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  1. Le Pig

    Good Morning, Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Trying to figure out the French? This has been part of how many Wars? Their continents are less than 20 miles apart, What could go wrong? Enjoy your new "Baby", it needs a name, probably French. (?????) LOL Neil
  2. Gameco (alec steel) burner

    Good Morning 51, Don't build your own Forge without finding someone close to you that can show you some options. If you build your own Forge, it may be your first, but it won't be your last. Start out safe by using a neighbour's knowledge. If you enter your location in your Avatar, we can where you are, to try to help you. Welcome, Neil
  3. Good Morning Ohio in Warshington, Check out the North West Blacksmith Association (www.blacksmith.org). They are having a Tool Sale/garage sale/hands-on session in Longview Wa. soon. It will be worth the drive to meet the people in your area. There are quite a few members that live close to you. Get together with someone local. I give all new students a small container of Play-Doh (WalMart, $1.00). Play-Doh works identical to steel, except you can work it in your fingers, cold. There is no wrong way to start out, except by NOT starting. We have all made a similar Leaf/Hook/Trinket when we started, nothing to be ashamed of!! Enjoy the Journey, Neil
  4. Anvil Identification (help)

    Good Morning Tagheuer, Look at the price of new Anvils. If someone is asking new price for an old Anvil, buy the NEW Anvil. When you buy an old Anvil, you won't necessarily be spending your money wisely. If you buy a NEW Anvil, it will be good to go, without doing any manicuring. If you put lipstick on a PIG, it is still a PIG. An Anvil could be anything Large and Lumpy, it doesn't have to be the "Road-Runner" shape. Sawyer Anvils are like thick square (ish) blocks. Depending on where you are in Alberta, check out old Sawmills, Machine Shops, Welding Shops, Farm Sales. It is amazing what you will find when you poke around the bushes, Look in the cluttered rooms, against the back walls, etc. Ask questions, but don't pester. Half of the fun is the Hunt!! When you add up your fuel bill for the Hunt, a NEW Anvil isn't that expensive. Welcome to our World!! Only in Canada, eh. Pity!! There are quite a few Blacksmith's in your part of the Country. Let me know with a PM and I will try to hook you up. Enjoy, Neil
  5. tools i can make

    Good Morning Dillon, You are going to start having people ignore you, if you continue to ignore their suggestions. This is not 'Day Care'. To start, you MUST START. Get away from the keyboard, play with your Play-Doh, make something hot and learn how metal moves, REAL Hands-On, your Hands!! If you don't have a reference BOOK, buy one. 'The Blacksmithing Primer' is a good place to start. Randy explains How, Why and Whynot. He also has some useful projects to get you used to Forging. To learn, you must pay attention to suggestions. There are a pile on the previous page of this Topic (waste of time). Neil
  6. Metric T-Burner

    Good Morning, Vandle Screw a plug into the end of your tube, tight. Drill the center of the plug with the appropriate size drill for your Mig Tip, Tap the thread. Job Done, Finished. No store required. If you have access to a metal lathe, drill the hole that way. Neil
  7. tools i can make

    Good Morning, Practice at the Anvil, get away from the keyboard hypothetical stories. You have to understand the basic's of Blacksmithing to become a Bladesmith. Steel moves the same, regardless what you may think. Forging a Blade is not the same as Stock Removal. Making Blades with a grinder, makes you a GrinderSmith, not a Blacksmith or a Bladesmith. How are you going to Heat Treat your Blades? It is not magic, it is a Basic understanding that takes a lot of practice and learning from your mistakes. Oop's is not a mistake, it is a lesson that you didn't know you asked. Pay attention to the results, write down your sequences so you can go back and recreate the Oop's. Most Inventions start out as an Oop's. Neil
  8. tools i can make

    Good Morning, Dillon Use your Play-Doh/Plasticene/Modelling Clay to understand what Frosty just suggested. Work it in your hands, before you work with the hot stuff. There is one Rule for Drawing out. Square, Octagonal, Round "S.O.R", to draw out material, our Tong Hand can turn a quarter turn, that makes 2 flats, then 4 flats. Whether you are drawing out either round or square, this Rule applies. NEVER try to draw out round by staying round. You can make round to square, easily, then square back to round. There is more material in a piece of 1/2" square, than there is in 1/2" round. The corners!!! Enjoy the Journey Neil
  9. Hello from Washington State

    Good Morning, There is a get together next weekend at the Longview Fairgrounds. North West Blacksmiths Association. They have a Spring Conference and monthly hands-on tutorials. Enjoy the Journey, hope to meet you at the Spring Conference. Neil
  10. Greetings from the Bay Area

    Good Morning, Pete First off, the Anvil, Forge and Tools you have, are WAY more gooder than the ones you don't have!! LOL There seems to be a lot of opinions of what this should be and how that should work. Take it with a grain of salt, DON'T be afraid to walk the road less travelled. You will figure out what works for you in your own situation, That then becomes YOUR best way. Start with a container of Plasticene or Play-Doh. They work in your hands and fingers, identical to how Steel moves when it is in it's 'Plastic State' (Red Hot). Play with the soft stuff and put a container in your 'Tool Bag', it won't go bad. Welcome to our World!! Just because you live where you do doesn't mean you can't sometimes 'Poke the Bear'. Sometimes it is good to hear some of the CURRRRmidgeon's squeak. There is a lot of talent available here, ask informed questions and you will get the real goods. Enjoy the Journey, there is no Rule Book or Examination. There also is no end of Learning!!!! Neil
  11. Pain, Pain, and did I mention Pain

    Good Morning, Dillion See your Dr. Bones and ask him/her. Probably need to do some exercises to build up your muscle. I keep an elastic band that comes on Broccolli, yes the blue wide one. Put it around the outside of your finger tips, expand your fingers, out, relax, out, relax, etc. Stop if it hurts. I keep the elastic on the outside of my wallet, stops the moths from escaping (LOL) Neil
  12. No spring or mounting bracket

    Eh? 36? Eh! Don't look for anything Magic, simple is best!! The material you have is the right stuff!! Neil
  13. Food Safe Bronze?

    Good Morning, If you haven't had any 'Birch Syrup', you have a real treat in store for you. Mighty Fine!! Neil
  14. Heat treating a hammer drift

    Good Morning Jon, I was shown by Tom Clark to lay out where you would like your Handle Hole, Drill 3(three) - 1/4" holes, about 3/8" to 1/2" between them. This keeps your punch on center and doesn't move to one side, like could happen free-hand. You can Heat Treat your punch if you would like the exercise, the Temper will be all gone by the time you are halfway through your first hole. I make mine from pieces of axle or Truck Tie-Rod. Talk to your local Auto Wrecker, down payment starts with a box of Do-nuts. A Thank You would be a Hammer they can and will use, not a forging hammer, but a Hammer hammer Please enter your locale in your Avatar. I thought Milwaukee was a Beer, shows how much I know, never mind the bottle, a pitcher will do!! Enjoy your journey getting Hammered Neil
  15. HELP: forging presses

    Good Morning Beaver, Yes, you are correct. There is a short Ton, a long Ton and a metric Tonne. All are different. The point I was trying to make was, the actual power at the working surface is not a constant. If the Hydraulic Cylinder is turned upside down, you must figure the diameter of the Ram Rod and remove that from your surface area of the Cylinder piston. Mathmatics is a fun game. I always tease my Blacksmith Class when we are figuring out how much material for an eye, Pi x D. Cake R square, Pi R round. Sometimes you just have to be there!!LOL Enjoy the journey!! Neil