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  1. Back in the '70s, I had to use a 72-inch chain wrench on some 6-inch screw coupled water pipe. Also used a 60-inch standard pipe wrench. Both were quite a handful.....
  2. I still use one my Dad had made from a large truck axle - its about 2 inches in diameter, 5 feet long, with a flat point like a giant screwdriver and heavy. Yet, if you need to work through hard ground, or pry something, it's always worked.
  3. We have spun this bearing talk too far.......
  4. And when you lose bearings, things are like a seagull after a hot dog - they're like a tern for the wurst.
  5. Anything with stored energy is dangerous - like propane, especially because it is heavier than air. I have been within 1/4 mile of a home when it was destroyed by a propane explosion....yet, I would worry more about the acetylene tank. The flammability limits of propane is generally considered between 2 and 10% propane in air, while acetylene is 2-100%. If it leaks, it will pretty much ignite. Dust is also bad - I investigated a dust explosion at a foundry back in the '90s and 10 -20 square foot sections of 12 inch thick reinforced concrete floor were blown 30-40 yards......fortunately only was person died, but a number were injured. Like Happy Fish Forge says, everything will bite - treat them all with respect and care and only use the for the intended use....
  6. FInshed up the crosses with my daughter for her graduating high school class. She and I made the last 50. She's getting the hang of this stuff......
  7. I think you paint a number "1" on the trip, and the sign should say: "Complaints? Press 1 for help"
  8. Looks like William Foster to me. If so, they made anvils as well
  9. On the list, Frosty.
  10. Great work on all - blade, handle, and scabbard.
  11. Even though the picture is really froggy for me, I am green with envy.
  12. Definitely no flies in the ointment.....or flies in the face.....
  13. 4-1/2 is what i am looking for 'preciate the replies. Any other suggestions?
  14. Getting low on the flap disk supply I have, so getting ready to buy some more. I got a bunch at an auction a number of years ago, and they had no name, but work well. Searched the site and only found some references from 2012 and 2015. So, here's my question. Who makes the best flap discs and what's the best source for them?
  15. Hopefully you can handle the praise you get........