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    I have a very bad habit of racing automobiles on frozen lakes, 5 time BC champion, 3 Canadian Championships, 2 World Challenge championships. I'm just a beginner.


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  1. swedefiddle

    Advice on Materials!

    Talk to your local Leaf Spring Shop.
  2. swedefiddle

    bandsaw gearbox lube

    JPH Keep a finger in the middle of the shaft when removing a snap-ring!!!!!! It won't hurt your finger if it sproings. One of my employees got a snap-ring in the eye-ball, a xxxxxx way to get time off!! The location of the half-nut doesn't leave itself for automatic lubricating cycles. I know, you could always design a simpler answer. Neil
  3. swedefiddle

    Identifying bolts

    Good Morning, They look like Connecting Rod Bolts. They are made to stretch and absorb vibrations, typically grade 8 or better. Generally Grade 8 is like 4140 or better. They will make good Tools for you, Pr3ssure. Don't expect to replace them for free again. Neil
  4. swedefiddle

    Sawyer anvils?

    Good Morning, There are many different sizes and shapes. Smaller Anvils are rectangular shape with slightly tapered sides. Larger Anvils are square (ish). There is no Hardy Hole or Pritchel Hole. Sometimes there is a finger groove in 2 sides. It is not similar to a London Style Anvil. Neil
  5. swedefiddle

    Can a ferrous blade be used in a non-ferrous cold saw?

    Good Morning SE, Use a Ferous blade in one saw, Use a non-ferous blade in a completely different saw. Thermite is aluminum and iron/steel powder. You don't want to find out accidently what a Thermite fire is like. Sparks from cutting steel "could be" enough to give you a very bad day!! Don't mix the material in one saw!! Period!! Neil
  6. swedefiddle

    making a flatter

    Good Morning, Report post Posted Sunday at 04:41 PM May be this rough sketch helps That is exactly correct Wicon, You can twist the tails together like in your sketch or you can bend the tails around the outside. Either way leaves the head loose on the Handle. I generally make my Handles from old Pallets. Some Pallets have wonderful semi-hardwood for the beams underneath. Neil
  7. swedefiddle

    making a flatter

    Great Video. No Rush, lots of little things explained. I have started drilling 2, 1/8" holes on the outboard end of the handle. Bend a piece of coat hanger in a "U", push it through and bend the tails over. Now you don't have to wonder where the head is in relation to your Stick. The head will still rattle, but it won't/can't fall off, unless you want it to. Just a little something, no intention of being rude. Neil
  8. swedefiddle

    New anvil?

    Good Morning, If you are worried about marks, take a not sharp pin punch (1/4-3/8) and a good sized hammer. Work around the outside of those marks and you can push the material back into the holes. working cold!!!!!! The surface of an Anvil is Work Hardened, if you take a layer off you are creating Junk or taking it back 75-100 years. No Gain. Use it like it wants to be used. With Hot material being hammered, you will bring back the useful surface. There may also be some marks from the Anvil, GUESS WHAT, there will also be some marks from your Hammer. Use it for a couple years, then decide if you want or need to grind it. Someone already took a grinder to the manufacturers markings, They didn't grind the face. The name of the Anvil is 'My Anvil- Fred' or whatever name you are more comfortable with. Enjoy the Journey!! Neil
  9. swedefiddle

    It takes money to blacksmith !!!!

    Eventless, Wrong approach!! Sometimes it is OK to buy new, if you have the surplus. Look in all the back corners of whatever business and workshops you go anywhere near. If you come home with something that doesn't look new, the story is easier to swallow. You can clean it up and then make it look new, or not. Psychology 101. Trying to make up excuses will hurt you. I thought you said............ So sad. too bad. Neil
  10. swedefiddle

    Is this Forge capable?

    Good Morning, We had them in High School Metal Shop. They are for heating the irons for soldering sheet metal (cookie cutters). Then they probably ran on Propane, now they would use Natural Gas. I have a mate to that one, been sitting in the corner waiting for an opportunity. (or is that a reason to wake it up). Neil
  11. swedefiddle

    Acquired three more post vises but need help identifying one

    Good Morning Ted, Forget about trying to figure out who made them, You can't buy any new parts. What you need, you make. As for names, call them whatever the children would like to call them. Moe, Curly, Hey-you,????? Neil
  12. swedefiddle

    Blue Tue

    Good Morning, If this is the first time firing up the Coal Forge, this is the last time you will see the colour change. Put coal around the fire and stoke the fire by pushing the outside of your coal toward the center. Don't try to keep your fire at the bottom of the tuyere, add coal and allow the fireball to raise up. Enjoy the journey. Neil
  13. swedefiddle

    which hammer first?

    Pnut, You will need any Hammer you can find, at some point in your lifetime. There is no such thing as having to gain a Hammer in a certain sequence. The one you find, is the when you pick it up. It is better to start a day with a smaller Hammer, to be able to warm up your body without hurting it. The macho who ends up going to Physio twice a week quite often caused his own decline by using a 'large' Hammer. I know a fellow who started his apprenticeship in a Blacksmith Shop in Germany, when he was 12. He is now over 80 and is resigned to use a smaller hammer. His everyday Hammer was 8 lbs. he used it for everything he did, little or large. He also starts the day with a smaller hammer, to warm up. He is a slight man, but when he is wanting to move some metal, every bone and muscle goes into his work. No wrist slapping blows. Enjoy your journey, get away from the keyboard and learn from the School of Hard Knocks. Neil
  14. swedefiddle

    M. Ehrgott

    Good Morning, Del Welcome to our world. Some answers come slower than others. You are in Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association country (OABA). They have a huge amount of very knowledgeable people and resources, Contact them, they have members all over. Even me on the left coast. Looks like a fire-pot/tuyere from what I can make out. Neil
  15. swedefiddle

    Flick Cane

    Owen, Sounds like you are dreaming rather than trying to figure out a process. If you can't figure it out, you shouldn't be making it. Neil