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  1. I made a pair of these when I started about 9 years ago. They are still one of my go to tongs
  2. TP , I thought of that! Would be a challenge, the closest I have come to that is forge welding 1/2 in. cable to make a small knife.
  3. A neighbor gave me a transfer case out of a truck. I took it apart to see what was inside. Not sure what I will do with the chain, thinking it will make a good hold down for the anvil. It is 1 1/2 " wide.
  4. A friend gave me 8 backhoe teeth and in the box was this interesting piece. I have seen pictures of one (likely on hear) but I can't rember what it was called.
  5. Lesson learned. Don't ask a lawnmower repairman if he has a couple of old blades to get rid of unless you are serious! 72 blades, 10 short shafts and misc. bearings and pulleys.
  6. Thanks Thomas, I have that but I couldn't find a date.
  7. Finally got my Cole vise cleaned up and mounted. It still has some of the original green paint on it. Does anyone know when these were made?
  8. I have said this many times, people look at me funny when I tell them that youtube can get them hurt. Course some people look at me funny anyway ;-)
  9. You inspire me Ausfire. Beautiful work.
  10. A couple of the snakes I have found in my shop.
  11. Thank you Das for the kind words. I like the idea of the nuts on the feet, I am also thinking about welding a piece of pipe on thee bottom of the owl so they could be mounted on a stake.
  12. I have recently started doing scrap metal art. Here are a few of my first pieces. Let me know what you think.