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    I have a very bad habit of racing automobiles on frozen lakes, 5 time BC champion, 3 Canadian Championships, 2 World Challenge championships. I'm just a beginner.


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  1. Good Morning, The good news, it won't last too long. Our son had colic, I found he would go to sleep if I put a towel in the cloths dryer and sit the car seat on top of the dryer. I was so tired, I could sleep beside a running cloths dryer. Yes, everyone survived!! Neil
  2. Good Morning, Hedley BC had 2 mines, Mascot Mine and Nickle Plate Mine. Mainly Gold, but other minerals as well. The hammer mill was on the hill, near town. The ore from Mascot had to come down the mountain side by aerial skyline buckets. People weren't supposed to ride in a bucket, but.......... you never will know the truth!! Hedley is between Princeton and Keremeos. My dad's side of the family had a Fox and Cattle Ranch, outside of Princeton. My Mom's side left the Dust Bowl of Saskatchewan, during the Depression. Sold a section of prairie homestead to a cousin for $100.00 and moved to Keremeos to start up an Orchard. My uncle drove truck from Princeton to Penticton. The switchbacks up the side of the mountain near Hedley, had to be done in reverse gear. Yes, there were some trucks that "fell" off the road. The tailings have been reworked 5 times now, each time it was worthwhile. Neil
  3. Good Morning, Looks like someone touched it up with a surface grinder, or, it is still new and nobody has radiused the edges yet. The Flatter will leave marks from the sharp edges, they need radius on all 4 edges and corners. Yes, it is a Flatter. It is used to smooth out hammer marks or irregularities. Neil
  4. Good Morning, Hedley, BC?? My dad was a Blacksmith in Mascot Mine, 1939-40. Neil
  5. Good Morning, I made a mistake, Ron was in Cle Elem
  6. Good Morning Henry, Ron Wailes used to live on the right side of the Interstate, just approaching Ellensburg, His wife is still there . Ron packed up his ribbon burners and left for the 'Great Forge in the Sky', everyone else helped clean out his VERY FULL Workshop. The Gentle Giant!! There are a few fellow members of NWBA in Ellensburg & area. Neil
  7. Good Morning, If you don't have a scale, put it in your car and drive it over a Commercial Truck Scale. Take the Anvil out and drive over the Scale again. Basic mathmatics, no fee at the Scale. Neil
  8. Good Morning, Henry Welcome. Pacific Northwest is a large area. North West Blacksmith Association has monthly get togethers at their home Shop at Longview Fairgrounds. NWBA members are all over BC, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, Oregon. If you are a little more specific with your Avatar, we will know how/where to help/ask you to look. Neil
  9. Good Morning, Welcome. Look for a Blacksmith Association closest to where you live and get some hands-on instruction. If you put your area of residence in your Avatar, we will know how/where to point you. Neil
  10. Good Morning, On mine, I added couple little tabs so the burner would sit on top of the flange of the Forge body. Takes away the force of the bolts pushing on the side of the burner, cracking the bond. I see you have a tab for sitting in the mould. Neil
  11. Good Morning, Claying the pan, doesn't mean you 'HAVE TO' use clay. You could use old clinkers or something like that. Yes, your claying looks adequate. The reason some suggested not to use the plate, is now there is no way for the clinker to get at the clinker breaker except through the small holes of the plate. Go ahead and use it, you will see why as you progress. Learning is never a straight line. Unless you are interested in a strate line, which Frosty lives for. Neil
  12. Good Morning, I am getting the feeling, you don't understand the concept of Galvanized Sheet Metal. It is deadly, one of our members was doing a little job with some Galvanize material. He is no longer alive on this Planet. DO NOT BURN OFF THE GALVANIZING!!! DO NOT USE ANYTHING THAT IS GALVANIZED ANYWHERE NEAR A HEAT SOURCE!!! You must read between the lines and use a HUGE Case of 'Common Sense'. Just because it was cheap, doesn't make it GOOD to use!!! Neil
  13. Good Morning, When your arms/hands are hanging loose at your side, make a semi grip by partially closing your fingers. Look at the angle of the hole you have just created, JLP has it correct for most Tongs, for Right handed Tongs you turn left or counter-clockwise when forming your hinge boss. Left and then left again. Left handed Tongs are the same except you turn Right or Clockwise to form the hinge boss. You can make universal Tongs (kind-of), by adjusting the reins so they are on top of each other, no offset in the reins. Most commercial Tongs are set with the reins on top of each other. Neil
  14. Good Morning, No, you didn't advocate any testing methods. Nor did you be specific about what kind of testing you wished to achieve. just $0.02 worth Neil
  15. Good Morning, Loc-Tite 518 will stick. It will fill a void and bond to both sides, It won't set up hard (at least for a long while). Neil