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  1. UK bolts safe to forge

    you want to know about ageing things, that is easy get 2 rusty bolts and try electrolysis one will get clean and the other will get worse and deeply pitted quite quickly also get square headed bolts not hex
  2. What Would Your Anvil Say?

    not everyone is a member here
  3. What Would Your Anvil Say?

    I see lots of old stuff, maybe will be picking up some items made from crucible steel possibly from the tyzack works, will get them to play with
  4. UK bolts safe to forge

    and remember In rust we trust
  5. UK bolts safe to forge

    you can buy unplated bolts but you need to go to better places than b+q or screwfix I get plain bolts for the forges
  6. EN45 steel

    dont know if it is right, was just one source I had handy
  7. EN45 steel

    EN45 – Silicon Manganese Spring Steel Flat Circular C. Si. Mn. S. P. min. 0.50% 1.50% 0.70% – – max. 0.60% 2.00% 1.00% 0.050% 0.050%
  8. US threads

    got the details and ordered the screws got 4 of the 1/4 here the tread is known as UNC and 20 of the smaller ones which is here known as UNF, each of which used to be common here before metric took over thank you guys
  9. Think this may be helpful, I refer you to page 57, drawing and parts list, the screw sizes given should be suffice to order a supply.

  10. US threads

    this is my first place to look TP will look at the small screw again in the morning Kozzy as #10 32 sounds likely can get them locally but not at 21.45 on a friday nite but at least I have a starting point, thanks to all
  11. US threads

    not contacted them yet, some places are not happy to help when you got a few thousand $ worth of their kit from a scrapyard or they want you to only have it fixed at their authorised dealers for a lot of money an induction heater I bought for 10 uk pounds, the makers want me to pay them over 500 uk pounds so they can inspect it and test it before they supply me with a spare part costing a few pounds
  12. US threads

    I know it is not metric, looks very similar to m5 but is just a little smaller and about the same pitch, the screws are a bit short to count the tpi on I think the item was made about 2008 casing damaged so had to remove it to bash out dents
  13. Ticks and Lyme Disease

    we dont often get problems with them here but an event I am trading at in july is in a bad area for ticks and last year several people were known to have contracted lyme disease there
  14. US threads

    have a 4th axis ( rotary table for a cnc mill ) and it has a few screws missing or damaged it is made in the US and is a HAAS HRT 310, it is recent and not an antique so can anyone tell me what threads are likely to be used the main one I need is about 3/16", measured at 0.186" or 4.7mm on the outside of the male thread and is quite fine. another thread of interest is the one for the lifting eye, measures about 7/16" and looks like our whitworth or UNC thread it weighs 438 pounds
  15. Suggestions for a cheap smithy building

    visit when you can and we will have a chat, I have a few ideas