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  1. Good Morning,

    Welcome to this game. It is not all work and there is plenty of time for Play. Just because you are a kid, doesn't mean you have to stop acting like a kid!! Whatever you see fit to pick away at, it beats the alternative!! Forget the thought of ever 'Growing Up", into what? A Leprechan?

    Enjoy your Journey and don't forget, Just because someone accuses you of working/thinking outside a Box. Who built the Box?, not you!!


  2. Good Morning Willow, No problem using 1/2" or 5/8" square for Tongs, I just upset the area for the hinge/pivot and if necessary the Jaw. It is a lot less work drawing out the reins. Neil
  3. Good Morning, It looks like the ends of a strap that would have gone around a large container or Barrel. Enjoy the Journey!! Neil
  4. Good Morning, Weld the cracks with Oxy/Acetylene Torch. By the time you are finished, you won't hardly see the weld. Enjoy the Journey. Neil
  5. Good Morning, Keep your eyes open, you will sometimes walk on or walk by some fine specimens. It will take great effort to stop you while on your mission, bend over and rescue it. Neil
  6. Good Morning, Plenty Good. That stand will hold up a Kenworth. Cap the bottom of the legs and mostly fill with sand, it takes away the hollow ring. Who cares what colour you paint it and how you do the Flames, make it YOURS. Enjoy the journey, there is no destination but the Seenery is stunning. There is no Test!! The Blacksmith Police are Hammered!! Neil
  7. Good Morning, You need to measure the distance between the start of one tooth to the start of the next tooth, this is called the 'Tooth Pitch'. Tooth Belts are available from your local industrial supplier. They NEED, Pitch (ie 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" etc) and the length of the belt (circumference). I used this method to use a toothed belt to drive our 'Jardine' Hammer. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simply Simple!! Neil
  8. Good Morning, David Common mistake is making the Tool Box too big! The bigger, the heavier it gets. It gets a lot more heavy when you put supplies in the Tool Box. Multiple Tool bag works, easier to stack them in your vehicle. Neil
  9. Good Morning, There is a group, Manitoba Blacksmith Guild, mainly in the Winnipeg area. If you can't ind them, contact Matt at Cloverdale Forge, near Gimli. Enjoy the journey, Welcome to this wurld!! Neil
  10. Good Morning, Send me an email. Let's drill it in the Lathe. I am around this weekend. Next weekend we will be doing the Fair in Nanaimo. Thanks, Neil
  11. Good Morning, 1045-1050 is commonly used for shafts in machinery as well as most car/truck axles. The eye MUST be soft and the corners of the handle hole MUST be radiused. You will find that the square face that you have, will leave marks in your work from the outer edges. The joys of learning are what teaches you what and what-not, that works well and the reason for/against. It is your hammer and you can make it how you want it. The good part is, you can change it at any time. Ask a number of Truck Drivers "Where do you find truck parts?" and/or "Who does your truck repairs?". This will get you a location of available scrap parts. Any steering or suspension part will be made from something similar to 1045 (they have to survive severe road conditions without breaking, yet can be hardened). You have created a nice starting point with your Cutler/Sawyer Hammer. Enjoy the journey!! Neil
  12. What about using a Black, White-tail Antler Handle. Neil
  13. Good Morning, Punching 1" holes in 1/4" plate is a job that a 'Punch Press' or an 'Ironworker' does easily. It happens with a BANG when cold. Ironworker Dies are available in different sizes, I have seen some at Pr----Au-o occasionally. Punching Hot is a lot easier, but would be done with different tooling. What is your mission, to punch a hole, or to create a slug? Neil
  14. Good Morning Dex, Welcome!! You are in the heart of OABA, Ontario Artist Blacksmiths Association. They have members in many parts of Ontario, even me on the Left Coast. Look up the link to their web-site, if you can't find it, send me a PM. Thanks, Neil
  15. Good Morning, We have a meeting tomorrow Sunday morning, 11:00am. Luxton Fairgrounds, 1040 Marwood Ave. Victoria. Bring what you have. we can help you. The Blacksmith Shop will open about 9:00am. Bring a chair and a bowl for coffee. Meeting will be outside the Shop. Vancouver Island Blacksmiths Association (VIBA) Neil
  16. Good Morning, A great way to make points with the better half, Rusty shower curtains. Neil
  17. Good Morning, Almost looks like a big Flatter. Put a stick in it and see what you use it for. Neil
  18. In Micro-waveys, there is a stack of magnets. Neil
  19. Good Morning Geebe, That is quite a serious problem. You could stand on the other side, or you could saw the Shelf off. Your Choice. Neil
  20. Good Morning New Zealand, I would recommend a 2-stage pump. 1 stage is Low Pressure/High Volume, 2-stage is High Pressure/Low Volume. The first stage takes up all the play between your Dies and your work piece, quite quickly (not much heat loss). When the dies come under load, the pump switches to High Pressure/Low Volume and your working pressure goes up (everything will start creaking and groaning, this is NORMAL). You will have time to watch what is going on and make an adjustment. The School of Hard-Knocks is the best teacher. A 6" cylinder will be slower than a 4" cylinder. You have your hand on the Control lever, you are in control!! Neil
  21. Good Morning Harris, I have taken what you have and made a small stake Anvil that fits in the Hardy Hole. It works well for small tiddly things. Neil
  22. Good Morning, I have one that is similar, they work great for little things. Not big hammer things. Neil
  23. Good Morning, I fixed a perplexing Anyang, last year. Similar thoughts and sequences. We found a 6mm set screw in the bottom of the Base. We couldn't find where it had come from. Under close inspection of the piston, there was/is a threaded hole in the piston. Obviously now, Anyang was trying something and had drilled a hole through the piston and later plugged it up with a tiny set screw. The set screw had vibrated out. This caused compressed air to push through the hole in both directions, upsetting the valving. We put the set screw back in with Loc-Tite and a little peening the threaded hole. Magic, it works fine now. Neil
  24. Good Morning 4 Major, Better ventilation is in the Breezeway. Before you design a purpose built Blacksmith Shop, maybe spend some time doing some Blacksmith work. As they say, 'The Proof is in the Pudding'. By understanding how a Blacksmith Shop works, you will know how best to lay it out. Every person has different wants and desires. How I set up my Blacksmith Shop, may be completely awkward to you or someone else. For Forging, you need as little body motion as possible, a small triangle. If you want a layout table, the universe is too small for the options. Some people layout on paper, some people start fires with paper. There is no such thing as perfect layout Gud Luk, Neil
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