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  1. Picked up this block and stand from my buddy Aaron Cergol, came from a small shop in northern England that closed in the 70's.
  2. Hello folks, It's been some time since I last visited, I have this cone I just procurred, I have never seen one quite like it, the layered effect really is interesting, maybe all the others were ground down and not so visible, not sure, would love your thoughts.
  3. You might be ...if you're afraid when you die that your wife will sell your anvils for what you told her you paid for them!
  4. Thanks fellas, here's one I just got around to cleaning up, it followed me home 2 months ago!
  5. My recent birthday present, 342 lb. double horn, no discernible makers mark, happy happy! Thanks to Aaron Cergol and Steve at Blacksmith Barn, for arranging my picking it up.
  6. Well it appears to me that this is not the anvil he was thinking of, so we might have to go out again and find another one, but this one finally got pulled from the bottom of the creek, yes 3+ years later!! Lots of work to do on this old boy!!
  7. Had the chance to go to a local flywheelers swap meet last saturday, picked up these two beauties, prolly will sell em as I have one already. Both need springs, offers by PM if you are interested, or my pm
  8. I was offerred the opportunity to go visit a friend yesterday, I knew he was a sharp dude, but now, after visiting his many shops, and seeing his knowledge base, I basically think this guy operates on a whole different level of thought than most, if not all of the rest of us. I had had several conversations with him, and we had spoken of his teaching me a bit on some treadle hammer techniques. Now I realize that every move he makes would likely be an education for me.And the tooling! Sheesh ! I will spend my next couple shop sessions trying to make a couple tools he showed me. Understanding all this guy has to teach, I now just have to find time with our schedules to absorb a bit. Hats off to Jim C.
  9. Satchel, I would love to have you visit sometime. And yes, I am planning another one, maybe in the fall, but if you are coming this way, let me know a couple weeks ahead of time, and I will be glad to show you a thing or two.
  10. Check out the New York State Designer Blacksmiths, I am a member, and visit when I can. They will further your efforts far faster than you can do on your own. You won't regret it. A finer bunch of folks would be hard to find.
  11. Gergaly, if ever you cross the big water, and make it to Michigan, make sure you let me know ahead of time, and we can spend an afternoon or more enjoying each others company and perhaps do some forging.
  12. I really spent some time on this one, and the portable Mag drill is really the tool I want. Had a couple chances at one and passed, now kicking myself for it.
  13. DK, I kept it simple, I made a decorative element which can be used as a drawer pull, or wax collector or whatever, I also made a "colonial sash candle holder", and an organic element using negative space. Also I used a few quotes from this site, blacksmith gems!! It was a real good time. The fact that they asked me to do it again in the future was the topper on the event!
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