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  1. The disappointed comment by LastRonin. I come to this site because it has great info. I mean GREAT. Second to none. That said , I dislike paging through 100 replies of which 25 are related to the subject matter and the other 75 are "discussion". By that I mean ego-enhanced discussion.
  2. I am a nobody on this site, but I will completely agree with the disappointed comment. Which one?
  3. Oops. A 5" vice. A 5' vice would need a better stand
  4. Two more items jumped into my truck at the farm today. The stitcher is going to be turned into a stand for a 5' vice, per Jim Coke.
  5. Yessir! I was pretty excited to take it home. It has about 50% rebound.
  6. Torching apart a transplanter yesterday, I got the counterweight off the tongue. 360 pounds.
  7. When someone pulls out their phone to snap a pic, there is an instant surge of gravity and the floor wants a closer look at my work.
  8. Under construction. I decided to transplant the Majestic burners. Picking up more Kaowool tomorrow afternoon.
  9. I will do some homework tonight as I'm due for a run into town tomorrow. Anyone in SW MI want the other one I'd be glad to give it away...
  10. Thomas--you will see very soon. I have 3 burners from a Majestic that I put on another shell, but I hope to move them over to this unit ( if the math works). I also need to search IFI tonight for a super burner, or what other options are out there. I can't just build another forge as it would be my 5th propane, so I'm looking to combine. But, a single super burner would be fine and would allow me to give acoue away to beginners. I respect your opinion---what would you do?
  11. I stumbled on a stash of old autoclaves and our lab director told me to take a couple. 5/8" stainless .
  12. That little 20 pounder is a sweetheart!
  13. You can watch things happen, you can make things happen, or you can wonder what happened. Captain Phil Harris
  14. When it's time to move, that's go time. It's NOT "I don't know" time---my old boss
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