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  1. Good Morning Arkie Looks great. If you want to have a little fun, take a small chisel and make some marks to give the feet, Toes. Neil
  2. jaws with to much rust

    Good Morning, Pedro Welcome to our world, even though you are living in part of our world!! I wouldn't worry about if you have correct English language. If we can't understand what you are asking or telling, we will ask you to use more simple language. I'm sure there are quite a few who can understand your native language. I'm sorry, I can only speak English and some of the bad words in German. The pieces for the Post Vice are forged from one piece, each piece. I wouldn't hesitate to grind out the cracks and fill in with weld. The worst that can happen is they will crack again!!! Warm with a torch, weld and then heat with a torch again, Let cool by itself, in still air. Any Post Vice is better than no Post Vice!! Neil
  3. Good Morning, Air Tools need lubrication!! ATF works if nothing else is handy. Neil
  4. Lever Forge

    Talk to your neighbour who does Leather work and makes Belts (yes, for your pants). Don't over-think the situation. Neil
  5. Beginner to Known Steel

    Good Morning, Grade 8 quite often are 4140 with a coating. Sometimes the anodizing is poisonous. Neil
  6. Forge length

    Good Morning, Fish The relevance is plain as day. You are setting criteria and you haven't started. Forget the Prince Valiant, start Forging and learning, start simple. Excaliber will come later, after you have learned how to burn Steel a bunch of times. Start with simple trinkets, work up to shives. Baseball doesn't go, 1st, 3rd, homerun. You start with T-Ball first!! Neil
  7. Figured wood <split from tailgating thread>

    Just quietly eyeballing what is going on!!! Neil
  8. Gas Forge Design Progress - Critique please!

    Jeff, What Frosty is implying, "This will not be your forever Forge". Everyone has a "First" Forge, very few have their "Last" Forge, most have their "Current" Forge. The process is called 'Learning'. Learning what/how much you really need and what/how much you don't really need. You will end up with a number of Forges, One you will use for this job, One you will use for that job. Sometimes you will just grab a Rosebud and get a job done. Coal, Coke, Charcoal, Propane, Natural Gas, Mapp Gas, Personal Gas, all have their place. The only Purrfect is when you are not cooking your cat, You let the Cat out of the Bag. Neil
  9. Induction hardened steel. Usable?

    Good Morning, Hardening anything is only possible if the subject is above the critical temperature and the quench rate is sufficient to lock the electrons into their lattice. A quench rate is ???hundred degrees per second of quench. Hardening to the core is not possible, as it is not achievable for the core to have the same quench rate as the surface or near the surface. Typically depth of hardness is measured in thousandths of an inch. There is no maximum number of times a piece can be Heat Treated. To remove the Hardness, heat to above critical temperature and let cool slowly (for a Water or Oil hardening Steel). Induction Hardening is just a different procedure to get something above critical temperature, without heating the complete subject/piece. Neil
  10. Worktable

    Good Morning, Only "you" can tell what is comfortable to you. Set up an old door at different heights and try it. Neil
  11. My forge ok?

    Good Morning, Lorenzo Weld in a shelf to support another row of regular Fire-Brick, at the front and back. You need to keep the flame inside the fire box, by making adjustable doors, front and rear. By doing this you will find you can get a lot hotter. Yes, the soft brick will crack and eventually fall apart. It is the nature of the beast. Don't be discouraged, everyone has a first Forge. Neil
  12. Portable Blacksmith shop

    Good Morning, You can drive over any Truck Scale on a highway. No charge. Quite often there is a digital display and you can check each axle weight. We have a Potable Blacksmith Trailer, the box is 17 feet long. Loaded with all the trinkets it tips the scale over 8000 lbs. Neil
  13. Seeking advice on a forge for art work

    Good Morning, Kevin. You live in the heart of North West Blacksmith Association. There are a pile of members in your area. Someone will have a Forge, in your town. Check out www.blacksmith.org . They have monthly get togethers at the fairgrounds in Longview, probably this weekend. I know you will find, what you can try, before you buy. I have a couple of Ribbon Burners that Ron Wailes made (in Cle Elem), but he has gone to the the great beyond. Mighty Forges are made in Duncan, BC, by Lorne Bakker. They are golden, I have used one over 15 years, another for 10 years. Keep on ticking, keep on lickin'. If you need a hand with direction, please send me a PM on this site. Neil Gustafson
  14. My first forged hammers.....WIP

    Good Morning, Look for a hard wood in old Pallets. We get lots of Pallets with Western Maple, They work well. Neil
  15. Making a Workbench

    Good Morning, A simple top is a solid core door. An excellent top is, use your 2x3's or better with 2x10 or 2x12, full length. Cut a piece of plywood to fit directly on top of the 2x10's, full size, end to end and front to back. A piece of sheet metal over top of the plywood, would be the icing on the cake. Yes, you can do whatever you want on the workbench, it will take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. Neil