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  1. rock with wiley coyote arms and legs sticking out
  2. will make a stand soon for it
  3. not heard back about the weight but it looks like 4 2 10 which IIRC is 514 lb 233 kg, no other discernible markings that I can find
  4. thank you TP hopefully at the weekend I will blast it with a pressure washer and use a hand wire brush to find out more
  5. the pick up it was deliverd on was weighed with it loaded and I will get the tare in the morning when I see the driver, im guessing 300 pounds plus and more likely 400 plus
  6. try rubbing on some chalk or flour and lighting it from different angles to see the marks more clearly
  7. got an unknown anvil today and it is huge. cant see any markings yet and it will be saturday before it gets cleaned, hope to find out weight tomorrow. the feet look unusual to me and it has 2 hardys, both 1 1/2" and a 3/4" pritchel length is 37 1/2" width of table is 6" height is 16 1/2" slightly sway backed and a little damage on a small part of one edge anyone want to guess the weight or maker?
  8. as standard I make them 30" that way the legs fit inside the box for shipping, other heights to order
  9. I dont know in the US, here I can buy a new cylinder to take 250 bar for about 50 uk pounds
  10. I would add limit switches to control travel but to use them you would need a power pack with solenoid valves and a proper double acting cylinder. the cylinder on that will want to return all the way each time taking valuable time each stroke
  11. at least here it is not likely to also be home to a rattlesnake
  12. the anvil has lost most of the hard plate from the table, below it is softer wrought iron, it will be difficult to restore but you can use the bick / horn and the hardy hole and pritchel. make a hardy tool from a block of hard steel with a square peg welded on to fit the hardy hole and that can be your new flat and hard table. I would use a piece of fork lift fork and drill about 25% of the way through it with a large drill and set the peg in there then weld it and grind it flush
  13. thank you TP.
  14. found this a while ago with several other items that I managed to identify including a mould for pistol or musket shot, scissors for trimming wicks but this tool has us beat, it is about 6" long, the blades are reasonably sharp and it closes up to about 1/8" and opens to just over 1/2"
  15. yes if you want but not today as I have gone home now and will be out tomorrow mostly too but mondays good