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  1. Is this worth the money

    well firstly it's cheap i.e. couple of hours at min. wage, it comes with a 3 year (sort of cover) witch is 2 years more than most offer? and Aldi are a reputable chain so it's far from a bad deal. in the long run the motor may conc out but that would be a doddle to change out and upgrade and it will certainly beat a hand held B&D drill.
  2. Church sign

    A fine bit of work!
  3. Need to change my name

    I'm saying this somewhat tongue in cheek but if you changed the order of the letters your site would probably attract more traffic
  4. wood fire grate

    Well Jerry I hope "your" RV lives up to it's potential and as for the grate spacing I have always used the one and a half thumb width spacing, not exactly scientific but it's always worked well for me using both hard and soft woods sized from sticks to logs. BTW. if the R V has a basement could you convert it to a wine cellar? regards Ian
  5. Gameco (alec steel) burner

  6. Insulation wool

    Charles, this is Africa and boilers aren't nearly as common here as you might think. I can supply the op with whatever he needs I have pméd him so when he tells me what he needs I can send it to him.
  7. Have you seen one of these ... ?

    for a good smile or two based on Victorian ideas I often haul along a copy of Mrs. Beaton's book on long boring trips. it advises getting the servants to clean the mirrors using gin and tonic etc.
  8. Making a punch/slitter question

    Thomas should I send you a link on "how to make tent (read workbench) pegs"?
  9. Making a punch/slitter question

    I have a supplier that will give me a complete clutch kit for my Ford Ranger for less than $50 and I have guys on the payroll who could fit it quite inexpensively yet I don't use my veichles in this fasion {odd I know} maybe I should give it a bash with the mini digger or a skid steer.
  10. Making a punch/slitter question

    the above is sound advice! yet , there is merit in buying expensive tool steel and doing it wrong! as it's a lesson well remembered. to the OP , many a smith with oodles of experience uses coil spring for drifts(and not just because we're cheap )
  11. Death in the Family

    Thomas I'm saddened by your loss . may I offer my condolences to you and your family .
  12. Buyer Beware

    you guys are just picky
  13. How to Strongly Magnetize Tools with Your Welder

    common arc welders are usually A/C inverters {cheap ones} are D/C
  14. 8-Foot Oak Bench

    "max 90 mins." does that mean "good food and beer served here?"
  15. A2 Heat Treat - Foil or No Foil?

    while I would hate to deprive your steel merchant of a tidy profit , bear in mind that old files make fantastic wood chisels! cheap cheerful and tough to boot.