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  1. Good Morning, Welcome back!! The brickwork looks like a fine improvement. Make sure there is extra room for the Ash Bucket, there may be a different bucket needed at some point. Neil, VIBA
  2. Good Morning, Big enough to put an axle in the middle and make it rotate, with different shapes across the outside. Rotate to your next desired shape. Machine or grind the shapes in. Neil
  3. Good Morning Blue, If you have such a dislike for the handle, Change It!!! If you really don't like the Hammer, Trade it with someone who can use it. If you dislike it, DON'T Use It!! There is no rule in the Rule Book that you have to use 'That" Hammer. Live a simple life form, don't simply live. Some people live to complain, and they do a good job of complaining. Problem is, after a while, there is nobody who will listen!! Neil
  4. Good Morning, Get some 'Fire Sleeve' from your Hose Supplier. Feed your hose through it, for heat deflection. Neil
  5. Good Morning, A hand drill, hand crank or powered, is a portable Lathe. Neil
  6. Good Morning, Welcome to IforgeIron. I would not weld it!! I would use it like it is. Do not hammer over top of the crack, hammer over top of the section with the most support from the legs. It looks like someone machined into the side and bolted in a section. There is rust in the crack, so it has been repaired a long time ago. Enjoy it for what it is!! Use it accordingly!! Neil
  7. Good Morning Chris, When you punch the Handle Hole, the metal will move and you will gain length as well as more material in height for your Handle Hole. Either the cheeks bulge out, or the material bulges up and down to give you a more rounded hammer head. You aren't taking material away, it is just changing location. Remember, Location Location Location. The grace is in the relocation!! Make the design in Play-Doh first, you will see what Eye mean. There are many little things, that make a big difference. Neil
  8. Good Morning Benona, It is a great start. To finish it, you should get rid of all the sharp edges that will put 'cold shuts' in your workpiece. To start, you have to start a project. To finish the project, you have to finish it. Neil
  9. Good Morning High, PM me if you wish to talk about your Burner design. Forge design should work. I'm just across the pond, on the Continent (of Vancouver Island). Neil
  10. Good Morning, Walk before you run. Stay with your Music, it will give you much enjoyment during your Life, relaxing enjoyment. My mother paid for many of my Music lessons, I now wish I had stayed with it. Before you go and start buying expensive equipment, Learn Hammer and HAND Control FIRST. When you understand Hand Hammer control, you MAY then understand what a piece of machinery can do to improve your production work. If you aren't doing production work, you don't NEED the Machinery. A Blacksmith Makes Tools, Tools don't make a Blacksmith!! Neil
  11. Good Morning, Chris I own and operate a VW Specialist, Service, Parts and Machine Shop. We get Parts cleaning Solvent/Varsol in metal pails, Windshield Washer Fluid concentrate comes in metal pails, Synthetic Engine Oil comes in small metal barrels (about 15 gal.). I have a glut of them, they make good garbage cans for the shop after cutting out the top. Find an Automotive Shop near you that works on import cars, they probably have too many as well. All our grease and gear oil used to come in metal drums (about 15 gal.). Army surplus has metal containers for projectiles, with a lid that fastens (makes a good Tool Box for Blacksmith Tools). Sometimes vermiculite is not as easy to get as it used to, Asbestos. An old time Blacksmith taught us to use 'Garden Lime' for annealling. He used it for Welding Flux as well, sprinkled the Lime onto the piece being welded, right in the Coal fire. Lime never spoils your fire. Lime is used as a flux to make Steel. If there was no box to work in, 'You' could never think outside the Box. Allow your thinking cap some breathing room, from Thyme to Thyme!! Neil
  12. You can use a grinding disc, a cut-off disc, a wire wheel, a flapper disc. ALWAYS WEAR EAR & EYE PROTECTION, Never short sleeves or shorts unless you wish to be cooked, raw. It is one of the most versatile piece of power Tools. Neil
  13. Good Morning Blacksmith village, You are on the right track. For cold work, only harden the tip (like what Latticino said) temper to a straw colour. Never harden the struck end (you will create a fault that can create tiny projectiles that will go through whatever you are wearing, or in someones eye). For a slitting punch/drift for Hot Work, you don't need to harden and temper. When you use the drift in hot material, your tempering will be lost with the heat build-up, using 1045. H13 is made for hot working steel, it will not deform as easily. There is no problem using 1045 for limited production. 1045 and H-13 have completely different Heat Treating characteristics. H-13 is Air Hardening, 1045 is water hardening. Neil
  14. Good Morning, I don't want to sound like a jerk, but, use Mild Steel for Tongs. Forget the hocus/pokus, stay simple. Use the edges of the Anvil to draw out the reins. work 3" at a time when drawing out the reins, gradual taper and break the edges before you move out to the next 3" of the rein. Do the tips of the reins, LAST (that way you won't burn them off). You can make Poz Tongs from 8-9" of 1/4" Flat bar (times 2), you can forge larger Tongs from 8-9" of 3/4 round bar, You can forge larger tongs from 8-9" of 3/4" square bar. Technicus Joe had a good video, a few days ago, on making Tongs. He didn't profile the jaw of the rein, until last, after he had drawn out the reins. He left a lump of the parent material to hold with another set of Tongs. There are many kinds of Tongs, with many reasons why to make them like that. Get used to one way and you should be able to make a set of Tongs, in a couple hours, by yourself with no Power Hammer. If you have a good Striker, it will be less time. Your Striker can be Male or Female, young or older! Neil
  15. Good Morning Paul, It looks like your fire-pot may be a little deep for burning Charcoal. Don't put your work-piece deep into the fire-ball, stay just above it and have some charcoal above the work-piece. Consumption of charcoal is more than Coal or Coke. Home Hardware can order Coal from St. Jacobs, Ont. but they also charge freight. PM me if you want your questions answered. Neil
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