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    CanIRON. I have been to every CanIRON event and I co-ordinated CanIRON VI.
    I have a very bad habit of racing automobiles on frozen lakes, 5 time BC champion, 3 Canadian Championships, 2 World Challenge championships. I'm just a beginner.


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  1. japanese blackening

    Gun Blueing is technically Browning. Controlled rusting, controlled with oil, to keep the rust at bay. Urine works well for rusting. Neil
  2. How exactly should I attach a leg to this

    Good Morning, A Post Vice would have the ability to transfer effort through it's base (post) to a base support. That is a nice looking Combination Vice, with the ability to potentially mount it to a swivel base. It is not a Post-Vice. It will do a lot of work for you, just don't Hammer on it. Neil
  3. Maybe Some Kind of Sharpening Block ?

    Good Morning, You won a "Surface Plate", used for many things. Gauge Block, Layout Block, Lapping Block, etc. It is not an Anvil (I guess there is no law saying that). A machinist will trade you for an Anvil, maybe even a new Anvil!! Don't be tempted to Hammer on it!! Neil
  4. Johnson no 118 furnace

    Welcome, Shives Please put your location in your Avatar, that is where we look to see who is close to you. OR, Who you are close to. I have never seen ONE of those Forges, I have TWO. They were great when working at schools or Spring Shops. I have had them running, but for what I do, they are too big of Forge. Enjoy the Journey, there is no destination. Neil
  5. Any use for forge scale?

    Good Morning, I use it for when I am punching Holes, helps stop the punch from sticking. Neil
  6. some general tips for the shop

    Good Morning Dabb, Sometimes you want Ear Plugs inside your ear protectors, as well. Neil
  7. Forced Air / Gas Piping

    Jimmy, DO NOT USE PVC PIPE!!! Plastic pipe work hardens with time (the pressure is never consistent, expansion & contraction happens). Only introduce your fuel when close to the forge, unless you wish to have the biggest Hand Grenade and want to kill your family!! It is best to have the fuel shut-off on the tank, within a short distance of where you are working. PLEASE Play Safe!!!! It is not just your life you are playing with! Neil
  8. 140# Baby Rhino

    Good Morning, Peppie Don't wait for a perfect time to join in the fun, Do it now. Nobody will criticize or care if your Boots aren't polished on the bottom. Start small, make little things, then make little things good, then make little more things, then make little more things good, then............ Neil
  9. 140# Baby Rhino

    Good Morning, Peppie You live in an area that is a center of the North West Blacksmith Association. The Spring Conference was 2 weeks ago in Longview. They have a get together in Longview on the last Sunday of the month. Swaptoberfest is in October, check out their web-site, blacksmith.org There will be all kinds of Anvils for sale, Try it out first if you want. The Nimba Anvil is excellent, made in Washington. Give the boys a call in Port Townsend, go for an hour drive and try one out. If you put your location in your Avatar, people will see your location of shadow. There are a pile of Blacksmiths in your town. Neil
  10. To Dress or Not To Dress

    What do you polish them with? Polish it by using the Tools. Best way is use them. Neil
  11. Building a propane forge

    Good Morning, JW Welcome to our world. You will want to put your location in your Avatar, otherwise we can only guess from what part of the world you are making a shadow. You are starting out with a question. We will not answer your question until you show enough understanding, normally, from reading previous answers on your same question. In other words, we are not being rude, we are asking you to do some Homework to answer your own question. You need to show you are trying to understand. There are Blacksmith organizations all over this planet, if you put in your location, we can suggest somewhere to gain "REAL" help, not keyboard help. Welcome, Neil
  12. stolen anvil

    Good Morning, StrayCat The one being hurt, is YOU. If the establishment can't and won't help, you have to let the problem go. Focus on positive things, good friends, family and forward thinking. If you let the problem eat you up, You are the only one hurting. There is no pool of blood on the ground, nobody lost the ability to breathe Air, it is not a Life or Death problem. Good luck moving forward with your life and finding a new Job. New Tools, you can make!! Neil
  13. What did I miss?

    After you have bought your FIRST Anvil, more will show up. Generally when you are not looking for another, BUT, you have to make a decision whether you want to or not. Neil
  14. First Hardy Tool Ever

    "M", You have the wrong angle for a hold-fast in the Pritchel or Hardy Hole. Take a piece of straight bar, put it in the hole and pull the top away from the horn end of the Anvil. Put a bend (more than 90 degrees) and bring the "shoe" end down to the anvil. To set the holdfast, tap down on the top of the "90". To release it, tap horizontally on the "90". Jackhammer Bits are typically 1045 to 1060. You don't have to Heat Treat the Hold-Fast. Neil
  15. Sheet metal folding machine

    Good Morning, I made mine from lengths of Railway Rail, very similar as yours Neil