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  1. Lesson learned. Don't ask a lawnmower repairman if he has a couple of old blades to get rid of unless you are serious! 72 blades, 10 short shafts and misc. bearings and pulleys.
  2. Thanks Thomas, I have that but I couldn't find a date.
  3. Finally got my Cole vise cleaned up and mounted. It still has some of the original green paint on it. Does anyone know when these were made?
  4. I have said this many times, people look at me funny when I tell them that youtube can get them hurt. Course some people look at me funny anyway ;-)
  5. You inspire me Ausfire. Beautiful work.
  6. A couple of the snakes I have found in my shop.
  7. Thank you Das for the kind words. I like the idea of the nuts on the feet, I am also thinking about welding a piece of pipe on thee bottom of the owl so they could be mounted on a stake.
  8. I have recently started doing scrap metal art. Here are a few of my first pieces. Let me know what you think.
  9. It only took about 10 min. to remove the bracket and spring. I used a Lennox diamond cutting wheel to cut most of the way through the welds and proper application of force to break them free, no damage to the body of the vice and I will be able to salvage the spring. Now to carefully grind off the welds.
  10. My Dad carried one in his tool box that is about 3' tall. He was a carpenter and retired in "78. I still have it in my collection.
  11. Thomas, I know that wrought needs to be very hot, I guess that taking a sledge to it cold would be a bad idea.
  12. T.P., I wish I had access to a press, will have to talk to my mechanic. The jaws do have steel inserts welded in. I thought that the pivot holes may have been worn until I got it apart. Kozzy, I already plan on making a new bracket, I will see about the spring. Paragon, That is a pipe bushing, it fits perfectly so it may get to stay. Thanks to all.
  13. I picked up this vice from my nephew sat. I knew it would be a rescue/repair as it had been sitting outside for 20 years since he bought it. The only markings I can find is the weight, 100. Any ideas on who made this, or approx. age? The main post is bent just above the mounting plates for the moving jaw causing them to misaline. Some one went nuts with a welder, welding the bracket and spring in place, and adding adding 8 inches to the bottom of the leg. The biggest issue is the extreme pitting of the jaws. I am thinking of either welding them up and then grinding them flat or making some covers for them. Are there and options for repairing the jaws I am missing? Fortunately the screw and box are in pretty good shape.
  14. Went to see my nephew yesterday and this followed me home. The bad thing is we never agreed on a price, it will be something forged when he decides what he wants. Not to worried though, we have been making deals like this for 50+ years.