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  1. ianinsa

    fly press balls

    casting lead ones would probably be easier?
  2. ianinsa

    Resin for making Micarta question

    here in deepest darkest Africa we can't get the same products/brands as commonly known though one might be surprised as to just how much is available "you just need to know what to ask for" the top coat for surfboards is what you are looking for. virtually all the technical guys in the resin industry understand the requirements for it, ie. clear, non crazing .non yellowing , easy for hand sanding , good adhesion ect. when you start talking about micarta/ wood stabilization and so forth they think about "the dark Arts" and cease to be helpful .
  3. ianinsa

    Is this too small

    just think of it as the first of many and consider this your "economic" one it will possibly be the go to unit anyway.
  4. ianinsa

    Deadman switch for electric blower?

    what i use and put on the units that i sell is a sewing machine foot pedal with a manual on/off as well works like a bit of a no-brainer for me! a dream especially with charcoal
  5. ianinsa

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    KE? ..... the OP wasn't sure if it was telescopic thinking there was possibly only one way to find out. to many that would not be the case! i proposed a simple way to discover if it was so, you would not be connecting inlet and outlet you merely want to push some air into the inlet port to push out the piston you might even be able to do it with a bicycle pump(if you are lucky) Ross you'll need a short piece of rubber hose that fits over the thread that has the yellow cap and a hose clamp in the other end you 'll need a reducer , the cheapest will be a plastic(ldpe/hdpe) irrigation one from the local co-op , Build-it ,Mica. (those are in order of cost) probably R7 to R11. the other side to fit your compressor hose probably 6 or 8 mm. if you don't have easy access to a compressor then go to your local tyre fitment shop and ask for an old tyre valve, cut off the bulbous bit and that will give you a 10mm rubber stem to stick into the tube . so all you need is two bits of hose , 3 hose clamps and a reducer if you have the tyre valve you can "test" at your local petrol (gas to our American friends)station. all for less than 1us$ that's R15 for us Ross. if that piston is in good shape it should require less than 1 bar or so to extend it, you are merely testing to see if it is telescopic or not. Good luck Ian
  6. ianinsa

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    just connect your cylinder to a compressor and you will see what it is .... no load obviously ! ian
  7. They build them tough in merica here folk tend to run out of house fires and Spanky Smith burning the bra is deemed a powerful statement especially if you are wearing it! i'm a great believer in cottonbutton up shirts as they are easier to remove at speed (in event of fire that is) as opposed to T- shirts
  8. ianinsa

    Greetings From South Africa

  9. ianinsa

    New newbie

    this is something experience teaches well! despite the logic welcome to the forum nice anvil BTW.
  10. ianinsa

    About me

    welcome to the forum, posting in the wrong place is a easy to make first timer mistake. don,t be discouraged and just try to do better next time Ian
  11. ianinsa

    My method for casting ribbon burners

    Ted thanks for posting this! the perspex seems like a grand plan , personally i haven't ever had issues with crayons providing you drill them out! a doddle with a cordless once the refractory has cured fully. Ian
  12. Ok you got me beat when you can quote the Pope, or was it? L. Ron Hubbard , or was it?Jimmy Saville, or was it?Gandhi, or was it? Budha, or was it? Those Telly evangelists? Those nicely dressed folk at my gate last week. Ian
  13. and Wallis invented bouncing bombs? not bearings
  14. Don't say things that start fights!