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  1. Good Morning, Wave a hair dryer close to the air inlets to see if that works. You can play with how much air. Neil
  2. Good Morning, The mind is the limiting factor of what you can do with a 2x72 Belt grinder. Vertical, horizontal, any angle, upside down, sliding section, radius control, you decide! You figure out what you want to do for a result and work backwards to find what/how is the best way to achieve the result. Think Simple!! Sometimes hold your work in/with a wooden stick (it saves your finger tips). If the swarf goes down, put a bucket with water in it below. If the swarf goes toward you, you catch on fire!! Never grind Aluminum and steel with the same belt (what is thermite?). Neil
  3. Good Mornin' Tooln, The Basic's; something to do; something to heat with; something to hold hot stuff; something to hit hot stuff on, something to hit hot stuff with. There are many names of things that can be used, but the basic's are still the basic's. You don't NEED a Forge, if you have a good wood fire. You may have more control in a Forge, but you also have good control with a Rosebud. All I am suggesting is, don't paint yourself into a corner with 'Gotta Have's'. Use what you already have, you can make everything else. Welcome to this wurld!! If you put your locale in your Avat
  4. Good Morning, Those bricks are very soft, you could use a sharp knife, a sharp spoon, a fast spinning slow moving Forstner Bit or a hand saw. Think simple, what do you have? It is not a complicated decision. Use what you have available, BE BRAVE Make a decision. You need to get Forging!! You may want to also run the threaded rod, 90 degrees to the way they are in the picture. Yes, the bricks will break up with the heat and then cooling, over thyme. Everything will expand and contract. Enjoy the Journey, there is no destination! Good Luck, Neil
  5. Happy New Year, Hawk You live in the same town as Front Step Forge, Shaun Cunningham. Talk to Shaun about Tongs and Tools. Hardly have to drive!! Shaun will know when and where the Blacksmith group get together, get in touch to learn. Neil
  6. Good Morning, The purchase price is the least expensive part of any machinery. The accessories/Tooling availability is where the cost comes in. That being said, for $500.00 it probably is a good machine to learn on. The limit is between your ears, what would you like it to do? How can I make the Tooling to do that? A Milling Machine is a stationary (kind of) cutter, with a moveable work piece. Neil
  7. Good Morning, Phil Please don't bite the hand that is trying to help you. Your story is not new and it happens here too frequently. The knowledgeable folks here sometimes get a bit short with answering the same questions again and again. Please don't get frantic. What you purchased is not ideal, but it is an excellent example of how NOT to build a Burner. Nothing is wasted, Look at the positive side. There is a saying "You can tell how long someone has been a Blacksmith by looking at their Scrap Pile". That Scrap Pile is a huge world of knowledge, lessons of things that DON'T WORK. Be pro
  8. Good Morning, Phil 1/16"=.0625". That is way too large, Mig welding tips are about .025" to .035" and they screw 'into' something, quite often 1/4-20 thread. I suggested that you get a Hair Dryer so you can wave it toward the mouth of your "T" and add some air to your VERY rich mixture. What your jet is, is a cap that goes over the pipe nipple you are using and it also blocks the air flow. Get rid of it and thread a bushing to go inside your pipe nipple, screw the mig tip into the bushing. The speed of the propane coming out the jet, will naturally draw air from the opening in the "T". Yo
  9. Happy New Year, Why does it 'HAVE TO' be connected. It is better not to spoil a good thing. Neil
  10. Happy New Year Phil, It is difficult to help or make suggestions without knowing what kind of FrankenForge you have. Does it have a fan/blower? Have you tried helping it with extra air? Sometimes an old Hair Dryer is all the help you need. Is the jet absolutely in the center? Close doesn't count!! What are you using for fuel? Propane? Map Gas? Natural Gas? Butane? I am not trying to be a jerk, just that we need more info!! Welcome to this wurld, there is a Journey, but there isn't a destination!! Neil
  11. Making it from one piece is very difficult. Better to make 2 'Half's'. If you want to make it from one piece, take your baseball and cover it with masking tape. Start to cut the masking tape from a center point, in straight lines to the center point on the other side of the ball (leave the slices attached to the second center). Now lift the slices and you have a pattern for making a sphere. Neil Please do not use all Italic fonts.
  12. Good Morning, I fit top Tool handles slightly loose with some stick-out of tool handle hole. I drill 2-1/8" holes sideways through the handle stick out and weave a piece of Coat hanger through the hole so the head will not fall off. I believe the slightly loose head allows the effort of the blow to go through the Top Tool to your work and not transfer up to your Elbow. 'Tennis Elbow' is painful!! Neil
  13. Happy New Year Jacob, North West Blacksmiths Association head Workshop is at Longview Fairgrounds. Lots of members in Washington, Oregon and northern Calif. Check out their monthly workshops. Welcome!! Neil
  14. Happy New Year, Yes, the Fairgrounds at Longview Washington is where 'Home Base' is. There are a huge amount of the members, in the Puget Sound area. I know there are members in the Everett area. Paul Thorne lives just south of Anacortes. He works from his shop at home. He also teaches classes. VERY easy to talk to!! He is trying to retire, but I don't know if it is working. Silas Maddox is one of the directors, he lives in Sedro Wooley. David Lisch is south of Seattle. Dave and his wife Andre work together, Dave likes doing knives,
  15. Welcome, Bill You are in the heart of the North West Blacksmith Association (NWBA), check out the website 'blacksmith.org'. The burner will completely change when it is installed into a Forge body. Keep your lessons regarding what works and what doesn't work, written in a note book. You will want to recollect thoughts at a later date, "What was it that I changed, to make it better/worse?" This will not be your 'Only Forge', it may be your 'First' Forge. Enjoy the Journey, there is no actual destination, but there is a heck of a ride, when it works!! Neil
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