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  1. Farmall


    Prayers sent.
  2. Farmall

    Farrier Hammer I.D. needed

    I believe that carpenters hammer has an adze on the one side (as well as the nail puller) to do whatever final shaping or trimming was needed. If someone has the book The King of Tools, it’s probably in there.
  3. Farmall

    It followed me home

    Scrap pin for the scrap bin?
  4. Farmall

    Anvil twins..

    Anvils for sale - i know the guy. Generally he wants $5 a pound for his anvils. He imports them from Europe obviously. Has relatives that buy them for him around Germany and other locations. He does have some nice anvils, but they come with a high price.
  5. Farmall

    Ceremonial US Navy Rivet Tongs

    They are 24 inches long. What other dimension would you like? Definitely wall hangers. Too interesting to use. Probably last rivet. Hope i can find out who Burgess was. Maybe ship designer at Norfolk Ship Yard? Hopefully my friend Google will help.
  6. Farmall

    Ceremonial US Navy Rivet Tongs

    Ran across these this morning and they followed me home. Chrome plated and inscribed ith USS Raven, W B Burgess, June 28,1939. So far Google told me that is was a minesweeper and its keel was laid on June 28, 1939. Apparently these were used for the keel laying
  7. It is a Mousehole forge anvil of originally 117 pounds or so 1 0 5 = 112+0+5 M H Armitage
  8. Farmall

    Wagon Tongue Vise

    Great vises. I have two. One mounted horizontal and the other vertical. Handy vises to have
  9. Farmall

    Tong ID help

    Looks like its for gripping a bar of a specific dimension
  10. Farmall

    Getting cement out of a forge

    Thanks Frosty and Hojpoj. Frosty reminded me of what I had forgotten from my youth about chemistry. I checked, and now there is a cement dissolver sold by, among others, Home Depot, that is non acid and biodegradable. I may get some and, after drilling some holes, pour it in and see.what happens. Thank you both for jarring those brain cells.
  11. Farmall

    Getting cement out of a forge

    Well, I already have both a coal and gas forge, so was really thinking about cleaning this up and making it look new again and not use it. I have only seen a couple of these tabletop forges. Thought about the air hammer and chisel, but was concerned about cracking the cast iron.
  12. Got this great old forge that has the pan filled with cement. Want to restore it, but first have to remove the cement. Don’t want to crack the cast iron by beating on the cement, so any ideas?
  13. Farmall

    Les Paul Guitar

    What a beauty! I think Les Paul would like the Less Paul. Great imaginitive work, Das!
  14. We’ve got a rag doll as well. A truly boneless cat.
  15. Farmall

    It followed me home

    No it’s a staking punch for a pocket watch