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    CanIRON. I have been to every CanIRON event and I co-ordinated CanIRON VI.
    I have a very bad habit of racing automobiles on frozen lakes, 5 time BC champion, 3 Canadian Championships, 2 World Challenge championships. I'm just a beginner.


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  1. Welcome, Why wouldn't you buy/fill your tank where Propane is available to you, locally. You can't buy it on line!!! When you are using propane and the bottle starts to freeze up, put the bottle into a larger pail/garbage can with some water as a heat sink in the pail. Neil If the tank is freezing up it is because you are drawing off gas faster than it was designed for.
  2. Good Morning, Tow Welcome. There is a CanIRON Blacksmith Conference at the end of June, near Prince Albert. Check out www.caniron.ca for details Neil
  3. The Hammer is called 'Monkey Wrench', two different sizes. Or do you mean the lump with the stick. Neil
  4. Good Morning and Welcome, Maybe I am missing something, does your Anvil stand have legs that will make it run away????? Feed it the odd Chocolate Chip or Ginger Snap Cookies and they will stay home. Yes, maybe a cup of Joe will help too!!! I don't know why you want to put a Leash on your favorite Pet??? If you are talking about securing the girl to your Stump, squirt some Silicone on the stump and plunk it where you want it. Neil
  5. Good Morning, Talk to your local Pottery Supplier. It is not a hard to come by commodity. Neil
  6. Good Morning Rojo, Yes, that will make good bending forks. I prefer to weld a salvage tie-rod 5/8" diameter to a surplus piece of angle bar, welded toward one end. Make two of them and you can make an adjustable bending forks that you can hold in your Vice. Drop a bushing over one of the tie-rod rounds sticking up and you can make the ultimate in a versatile Bending Forks. Any spacing, any size diameter. maximum to the size of your Vice. No I don't have a picture, use your imagination. It is too simple, drops into your bag of Tricks, the two pieces can be fastened together with one bolt and nut. Space required is minimal. Neil
  7. Good Morning, I do know that 'Inglis Manufacturing' made Nazel Hammers during WW2. I was looking at a 3B that was made in Canada, I phoned the appliance manufacture 'Inglis' in (?) Toronto(?) and spoke to one of the fellows that confirmed that they had made Nazel Power Hammers during the War Years. Just a tidbit of useless information. Most of the Nazels are straight forward. Common sense should answer most questions. Some think you need a HUGE concrete block under the Anvil. I poured a concrete block with a plastic sheet under the form, on top of the shop floor. I can move the Hammer anywhere in the shop I like. I have even been known to pick up the Hammer and the concrete blocks with my Hiab and have fun somewhere else. Shop floor at home is still intact and not suffering. I know people will discuss this until the Cows come home, I have 20 years of experience with this method. The pudding is in the proof!! Maybe more foundation might be better but what colour is it? Yes, I know, what does colour have to do with it? Same discussion. Neil
  8. Good Morning, Flux is not GLUE. You can make flux with the glass bottles in your recycle bin, break it up small and use a mortar/pestle to make a powder. You can also use red clay brick the same way, break it up and grind it into a powder. Easy Peasy. Neil
  9. Good Morning, Racecar books have spring rate calculators. wire diameter, inside diameter of coil, number of working coils (the ends against the spring pad do not count, they are dead). I will try to remember where I put my calculator. Yes Thomas, springs are linear, rated per inch of compression. Neil
  10. Good Morning, Use a pipe threading machine with homemade DIES. OR Use an old metal lathe with the reduction in very low rpm. Easy peasy, just make twisty!! Sometimes you have to dimple the sidewall to get it to start. Neil
  11. What kind of Motor is it? Voltage? Amperage?
  12. Good Morning, Changing the Motor, Won't change the pressure, unless the motor RPM goes up (this makes for an unstable environment that can cause you physical damage). You need to change the Hydraulic pump, so you can increase the volume and then the pressure. When you change the pump, you will HAVE TO increase the motor HP to turn the pump when under load. The whole package MUST BE COMPATIBLE. The frame of your machine is not built for increasing the pressure. Better to buy a Press already calculated for your pressure, or, start fresh from square one. In the beginning, you need to know the speed of the dies and the pressure needed to achieve your desired result. Then your calculator is fired up to determine what you need to get there. Then the compromises begin.........What is the power source you have available? Where can I work, so the neighbours won't be annoyed by the hydraulic noise?? And on it goes....... Neil
  13. Threads on the bottom end won't be a problem. Use it and enjoy your new Tool!! Neil
  14. Good Morning, Isn't there a Spring CBA Conference (in California)? Check them out, California Blacksmith Association. Neil
  15. Good Morning, After you get the 'New' adjusted handle in it, you won't see the problem. The secret is to lay out your material and drill 2 small holes, 1/8 to 3/16. The punch will follow the pilot holes, on center. Neil