curve before you start the process again either sand blast or pickle in muratic
  3. Nice job!
  4. Cool
  5. Those look great!
  6. Nice, just don't think of giving it to the lady in your life, you wouldn't want that to "come back and bite you " grin.
  7. You're getting quite good at this!
  8. Very Nice!
  9. As seen at many a Texan "Bring and BBQ"
  10. Ditto on the counter/scale weight. Most likely cast iron, drill small hole as a test, if you det a grey graphite like powder its probably cast iron and unsuitable as a decent anvil however if you get shiny shavings it would in all likelihood make a decent "poor man's anvil, good luck.
  11. Those are lock nuts for plumbing fittings and you might be able to sell them to a large plumbing supply house . They don't tend to weld well but machine easily enough thinking of the quantity that you have I can't think of an immediate use for them have you thought about plonking them on Craigslist or similar?
  12. It's clearly a ostrich egg cup Heat and weld up with 309wire
  13. If you welded a tube in the center of a flat plate thereby creating a hot spot in the center that would cause it to "dish" it might be easier to cut and straighten the plate than to do a "Heath Robinson " fix with grout! job(although there are grout out there that do a wonderful job) I'm sure that if you post some pictures someone will chime in with constructive advise .there are some smart folk on this site (sadly some not so smart ones too)
  14. Just how far will you be from home by then? once you are "walking fit" that would be about 5miles/8 kilometers per day. And whilst this is good cardiovascular exercise I think it's probably not going to do much for the hammering strain?
  15. I am one of those people that detest the OSHA "safety nannies " yet this is sterling advice! LPG Cylinders are bombs disguised as harmless BBQ attachments! The idea of having a proper BRICK wall between you and the potentially lethal bomb just makes sense. Bear in mind that a near empty cylinder is more dangerous that a full one.