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    blacksmithing, horseshoeing, horse training, bass fishing, gardening, natural grass finished beef production, growing forage grass, growing open pollenated corn.

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  1. Folk have been going to the blacksmith with such functional request for centuries. Good job.
  2. yves, I too like your solution.
  3. Adun Clebr ...............Brad thanks so much for your detailed response. It helps me move a head with my plan with less trepidation.
  4. That's funny Das. Truth of the matter is, I be just one person in the shop. I want some photos of myself working. I have children and grandchildren who I rarely see. No one to take photos equals no photos to send, thus the trail cam. Any thoughts????
  5. JHCC, every now and then, when I return to the shop........things just don't seem to be where I thought I left them.
  6. I am considering setting up my trail cam in my shop. Can someone answer this question? Would/will the welding arc damage my camera?
  7. arkie, if your spear is a C2-49 then; All spears are made of silicon manganese spring steel. Each spear is roll forged, heat-treated, hardened and tempered with a nominal hardness of 45/49HRC. Each spear is straightened and strength tested. http://www.metzproseries.com/C2-49-Bale-Spear-C2-49.htm
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