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    I have a very bad habit of racing automobiles on frozen lakes, 5 time BC champion, 3 Canadian Championships, 2 World Challenge championships. I'm just a beginner.


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  1. Good Morning, Number, 3 Legged Counter-Top Forge. Call it whatever you wish, "Mine" works!! I have one without the leg extensions, a Shorty. Neil
  2. Good Morning, C-1 is correct. You should have a container of Play-Doh, Plasticene, Modeling Clay or Cookie Doh in your Tool Bag. The answer to your question would be in your hands. K.I.S.S. Neil
  3. Good Morning, Black Diamond, Washington got it's name from Coal. Neil
  4. Good Morning, You will not be sorry!! You may want to put some Silicone under it, when you put it on your Anvil Block. Makes hearing last longer. Neil
  5. Good Morning, Only in Canada eh, Pity!!! I don't want to upset your Apple-Cart, but, Learn how to make your own Blacksmith Tools, first. Then think about making, "That's No Knife". When playing Baseball, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base. Sometimes you make it it home, sometimes you are out. Sometimes, but rarely, "You knock it out of the Park". Some people "Knock it out of the Park" on the first day, then try for years to duplicate the Trick. Just trying to be realistic. I am trying to politely ask you to understand the process before making piles of "Bish" (ru-BISH). Unless you are living in an area that has lots of Pigs, You probably don't need a Trick "Pig-Sticker". This Journey has no "Index Page", nor does it have "The End". Enjoy the Journey!! There is no End!! Whatever keeps the smile on your face, is the correct thing to do. Some like to think there is a 'Rule Book'. There is, it is called "Be Safe, Don't hurt yourself or anyone else". Spectacles, Hear-stacles, Breathe-stacles, Heart-stacles, MUST BE TAKEN CARE OF FIRST!!!! Enjoy, Neil
  6. Good Morning,Flux We are hosting the next CanIRON at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Cloverdale, BC (just over the hill from Langley). Dates are July 4-7, 2017. Hopefully Registration will open later this week. see caniron.ca/2017 The journey will be worth it!! Neil
  7. What kind of Power Hammer?? Ask the manufacture.what else works. There must be a lubrication cross-over to something readily available. This is something to get information, from the lubrication professionals!! Not the keyboard!! Neil
  8. NWBA Spring Conference is at the Fairgrounds, Longview Wash. Plan to be there May 12-14. Demonstrators, Tail-Gate sales, New Tool sales, real people to ask questions of, Not far from Home. Check out www blacksmith.org. There are members in your Town. Briquettes work, but are not the best. Stop banging your Head!! Neil Put your location in your Avatar, nobody will look back to the above posting to see where you make shadows. You may not care, we do. Neil
  9. Good Morning, You can adjust it in and out. Try this, try that. You will find that the Propane spray nozzle MUST BE DEAD Center. Some use a flare, some don't. If you put the burner too far in, the end will burn off with No Gain. If you put your localle in your Avatar, maybe there is someone who you can get advise from, local to you. Neil
  10. Good Morning, Are you on Planet Earth? Where are you making a shadow? If you put your location in your Avatar, we may know someone close to where you live. It is better to find information from someone local to you, than through the keyboard. There are people who are burning wood for heat, some are turning waste wood into a form of Coke/Charcoal. I have forged using this material, you use quite a bit and has lots of sparks. The simplest way is to forget about what you have and build a Propane Forge. Good Heat, not hard to get fuel, not expensive. You just have to chop down the barrier wall in your mind. You need a Heat Source, something to heat, something to work on (an Anvil shape or not), a Hammer to work with (or a Rock on a stick) and an Idea what to try to turn rubbish into. Don't keep putting up the wall inside your Head!! Enjoy the Journey!! Neil
  11. Good Morning, Talk to Sandra Dunn, Two Smiths. She is in your town. She was teaching at Haliburton. Neil
  12. Good Morning Zak, Where are you making a shadow? I could show you what to do, or, Follow Thomas' advice. If you mount it the way it is, you can easily work above it. What is the height from the floor to the top of the Jaws. Most work Benches are about 32" high. No problem mounting it to a moveable base, It then is not committed to an awkward location. If you make the jaws so you can lay something on your workbench and hold an end in the jaws, would be very helpful. There is no perfect answer!! Make it so it is versatile to your work space. Neil
  13. Good Morning, Did you make the first weld in a Press or a Vice?? Quite a bit of Mass for Hammer welding. Neil
  14. Good Morning, When you are forming your chain links, 1-Bend the U-shape, same length Tails. 2-Scarf the tips of the ends, at an angle about 45 degrees. 3-Bend the tips and close up the 2 Scarfs. 4-Reheat and weld with a small Hammer. 5-Finish the weld and finish the Shape. Chain Link Math is 1+1=3, 3+3=7, 7+7=15, etc. The Missing Link, Neil
  15. Good Morning, I can guarantee you that it used to be a rock. It is difficult to answer your questions without more detail and pictures. Put your location in your Avatar, there probably is someone near you that could answer your question. Enjoy the Journey. Neil