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  1. Well, I assume you are talking about Bloom iron and not steel. If you google “ How to make bloom iron “ you’ll find plenty of info and videos. There’s a neat DVD called “From Ore to Axe” by Lee Sauder, Steve Mankowski, and Shel Browder. Steve and Shel are both now retired blacksmiths from Colonial Williamsburg and Lee is known worldwide for his research and production of bloom iron. In the DVD, they make an axe starting with iron ore, transitioning to bloom iron, forging the axe, inserting a steel cutting edge and Shel finally chops a tree. One other thing - Lee Sauder has a website that includes pages of information including how to make a bloomery. I watched the smiths at colonial Williamsburg make bloom iron a few years ago. Interesting process.
  2. Ive seen both broken sickle and scythe blades converted
  3. Just saw it - Thought there might be interest here - its not mine (dont have one) but if i am violating something feel free to delete this and i apologize in advance
  4. I’m just going to go hang out in the wabe with the borogoves
  5. I’ve just cut thick leather rings, put a slit inside and slid them over the handle. Any of these ideas above do good to prevent nips
  6. Nothing-no marks, letters, or numbers-clean as a whistle. Works. Pull the trigger rapidly, the flint sparks and the spring resets it to go again. The wire on top is Spring wire and presses down on the flint.
  7. Found it at an antique store-works good. Going to try and copy it. Anyone have an idea who (as in the company) may have made it or when it was made? thanks.
  8. Any markings on the Holthaus? I have a smaller German single horn. The only markings are “HHS” and “1886
  9. Seeing that reference to dust control on roads reminded me of the old DOT sign i have
  10. Your just driving a wedge into this topic and splintering it. I’ll Froe you a softball to get this back on topic with plane truths
  11. I always liked how Jerry Clower used to describe one of th Ledbetter kids - he’d rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand in front of you to tell the truth.
  12. Farmall


    Prayers sent.