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  1. Good Morning Frazer and JH, The only/best way to find out, is to try it. I used a stack of hard bricks for a Forge, for years. I was not interested in welding heat, just hot Forging Heat. I learned that it takes about 20 minutes for the Hard bricks to come up to temperature. Refractory is better, it bounces the flame back into the Forge and/or the heat of the refractory creates another ignition source and consumes more propane for a hotter firebox. Better volumetric efficiency. You have to keep your own note book for what works and what doesn't. I know, I will remember that!!!! NOT!!!
  2. Good Morning, Eric How thick is your insulation? The tip of the burner should be set back into the insulation, not directly into the firebox hot area. You probably will need to add another layer of Insulation. The only other way would be, you don't have enough airflow and the flame is burning back into the Burner Nozzle. Try a hair dryer not pointed directly at the air intake, set it back from the back end of the burner. Play with a reostat to vary the fan speed. Is the gas jet precisely in the center of the burner and aimed down the center of the burner. Sometimes you have to deburr the
  3. Good Morning, When you get to the saltwater, ring my doorbell, You have a place to hang your hat and rest your weary bones. Except you have to wait for the Border to open. There is a point in the Rocky Mountains where within a 20 mile circle, the MacKenzie River starts (North to the Arctic Ocean), the Fraser River starts (toward the Pacific near Vancouver), the Columbia River starts (to the Pacific just north of Portland), the Saskatchewan River starts (toward Hudsons Bay), the Missouri River starts (the Missouri River flows into the Mississippi River). Jump in your Canoe and take th
  4. Good Morning Owen, If you taper the ends before you do the curl, you can put a nice looking piggy-tail on each end. Don't be in a rush to make production, learn the basics, first. When drawing out the material, use the rule, S.O.R. Forge Square (only a quarter turn of the wrist), forge the corners into Octagonal, Forge it Round. I prefer to use the "Braille Test", if you roll it around in your hand, you musn't feel any sharp edges. Good Luck, Neil
  5. Good Morning DHT, Don't restrict your possibilities. Make everything portable, put wheels on the sides so you can tip it and the wheels will contact the dirt. Weld a section of trailer hitch receiver on each item, weld a piece of 2" ID, square tube on a hand-cart. You can move things with the hand-cart. If the wind is blowing the wrong way, move to another location. Coal Forge you need a chimney, Propane Forge you need ventilation. Absolute necessity, work safe, wear your PPE. Neil
  6. Good Morning, Some people go to school for years to figure out what is "NORMAL". Simple!!! It is a setting on the 'Clothes Dryer' Neil
  7. Good Morning Gray, Make a cardboard profile with clearance for the moving parts, bend a tight 90 degree flange for fastening to/with the 2 threaded holes. Use your pattern side-view profile to layout on a piece of sheet metal (?? whatever you can get your hands on). cut a 2"+/- strip of the same metal for the width, bend the strip to fit the profile and weld the edges together for both sides. Make your own cover (Alligator sieve) to stop trinkets from falling in the gear area. Neil
  8. Good Morning Chris, To have zero pressure reading, you either have no jet in your burner or your Propane bottle is frozen. There is no 'ONE ANSWER' to Propane Forge and Burner issues. To control a Forge, you must be able to control Fuel volume, Air volume, amount of Heat retention in the Forge (you have to close the front and back doors, but still have a chimney for the exhaust. For air/fuel to go in, unburnt fuel/exhaust must get out). If you want the Forge to react to the refractory, keep the heat inside the Forge. If your Propane bottle is freezing up, join 2 or 3 bottles together
  9. Good Morning, In our family it is called "Clean Out the Cupboard", the recipe is 'What doesn't go in the Stew, goes in the Soup'. It is always great!! Neil
  10. Good Morning Art, If you are going to use the pipe for legs, leave an opening near the top so you can fill the legs with ??(sand). If you don't put something inside you will have 'Leg Iron Bells'. Neil
  11. Aaamax, A 400lbs. Anvil is not a decoration, it is a great Coffee Table. The Anvil stays put, the chairs move!! Neil
  12. Good Morning, Most electric Stoves have a 120vac Fan and Motor, inside or in the shroud above the Stove. Pick up a Stove from the recyclers or find one on Bargain Bin. Neil
  13. Good Morning, Looks good! Try putting the cylinders to the top. Hot things don't generally fall up. Neil
  14. Good Morning, For bicycle tires or small wheel tires. Neil
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