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    CanIRON. I have been to every CanIRON event (except Quebec) and I co-ordinated CanIRON VI & XI.
    I have a very bad habit of racing automobiles on frozen lakes, 5 time BC champion, 3 Canadian Championships, 2 World Challenge championships. I'm just a beginner.


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  1. Good Morning Juice, There are a whole pile of knowledgeable people near your rock pile. https://ontarioblacksmiths.ca CanIRON XIII will be June 5, hosted by Manitoba Blacksmith Guild, on-line. Everyone gets to stay home and enjoy the show!! I am hoping that the new information will be posted on the CanIRON web-site http://www.caniron.ca/ When building a Forge, the focus often gets distorted. The prime function is "Get something Hot, Safely" in as small of a space as necessary. I have a NA Forge that I made using one 1-1/4" Tee fitting. It works well for small things. No, you w
  2. Good Morning Bob, In the racing word, there is a saying "Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick two" I have owned and operated my own Automotive business for now 48 years. Competitors who have said "I am going to do it cheaper" have learned that they had to close their business down. They didn't make enough money to pay their own wages and went broke. I have always tried to get along with my competitors and offer them assistance when they are stumped. It is a 2-way street, you never know when you will need to lean on them for a favour. It may cost a tiny bit to be helpful, but if you both are makin
  3. Good Morning, Stitch it together so it doesn't fall in 2 pieces. Brazing might be easier than Ni-rod, If your brother can weld it, great. Or - Take a piece of scrap, mild steel flat plate, bolt it in place, over the cracked areas. You don't need refractory in the Forge tray, clay, clinker or ash works for the bottom of the Forge tray. Heat goes up, more than down. I have a forge, the same as this one. One of many. Neil
  4. Good Morning and WELCOME, Nobody will know to look at this posting, to find ChristChurch, if you add it to your Avatar, everyone will see it. There is lots of history available here, sometimes it is easier to find it through Mr. or Miss Google. Sometimes too much information or opinions, filter it with your eyes and ears open, add a little common Cents for good luck. I am always dragging up the yesterday Time Zone, don't get too far ahead (LOL). A lot of typical questions have already been asked, check history first. Most people are OK with reasonable questions, sometimes a
  5. When I was 15,16,17, my parents were really dumb. When I got to be 25, it's incredible how much my parents learned in the last few years. Neil
  6. Good Morning, I use Western Maple, Pallet wood. My neighbour receives all his Plexiglass and other plastic sheets on long pallets, about 6 feet/2meters. I make special bars for stripping hardwood floors when houses are being taken apart. The pallets come apart very easy when I use one of my bars. The nail holes left behind are considered as 'Patina' for no extra charge. LOL I have seen pallets that are mahogany or very hard wood like ironwood and everything in between. One of my friends make all kinds of trinkets and furniture from the same pallet wood, I get his broken pieces. I cut
  7. Good Morning, Some valves are 'Sodium filled', this helps dissipate heat from the exhaust valve head. Generally there is a tiny indent like a 1/16" deep hole exactly in the center of the valve head, if they are Sodium. Only exhaust valves have Sodium!! Exhaust valve heads are always non magnetic, stainless. This stops the lines of molecules from lining up and becoming magnetic from all the hammering closed, at heat. Quite often the valve stem can attract a magnet, but never the head. Intake valves are never stainless, they always get a drink of cold air so they don't get as hot. You can a
  8. Good Morning, Reminds me of the 'Weather Rock'. A 500 lbs rock, hanging by a chain, in the weather. If it makes a shadow, it is Sunny. If it is wet, it is raining, If it is white, it is snowing. If it is swinging slightly, it is windy. If it is horizontal, it is a hurricane. If it is missing, DUCK!!!!!! Neil
  9. Wine barrel bungs. Neil
  10. Good Morning, Justin, talk to your local Mechanic (not an Auto Technician, but a real Mechanic). Ask him if he has an old 'Clutch Release Bearing" or 'Throw-out Bearing". You can buy a Throw-out bearing from your local Auto Parts store, but you need to talk to the "Old Guy" that has been there a long time. New/young people at the counter, know how to make a computor work, but quite often don't have a clue about something different. I always keep some in my locker at work. Neil
  11. Good Morning, I have one similar, the dies are able to flip end for end to cut different number of threads. It is primarily meant to clean up an existing thread. Different thread count will work on multiple sizes of material/bolt/stud/?? It is interesting to see how advanced our ancestors actually were!! Neil
  12. Good Morning, Congratulations!! The one in your hands, beats the dream of finding whatever. Not a normal pipe vice jaw location, but if you can create the other jaw, BONUS!!! Neil
  13. Trention, Trenton, Potato, Potahto, Tomato, Tomahto Who cares, enjoy your Hanvil!! Neil
  14. Good Morning Bee, Welcome and good luck with the family. A very common mistake is to think you need a big Forge. K.I.S.S. A single or a double burner that can be blocked to be a single burner, will work well. You normally only work about 3-4" at a time, why waste the heat. Good Luck, Neil
  15. Hi.....just came across your post about your trailer on IFI. I have to set up a trailer as a blacksmith shop due to local building bylaws.....only allowed so much square footage of building on a given property, and so am thinking of building one on a flatdeck trailer. Is that what you have....I don't mean for using at displays where you work outside the trailer.....I'm intending to set up and work inside the trailer. Any help, comments or photos would be great.



    1. swedefiddle


      Good Morning,

      Our 'Flyin' Forge' is 17 feet long with another 4 feet for the reach, the box is 6 feet wide, the sides are 7 feet tall. When both sides are up, it is almost 20 feet wide. The sides are the awning that protects the Blacksmiths, from the weather. There is a 2"x3" rectangular tubing as a stiffner for the sides, running horizontal to the ground. This also acts as a rain gutter and diverts the rainwater out an end. There are 2 safety props for each side, 2" difference in length to allow you to choose which way the water runs. The safety props are made from exhaust tubing. The coal forges pull out sideways, about a foot. When pulled out, the smoke pipe goes straight through the roof. The Blacksmith stands on the ground to work. We have a double, swinging overhead chain block to lift the Anvils and Post Vices out of the trailer without anyone getting hurt.

      The sides are hinged at the top. The sides are opened with hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic pump is a Chrysler starter motor, chain driven to a power steering pump. A reservoir extension on top of the power steering fluid reservoir, is made from a 6" dia. steel pipe, 24" long.

      The hydraulic control valves are water/oil hand valves from a hardware store. $1.29 each x 4.

      Don't think hard! Think safety! Think Simple K.I.S.S.

      Yes, we have to do a little maintenance now and again. We have been using it for over 20 years.

      Neil Gustafson, Victoria BC

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