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  1. The wife wanted to stop at the local flea market saturday and I made out like a bandit! I bought a small air compressor for $20 and she bought me a 14" DeWalt chop saw for $50!
  2. I got this at a flea market the other day for $10US. Does anyone have any info on the circle P mark?
  3. The weight on H B anvils is in pounds so that is a 108 lb anvil. Fair price depends on several factors including area, how much you need/want it, condition, and how much you have to spend. If I had it at to spend I would not hesitate to pay $4 a lb for another good Hay- Budden and I don't need one, I have 2 already.
  4. Frosty, I understand what you are saying and it makes total sense. I did not fully understand what IDFC was asking. I did check and the tone is consistent throughout.
  5. Rebound is about 85% and the ring is LOUD. My wife heard it in the house and she usually doesn't hear either of my other anvils. Is this one with a tool steel top and wrought base?
  6. My newest anvil, a 126 lb Hay-Budden SN A16845, I picked up for 400 USD yesterday. TPAAAT works! I was not even looking when I found this one. I believe the A indicates made in 1920 or later and that the top piece is cast steel and forge welded to a wrought iron base? Please correct me if I am wrong. Would some one please look it up in AIA and let me know what the mfg date? Thanks.
  7. No, I also have a 75 lb Lakeshore (Montgomery Ward brand) Hay budden and a loner 300+lb unmarksd. I only had to give 400 USD tor it!
  8. This followed me home yesterday. 126 lb Hay -Budden S/N A16845
  9. Tim, I made a washtub forge several months ago after my wife surprised me with your video.I use it with a champion eureka blower and love it. I make charcoal using a TLUD retort. I do have one question, just out of curiosity, what size and spacing are the holes in your pipe?
  10. Thanks Bluerooster and Dan, The racks are sections of a heavy oven rack, on the outside the hood is just a box sticking through the wall with a 12" pipe sticking up.
  11. Thanks Irondragon and Ramsberg. I had been wanting to build this for some time and looking for something for the base. I was scraping the dryer, stood back and looked at it and realized it was what I had been looking for. I have a total of less than $8 invested in the forge.
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