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  1. the iron dwarf

    Newby from Leeds, UK.

    welcome to the mad house I am from a bit south of you but if in my area any time call in for a chat and maybe the forge will be going NN14 1QF
  2. the iron dwarf

    It followed me home

    some odd stuff followed me home today a tig welder a blue point gas analyser a firebasket a few small tools tried the welder and it works fine paid 20 uk pounds ( about $25 us
  3. the iron dwarf

    Am I missing anything by not having a fire pot?

    the forges I make are similar, bottom blast through a 5/8" thick cast iron tue with a single hole just under 1/2" dia, for coke no firepot, for charcoal or coal some firebricks to make the pot
  4. the iron dwarf

    Forge chimney

    there is a formula for open area to diameter so you will want to restrict the space between hood and forge
  5. the iron dwarf

    Forge chimney

    mine is 6" and it goes near horizontal for over 6' then up over 10', at the bottom of the bend I have added a venturi with surplus air from the blower, it works may get some pix tommorrow
  6. Most of the things on youtube are wrong and a lot of them are dangerous ANYTHING BY 'KING OF RANDOM' MAY EVEN KILL YOU do not rely on false information.
  7. a quote from your post, most of us have told people many times about concrete and plaster of paris
  8. it is for dyeing cloth, I did not make it but just helped my associate make it for his customer, he is on here but rarely visits and goes by the name of the copper elf
  9. at my place we do commissions of historically accurate pieces, one recently was a large 'Lead' (a vessel made from lead or copper or brass) this one was made of brass but not just any brass, it had to be a historically correct type then over 200 copper rivets with the right shaped heads and then soldered with a tin based solder as that is correct. this vessel when filled up holds one third of a ton of water we have made anvils and tools inspired by ones from the 11 century
  10. medieval covers a long timespan, which part of it as things changed a lot ( a decade, or even a century helps ) which part of the world do you want to recreate as that can mean many things are different ( a country or better still a region of a country ) to do it accurately you need to decide these things first or your research will be wasted if you are researching " midevil " then you will not find much that is correct you choice of coal and bricks shows that you actually need to do some proper research before wasting time and money on making the wrong things
  11. the iron dwarf

    I have never forged xP

    there was a copper age before the bronze age but I would doubt much armour and that was long before medieval
  12. the iron dwarf

    I have never forged xP

    copper is not the best metal for armour, can you cite any original details of the armour from that period made of copper? a friend of mine works extensively with copper and its alloys making historical replicas from archeological reports, recently having made 3 brass kettles for the mary rose museum. I will send my friend a link to this thread so he can comment what type of forge are you thinking of making? by 'midevil' I presume you mean medieval?
  13. the iron dwarf

    Sweden Anvil - Looking for Info

    you could tap the area around the damage with a small hammer, the sound will change if there is any more damage you cannot see, mark any area where the sound is different and post a picture of it. use the rest of the anvil, it is a small anvil for small jobs, it will work well for that and using it will shine it up, areas not used would be made to look better by rubbing in some linseed oil. do not use the anvil for big jobs or with a big hammer and it will still be in good condition when your grandchildren inherit it.
  14. the iron dwarf

    How do you stay cool ?

    78 degrees F here this week, that is warm for this cold wet island
  15. the iron dwarf

    How do you stay cool ?

    trees are cool, lots of shade under a tree