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  1. the iron dwarf

    hand crank blower

    I think there is a need..... so..... recently have been working on a hand crank blower, it will be a while yet before there is anything to see though, maybe by TORM parts ordered impeller made awaiting parts it may also be foot powered in the future will post here when there is news
  2. the iron dwarf

    Who-all's heading to Quad-State 2018 ?

    its a bit to far for me to swim
  3. the iron dwarf

    fly press balls

    I have steel balls in stock up to 8" diameter, I make hydraulic forging presses 3 1/2" is prob about right for these fly presses we have square tapered drifts we regularly swing 7 lb hammers I can drill a 1/2" hole through a ball in a couple of minutes and a few minutes more to get them hot so it is not difficult for me but thanks for the link
  4. the iron dwarf

    Anyone got much experience of Habermann hammers?

    If I find one I will let you know
  5. the iron dwarf

    Anyone got much experience of Habermann hammers?

    Hi Neil if you need to use a better forge just ask, I have not made hammers but many do, I will look out for a rounding hammer and get back to you. one alternative would be to modify an ordinary hammer head to suit your needs
  6. the iron dwarf

    Hi from the Highlands

    Welcome to the mad house FIF is more entertainment than blacksmithing for instructional vids try people like Joey van de steeg ( technicus joe ) and several others on you tube avoid anything by king of random as his aims seem to be to get people a darwin award ( dangerous and dumb ) if in doubt ask here first in your forge dont have exposed ceramic fibers, they are like asbestos and need coating if you like using your lungs im more local than some here but still a long way south of you. I have sent quite a few forges to scotland and one to shetland even ( I make solid fuel forges ), the furthest one has gone is new zealand
  7. the iron dwarf

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    check sellers in germany on evilbay
  8. the iron dwarf

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    mine came from germany, it is a pity about the recent large tariff on steel as that adds to your costs it also put up steel prices here due to most commodities are priced in $ so steel from india or china coming here and never going near the US went up 10% recently
  9. the iron dwarf

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    I buy new cylinders to get the spec I want, they are cheap these days, the one for the next press build is about 4" bore, 8" stroke and works at 200 bar, 3000 psi. at a rough guess it is 25 tons and it cost about 100 uk pounds about $130
  10. the iron dwarf

    A collection of improvised anvils

    got a bit of 4140 and had it cut into cubes of about 15cm, that is just under 6", they weigh 36.2kg each, thats about 80 pounds. I am going to have to rehome some of these
  11. the iron dwarf

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    so 30mm stroke then
  12. the iron dwarf

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    punch presses dont need much travel and hydraulic cylinders are meant to be tight, what is the distance between the 2 fittings ( piston can easily be 10cm of that )
  13. the iron dwarf

    Information on my anvil please

    nice anvil, I cant help with the maker but someone here will if you measure the height length and width someone here should be able to give an idea of the weight
  14. the iron dwarf

    Iron Ore Pellets

    I could use a few pounds too, let me know how to pay and when you can drop it off