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    CanIRON. I have been to every CanIRON event and I co-ordinated CanIRON VI.
    I have a very bad habit of racing automobiles on frozen lakes, 5 time BC champion, 3 Canadian Championships, 2 World Challenge championships. I'm just a beginner.


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  1. swedefiddle

    Milling off anvil face...

    Matt, You can straighten something easier on the swail of the face, with the Anvil you have, than you can on a flat face surface. If you want a flat face to set up something square, use a piece of counter top, marble, fake marble or wood. That Anvil still has a lot of Teaching in her. She will be teaching you and your Grandson!! Neil
  2. swedefiddle

    Question for an essay

    Drop Forge = working on your Anvil, something slips out of your Tongs because you were not using the correct Tongs. The top of your sandalled foot becomes warm. Lots of Miss Steaks!! Neil
  3. Find someone close to you that has one and try it out. Generally, you don't buy clothing or footwear without trying them on. What makes you think an Anvil is different. Neil
  4. swedefiddle

    Fisher Anvil info

    Good Morning Rixter, That Anvil looks like it is just broke in, NOT BROKEN. It will give you a life-time of service, the way it is. This is not Jewelry that needs to be pristine and glossy. Enjoy the young Anvil the way it is. Clean the surface rust with hot iron, touch the rest with a wire wheel on a grinder. Give it a coat of paint on the parts you most likely won't be using, treat the rest with some Linseed Oil or light hydraulic Oil on a rag. Burn the rag when you are done, spontaneous combustion is a Bitch. Neil
  5. swedefiddle

    First tongs ive just bought.

    Good Morning Bean, Looks like those are for holding a Hammer Head or Axe Head. You have to start somewhere, Good start. Neil
  6. Good Morning Gimp, A bird in the Hand, is worth more than all the rest in the Bush. Get used to and comfortable with the Anvil you have. It will out live you!! edited to fit a family forum Neil
  7. swedefiddle

    Pressing Forward........Thoughts???

    Good Morning, When you have it working, the creaking and groaning of the frame trying to expand is going to teach you why you need a more substantial frame. Your I-beam in the pictures above show different size flanges. This will cause your i-beam to turn into a Banana. What you don't realize, 24 Ton = 48,000 psi (Pounds per Square Inch). If your press contact is 3 sq/in, that means 16,000 lbs/sq in. at the contact. If your press contact is a triangle or similar contact point, your pressure at the contact point of less than 1 sq/in, increases pressure per square inch. 1/2 square inch will be upwards to 96,000 psi. at the contact point. Maybe more. Hydraulics is Mathematics. Do you really want to take the risk of an explosion that close to your body!!! Neil
  8. swedefiddle

    Ribbon Burner Backfire Question

    Good Morning, Like what Buzz said above. If you have to turn down the gas pressure to decrease the heat, make a metal slide to block off some of the nozzle ports. To turn down the gas pressure, you also must turn down the air volume. If the flow is too low, the flame will start to burn back up into the Ribbon burner head, causing your backfires. If you restrict the quantity of available burner ports, you can turn down the heat. You must still have sufficient flow to keep the flame face working. The whistle is the flame burning back up your fuel line. To do controlled Heat Treating, this application of a Forge may not be ideal. Electric Heat Treating Oven/Furnace will still be the choice of stability. Stable temperature for Tempering is most desirable. Neil
  9. swedefiddle

    Hammer handle ?'s

    A Hammer handle is wood, generally. Cut up a pallet that is made from a hard-wood and make a handle the size you would like. Otherwise, take a branch about the correct size and trim to fit. K.I.S.S. Neil
  10. swedefiddle

    Farrier Lube

    Moly Lube and Graphite works. CV Joint grease is heavy in Moly (that is what makes it Black and sticks like glue). Scale from around the base of your Anvil works well too!! I don't think it matters too much which you use, try to stop the punch from sticking. Use your big boy Hammer, tap it on the outside side of where the punch is to spring the punch free. Tap means, hit it like it owes you money!! Neil
  11. Good Morning, You can use red clay brick or Glass, as Flux. Break up the red brick, grind it in a mortar & pestle to a fine powder. Same with Glass, break it up and grind it to a powder. 20 Mule Team is common as dirt, in most grocery stores. K.I.S.S., don't make it a problem, use what you have. A box of 20 Mule Team might be $7-8.00. My understanding, Anhydrous means no moisture. Putting the Borax on a cookie sheet makes it anhydrous. Flux helps, but it is not glue. It is a liquid that carries the impurities on the surface of the pieces you are welding. Most Propane fires weld better with Flux. UK uses Coke, not many impurities in the Coke, it has already been through one fire. Yes, I know. Shaddap. Neil
  12. swedefiddle

    Blade streightening failure and a new leason

    Happy New Year, You had hardened it (?) and not Tempered it, before trying to straighten the Blade? Welcome to the lives of Bladesmith's. Treat it as a lesson. A Positive Lesson, not a negative lesson. Neil
  13. swedefiddle

    Sourcing a fan for a Champion forge blower

    Happy New Year Nigiel, Talk to your local auto repair shop and ask them to braze on a sheet metal tab that you made. You have 5 other patterns. Use as close to the original thickness as possible. Remember, it is a wind paddle, not something for impact. Neil
  14. Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner
  15. swedefiddle

    Newbie from Washington

    Happy New Year Anthony, You are in the middle of a lot of Blacksmiths, North West Blacksmith Association. Your backyard is full of VERY knowledgeable Blacksmiths. They have a monthly get together at Longview Fairground and will be having the Spring Conference in May. Check out their web-site www.blacksmith.org Neil