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  1. Wow!....that's a beauty! What a lovely piece of kit...and its a LANG!
  2. Underestimate a lift and that can happen, very easily. These old girls don't like moving so at the least give it the respect by a generous factor of safety with lifting tackle. This lift was planned a week ago where the crane men were out to access the project. A risk assessment if you like. One week later the gear arrives and the job was done. I couldn't be happier. Professionals at their best. Top class service.
  3. Absolutely agree with you there Thomas. This case I had no choice, there was no way out. That said. Enter an area of risk and you take on something like that and get brave with a lift and move.....it can kick you big time. Not a chance would I touch it, way too dangerous. Pro's exactly, set up, lift and on my trailer in less than an hour. I'm really looking forward cleaning this lathe up and getting it going. It's done very little work, backlash is minimum, slides good and tight...a good clean and oil up and she's ready for work.
  4. Hello All, 20 years plus picking up & restoring old machines, this has to be one of the most spirited or daring one to date...... I picked up a LANG lathe recently where it was located in a tiny little shed. This lathe has sat in the same shed for 60 or so years where a housing estate was built up around it ruling out all possible extraction options be it fork truck or rollers. There was no option but to hire a crane and lift skywards, over the house and onto an awaiting trailer. It a sight to behold....terrifying in fact! Here's the old girl.....a beauty of an old LAN
  5. Wow! Those bike frames are stunning! Big in to my bikes. Looking forward to your press build. If its anything like that hammer you built, it will be stunning. That cylinder is a good start.
  6. One of the best tools in the shop if you have an innovative mind and make a bit of effort with tooling........Ultimately saves you swinging that hammer and limits the millage your putting up on your shoulder. Great find, great tool.....wishing you Sir your very good health to enjoy.
  7. ......and we complain if it rains a little too much here in Ireland... Thought's and prayers for all of you Guy's over State side that are caught up in these hurricanes. Hope yee all get through it safely and get back on your feet as soon as possible.
  8. Thank you Charles for the offer. I think the worst is passed...she didn't cop the new wheels..... well not yet anyway lol
  9. I need something like that for protection when I tell my wife I bought another motorcycle..... Any chance I could borrow it Mr??
  10. Wow....what a find. Best of luck with that hammer. I'm on a journey myself and planning to build a power hammer. One step at a time....
  11. Lot of work gone into that hammer. I have to compliment the owner/builder here. Very well done, you should be very proud of that build. Nicely thought out where there's good substance in those parts and innovative thinking behind that build. I just love it when someone has an idea and fulfils it by what they can put their hand on and reinvent a bit of scrap and continue the project without necessarily spending money. The original blacksmith, make do with what you can.....again very well done. I take inspiration from it.
  12. Thoughts & prayers with you and your family from Ireland.. God Bless.
  13. Great thread, and thanks to Snail forge for raising this. I am planning something similar in the not too distance future and would like to develop a range of hobbies and bring them to next level so to speak. I have a two & three year old kids to raise and also taking on a mortgage. Bit of a hill to climb I know but I believe an extra income can only help. I want to be proactive and go about it the right way and avoid a stinker of a bill from the tax man..I just need to be careful.
  14. @Desmocrat.... Wow..Isn't that something else. Very well done there fella..beautiful work. @root...that's a lovely old lathe.
  15. Very good... If I could issue a suggestion here, I hope you don't mind. I would suggest anchor that back leg down so there's no hop. (In fact, anchor down all three legs) There's a loss of energy through that back leg where if held down, the energy transfer is through the hammer, you'll get more wallop per stroke. Well done on a nice piece of fabrication.
  16. Well whatever it is, seems to be working....isn't that a fish on the end of it... lol.. Lovely work Iron wolf.
  17. Great work, I like it a lot. Well done.
  18. Brilliant! This is exactly what I have planned. Thanks a bunch Wayne.
  19. Thoughts, prayers & seasons greetings coming to you & Deb from Ireland. There, just sent that on there Frosty. Hope the healing is going real well and Deb is comfortable.. All my best.

    100 0747

    That is a wonderful design, so simple...well done.
  21. Thank you Thomas for clearing that up.
  22. Wow, that is beautiful.. First thing that entered my head when I saw the photo was "Mexico" and then I read your post...Ah, I was right! Well done Sir, you've done a top rate job there..(thumbs up!)
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