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    CanIRON. I have been to every CanIRON event and I co-ordinated CanIRON VI.
    I have a very bad habit of racing automobiles on frozen lakes, 5 time BC champion, 3 Canadian Championships, 2 World Challenge championships. I'm just a beginner.


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  1. Good Morning, Welcome. Please put your location in your avatar, there probably is someone close to you that you can ask questions of. For sure there is a Blacksmith Association you can mix with. You can purchase all the fittings you need from your local hose/hydraulic fitting supplier. In your own town probably, not on-line. Buy what you need the first time. Enjoy the journey, there is a beginning and there isn't a light at the end of the tunnel. Neil
  2. Good Morning, Eric There is lots of information available here. Welcome to our world. Learning and listening work best with not too much mouth movement. Listen to the answer/reply to your question, try it out before commenting. The keyboard sometimes allows you to hide, but it doesn't hide attitude. Enjoy the journey. There is a beginning, there is no end to the learning cycle. Please add your location to your avatar, there may be someone near you that can help with some of your questions. Neil
  3. Good Morning, Welcome! there is quite a strong group in Saskatoon area. Western Canadian Blacksmith Guild, Saskatoon. I know it isn't close to Weyburn, but there are members from all over Sask. Neil
  4. Good Morning, Jak There is not ONE oil that can be used. I have 3 different Quenching Oils, they each quench at different rates, slow to faster. The rate of quench is, How many degrees of heat will be quenched, per second. Different cross-section size of the same material will quench at different rates. A heated piece has the heat to the center of the core, the quenchant will draw the heat from the surface, with the core being the last to cool. The depth that is hardened is the question, typically the core is not hardened. You need to experiment SAFELY!!!!!! Read all the Heat Treating data on the material you are working with. It is not created lightly. Neil
  5. Good Morning, For some reason, someone asked a question. There hasn't been an addition to his question. Nice Troll, he caught fish. Dave, "Sometimes, I'm not sure if I'm playing with a full deck". Deck of what, cards? or ........... LOL Neil
  6. Good Morning, Dylan You will find, when using your Post Vice, there will be some flex. The top of the Post vice will move a little. It will just take some getting used to. You will find you must stand on the base while using the Vice. There will be times you need to stop what you are doing and let the flexing slow down. This is the reason that Lou asked about Triangulation. Remember, triangles are stronger than a box section welded to a 1/4" large plate. The Plate will flex. The only person who will notice the flex, is you. Enjoy the portable piece of rigidity. Neil
  7. If you had the press to use them in, it would be worth it. Otherwise you are just padding his pocket. You aren't going to reforge them, You may use them for some "Garden Art". You are the one with the vision, you can see the glitter like the Crow. The Crow takes lots of shiney things! Neil
  8. Good Morning, The way the Tool Manufacturers want us to go, without the Umbilical Cord. If you think more Voltage makes a better machine, that is Psychology 101, is more better? DeWalt and Mac Tools have the same batteries, nobody else has the same anything. If you need a battery, it is cheaper to purchase a complete ??????Drill or whatever. A cordless anything will not out power a corded Power Tool. There is no simple answer, you MUST try the options before you buy!! Neil
  9. Good Morning, One of the side benefits of Induction Forges is the lack of scale or oxides. I haven't tried welding in mine, but the theory says it will work. The metal will get to welding temperature. There will be no problem if you are using a Hydraulic Press to weld. When heating a large section, it is peculiar that the center of the section is not as hot as the outer area, after/when heating you have to wait a few seconds for the center to get equally hot, from itself. Neil
  10. Good Morning, Hawg You need to use a better grade of Steel to make punches and chisels, not Mild Steel. A piece of Coil Spring, a piece of Leaf Spring U-Bolt (that holds the rear axle to the leaf spring), a piece of ?????. You don't have to purchase a new piece of Steel, but that is the only way of knowing what you really have. Think simple, What is available that you are able to scrounge. just my $0.02 Neil
  11. Good Morning, I was talking to Francis Whittaker at CanIRON II in Calgary. Another person asked this question of Francis, Francis said "Drill a 1/8" pilot hole at the desired angle". Neil
  12. Good Morning, If you can manually open the jaws and you are used to a thread opening the Jaws. Maybe you have to adjust your expectations. Neil
  13. Good Morning, Tyler Where are you making a shadow? Add it to your Avatar. There are knowledgeable people many places. Are you close to someone you can personally ask? Frosty is correct, it may have a chipped tooth, enjoy it's personable smile. The swale in the top face is better at straightening something bent, than working on a flat surface. Enjoy the lady you have. Treat her well and she will return the favour in spades. Neil
  14. Good Morning, Number, 3 Legged Counter-Top Forge. Call it whatever you wish, "Mine" works!! I have one without the leg extensions, a Shorty. Neil
  15. Good Morning, C-1 is correct. You should have a container of Play-Doh, Plasticene, Modeling Clay or Cookie Doh in your Tool Bag. The answer to your question would be in your hands. K.I.S.S. Neil