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  1. Got these today at a sale. First up is a foot vise. Patent date April 28, 1898 Manufactured by H J Boyce, Fayette, Ohio. 5-inch jaws Second Vise is post vise, maybe. The leg is missing, but there is a threaded hole into the vise where the leg would go. Not sure if it may have been bolted to something rather than having a post. One side has “6LV2” on one leg and “6LV5” and the other side has “JB” on both legs. It has 6-inch jaws. Just trying to learn more about them. Want to both to good use. Thanks in advance for any information.
  2. What is this?

    Was in the pile of metal I bought at auction yesterday. It’s about a foot long, 1-1/2 thick and 3 inches wide. When you pull the “trigger” a section on the inside pulls back about about. Quarter of an inch - obviously just to hold something.
  3. It followed me home

    Better pictures of the blower and Wrought. Most is 2 x 3/4 bar.
  4. It followed me home

    Went to an auction today and got an old electric b lower with its resistive switch and a bunch of wrought iron and a little mild steel
  5. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Das, where do get all those old motor shafts for the bodies?
  6. Mixed metaphors, or just misused

    Don’t change horses in mid flight i know it like the back of my palm
  7. Building my own vice for fun

    Anvil magazine had an article about rebuilding one. Part 1 is here:
  8. I'm a dad!

    Enjoy each and every day with her - time will go by even faster now. Mine’s 19 and it seem like last year she was born! Congratulations!
  9. It followed me home

    Moving on, but still staying flat, I got this 6 pound flatter for $15 yesterday. Any thoughts on what they were doing with it to mushroom the head that badly? It’s marked with the initials ETW whoever he was u
  10. It followed me home

    With springs like that, the odds are stacked against him - but I know he is hopeful that they will work And that gentleman, proves hope springs eternal.
  11. It followed me home

    geez, those puns are flat - I’ll just leaf them alone
  12. New in Richmond VA

    Check out the Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild
  13. Put me down for a copy of that book of yours.  Can’t wait to read it. 

  14. It followed me home

    you are correct, Thomas . I’ve seen that as well - forgot to add Thank you
  15. It followed me home

    the checking is really dependent on the speed of drying. That’s why ends are sealed to slow the process. I have seen checks run the entire length and be seen from the outside, but I don’t remember any checks that ran the length on the inside and couldn’t be seen externally. I have seen overlapping short checks that did go the length i appreciate the flat rate offe! Thank you