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  1. coke is coal that has had the volatiles baked out, you have charcoal
  2. about 170 pounds, the horn is welded through the full thickness and is very hard steel, people have tried to break it by hitting the tip of it with a sledge and just sent the anvil flying
  3. the only near sweet spot will be a tiny area directly over the legs, you need depth and mass mainly. for most things the working part of an anvil is not much larger than the face of your hammer when I get home tonight I will post a pic of an anvil I have made many years ago that has had much use and works well
  4. best way to use rail is on end, the bottom flange is the weakest part
  5. scales here are often marked in stones and pounds ( but not hundredweight and quarters ) as well as kilos, even a lot of diital ones can display in pounds, kilos or stones and pounds
  6. seen one that looks like that, lasted a few minutes and the metal grill was big enough to get a finger in and razor sharp
  7. welcome to IFI a lot of questions depend on location for a good answer so it is a good idea to add it to your profile ( as vague or precise as you like ). the forges I make are for coke and the sides are 3mm ( about 1/8" thick ) but with coke the fire never gets to the sides
  8. carvers are great, I have lots of them up to 6 foot tall and weighing a lot more than I do, also the straight bars in all 3 weights and clamp heads to go with them though I mainly use the common standard duty ones
  9. all plants and fungi and lots of other things are edible ONCE, SOME ARE EDIBLE MORE THAN ONCE
  10. yup, good hardy hole too, will post pictures in the summer after it has been used a bit we use a 5th foot anvil ( early English anvil made for heavy work ) and some markings have just shown up on it, looks like a D and below it the word HILL
  11. here is a very pitted anvil we are going to use to see if it gets better with use. 180 pounds, some of it will be usable in a few weeks I hope
  12. not me at sandringham, I demo at 1 land rover show and one music festival and trade at many reenactment events
  13. KoR is well known for telling people to do things that can easily cause them to get maimed or worse and the fens are not far from here, last weekend I was at newark a bit north of you for an event
  14. depending on what part of the UK you are in call round my place and see my forges, it may give you ideas. I use coke not coal, my shop is at NN14 1QF and in a couple of weeks im trading at Torm near coventry if that is closer to you if you are going to be melting ali you will need to spend big bucks unless you are after a darwin award and following a moron like 'king of randumb' on you tube