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  1. got this recently, cast, loud ring, good rebound, maybe 70 pound but cant make out the name on the side
  2. i wonder if this will work?

    clearing the zinc oxide is quick compared to regrowing the lining in your lungs, in the US what would happen if the fumes you create affected someone else nearby? it can kill if they have other problems to do with breathing. tarnished brass will not become copper and when melting copper remember it really likes oxygen so do everything to keep it away or you can get a copper sponge
  3. i wonder if this will work?

    to make brass safer you need to remove the zinc from it, it is then copper and not brass. IIRC brass melts about 3 degrees below the point at which the zinc burns, zinc fumes cause METAL FUME FEVER which is no fun and can put you in hospital or quite a long time. or even in the ground
  4. Coal Forge Design

    building something as a forge, kiln and glass furnace all in one would probably cost more than buying all 3 new and would work less well. a lot of things are location dependent so in which of the at a guess 150 countries that participate here is home? some things are ability dependant are you rich in time but poor in money or vice versa? what do you want to be able to make? if you call round in the morning I will show you a forge for coke, coal, charcoal I am in from about 9.30 till 5pm
  5. I wish I could afford to make charcoal

    and it has given me an idea for a hand crank made of metal with some bicycle parts maybe
  6. Questions about building a forge

    then you will know most of it. a lot is location dependent, someone in the islands to the north of me will be testing peat as a forge fuel, his grandfather had a peat forge in the same type of forge we use for coal / coke / charcoal but that is not like your forge and I dont know what fuels you can get in the antartic / sahara / celon / china / or where ever you are also what do you intend to work jewelery? or making large anvils? it may work or it may not depending on what you have not told us
  7. Bliss\Punch press?

    these mechanical presses store masses of energy in the flywheel, if they are set wrong and cannot complete a stroke it will be bad. something will break had a flywheel come off when a van I was driving at high speed, luckily it stayed on the crankshaft but there was not much left of the shaft or the casing when it stopped spinning. the flywheel on this press may weigh 50 times as much a hydraulic press or a power hammer comes down with a controlled amount of force, a mechanical one comes down until it stops the flywheel dead or something breaks. when I first left school in 76 a place I worked at had 2 that stood about 16 feet tall, they each had flywheels weighing between 3 and 5 tons, they were not in use whilst I was there
  8. advice required on gas forge regulators .

    I presume it is propane and that bottles are the same as here in England is the regulator fixed or adjustable? pressure range? go to you local bottled gas place ( old style hardware store is far better than most modern places and will have a better range ) or a place that supplies farmers, here there are several in each county that supply all the hardware and tools farms need
  9. Trial and Error Air Power Hammer

    you used this with a hollow anvil? a solid piece of steel will be better than loose shot in that tube a much larger bore pipe will help as well as it will be restricting the airflow
  10. Food Safe Bronze?

    well we all learn things here, thank you frosty
  11. Food Safe Bronze?

    I raised a skillet from steel 3mm thick ( about 1/8" ) up to 1 1/2" tall in 2 hours once with just a lump hammer and a thick metal disk
  12. Food Safe Bronze?

    design it on a cad package and either have it turned from a solid piece or cast by a foundry, possibly for under $1000 if you are very lucky or raise / dish it from sheet or even learn metal spinning ( someone on this thread knows quite a bit about that
  13. Food Safe Bronze?

    you need to hire experienced people to make the pattern and mold and do the casting you need somewhere inside with suitable industrial ventilation and a dry sand floor you need the right type of bronze altogether it would probably cost you more than a new car to make one skillet
  14. Food Safe Bronze?

    for most metals buying it will be 100 times cheaper than making it buying bronze $100 casting bronze $1000 for PPE before you buy a crucible or anything else
  15. Food Safe Bronze?

    or buy sheet bronze, one type of bronze can be forged