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    I have a very bad habit of racing automobiles on frozen lakes, 5 time BC champion, 3 Canadian Championships, 2 World Challenge championships. I'm just a beginner.


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  1. swedefiddle

    What did I do wrong.

    Good Morning, "Sparkling as I pulled it out" means you got it too hot and burnt it. Another day, another lesson. Neil
  2. swedefiddle

    Show me your anvil

    Good Morning, Received this Anvil from my Grandfather - equals - PRICELESS!!!!!!!! Use it like you promised him you would. Enjoy it like he expects you will. Looking for a dollar value of a given object is extremely rude!!! Get something HOT, have something to HOLD IT, use something to HIT IT WITH, Change the cross-section of one thing into another shape. Continue again and again trying. Present your Grandfather with one of your creations. He will have a smile between his ears that you can't wipe off!!!!! Priceless!!!!!! Neil
  3. swedefiddle

    Blade broke, don't know why

    Good Morning Leo, Welcome to the game. This is called the Learning Curve. The School of Hard Knocks. There are many things that will make material break, quite often you are getting to too hot and then continuing to hit it when it is too cold. Please add your location to your Avatar. Neil
  4. swedefiddle

    Anvil Identification

    Hay Budden
  5. swedefiddle

    Hi from the Highlands

    Good Morning, Forget about the details, forget about starting with Forge Welding. Start with making some "S" Hooks, draw the ends out SOR, make little piggy tails and then shape the piece into an "S". When you have the little piggy tail on the end, before you shape the "S", quickly quench the tip for a couple seconds in water, then you can hammer on the piggy tail without it deforming. Maa-Jickle. Do it again but square the shank between the "S" now give it a twist when the shank is red hot. You may have to quench each end so you can twist it. Enjoy the Journey.... Neil
  6. swedefiddle

    Anyone got much experience of Habermann hammers?

    Good Morning, Phantom of the Hammera One way to shed that fear. Make a Punch and a Drift, drill a couple pilot holes to keep you in center, Get on with the program. All of a sudden, that wasn't so Hard!!! Make a couple smaller Hammers first, maybe a couple repousse Hammers. All shapes and sizes are required, none too small, none too big, none with too weird of shape. Just like the 3 Bears, sometimes you need the itty bitty, just right, type of Hammer. Forget about magic sticks for handles, abra kadabra, you don't need to send them to school so the Hammer will work. The Computor Controller is between your Ears, it controls the Hard Drive at the end of your wrist. Digital Control, with your Digits. Just Maaaa-Jickle. To start, first you must start!!!
  7. Good Morning, GB, It looks like Waldo is stopping your spare from jumping out. Great name for an Anvil, Spare Waldo!!!!LOL Neil
  8. swedefiddle

    Anyone got much experience of Habermann hammers?

    Good Morning, Make your own!! Neil
  9. swedefiddle

    Hi from the Highlands

    Good Morning, Welcome. You will learn that when you are building a Forge, there is no 'wrong' way. There may be 'better' ways that you will learn along the way. Pickup some 'Modeling Clay' or 'Plasticene' or 'Play-Doh'. This will allow you to make something with your hands and then you can make it with your Forge and Anvil. The material moves identical to how metal moves when it is Hot, except you can manipulate it with your hands and/or all your other Blacksmith Tools. It is a great tool, to learn the procedure. The bonus is that when you are done, you can scrunch it up and form it into the size of material that you have, to find out how much material you will need (always add some extra. scale loss, OOPs, just because). I recommend you start by making your own Tools. Start small and work your way through. This way you will learn procedure, with a bonus of having something useful. I think of it as 'Positive' results. Don't worry about making it perfect, make it functional. You will learn the small steps to make it 'Nice' as you go. There are very few 'Rules', but one lesson is, when you are drawing something out (making a larger thing smaller and longer), use the 'Rule', Square, Octagonal, Round (S.O.R). We can turn our tong hand a quarter turn, this makes 'Square'. Then knock the corners of the 'Square' and this makes 'Octagon'. Then with light blows you can make it 'Round'. If you are starting with Round Material or Square/Rectangular Material, this Rule applies. If you want to finish Square/Rectangular, this Rule also applies except you don't have to go Round at the end. Picture manipulating the Play-Doh in your fingers, you go Square first. Simple!! Enjoy the Journey, Neil
  10. Good Morning, Mr. Fleck Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, a Blacksmith can make all of his Tools. An Anvil is an item that will be purchased. The Anvil in the picture is a bonus for someone who is making Blacksmith Jewelry. You would want to have a workhorse Anvil, a dainty Anvil and if you wanted it, a jewelry Anvil. Don't expect one Anvil to fulfill all requirements. How many pairs of pants do you have? Talking on the phone is different than showing up at his door with $1500.00 in $100.00 bills. Look, I drove for 6 hours just to get here and I have to drive 6 hours to get out of your face.......(or something like that). Get in touch with the Blacksmith group in Alaska, just remember, you learn more with your mouth closed. Enjoy the Journey, there is no end to it...... Neil
  11. There is lots of room for erasable boards on the walls. different colour chalk or markers makes some of your details stand out. Start with Safety and Expectations. I have been teaching for over 18 years, make it a point that there will be NO EXAMS. The best examiner is the Class, what do the peers think. Does it past the 'Braille Test'? When you close your eyes and run your hand around the creation, does it create 'Red Paint' (blood)? The only students that required a result MARK, were sent by the Government (Armed Forces). Everyone passes. Make it a stern, but jovial, Class. What would you feel like if you are criticized all the time, the same with students. Positive reinforcement!! Neil
  12. swedefiddle

    Champion A 40 issues?

    Good Morning, Every machine needs lubrication. Moving parts must have a film of oil. Shafts and bushings are splash lubricated. Any engine oil is sufficient, no specific weight or Grade. The way the blowers are set up, there is a reservoir space below the shaft height. The shafts do not have seals, if you overfill, it will leak out. You can cut a plastic oil bottle side open, now you can catch the drippins'. Enjoy your learnin' curve. Neil
  13. swedefiddle

    Forge just doesn’t seem hot enough.

    Good Morning, You need to go up on the jet size, you are too lean. Neil
  14. swedefiddle

    1/8" Pipe Nipple Swage

    Good Morning, Ol'... I call myself the Ol' Goot (like goat, except shorter). LOL Some people think there is a rule book for gas forges. The best rule is "BE SAFE". Whatever it takes to make it work, works fine. If there is a gas leak at the tip of the nipple, it leaks into the forge. NO PROBLEM. If there is a leak anywhere else in the system, it is a potential explosion. Fuel + Air at the correct ratio, plus an ignition source = Fire in the hole. If you have too much dragons breathe AFTER the Forge warms up, you need to back off the propane regulator to reduce fuel or add more Air (turn up the blower or add a blower/hair drier). Neil
  15. swedefiddle

    Bridge anvil

    Good Morning, So you can work on Sundays!!!! While at Church!!!!!!!! Neil