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  1. Tim, I made a washtub forge several months ago after my wife surprised me with your video.I use it with a champion eureka blower and love it. I make charcoal using a TLUD retort. I do have one question, just out of curiosity, what size and spacing are the holes in your pipe?
  2. Thanks Bluerooster and Dan, The racks are sections of a heavy oven rack, on the outside the hood is just a box sticking through the wall with a 12" pipe sticking up.
  3. Thanks Irondragon and Ramsberg. I had been wanting to build this for some time and looking for something for the base. I was scraping the dryer, stood back and looked at it and realized it was what I had been looking for. I have a total of less than $8 invested in the forge.
  4. Funny, I was thinking about trying something like this my self Fri.
  5. Thank you CGL, that was the third one. The first 2 never made it to openers.
  6. After playing with fire for about 12 years I decided to upgrade my forge. here are some pics of my custom built forge.
  7. Some of the ones I have been making,The horse is really popular at the local coffee shop.
  8. I made the 2-1/2 hour round trip to the local steel supplier Sat. Came home with 9, 20 ft. sticks of A-36, average cost 80 cents a pound. The smaller sizes were $.93 lb. and the 1/2 sq. was $.32 lb.
  9. I made a pair of these when I started about 9 years ago. They are still one of my go to tongs
  10. TP , I thought of that! Would be a challenge, the closest I have come to that is forge welding 1/2 in. cable to make a small knife.
  11. A neighbor gave me a transfer case out of a truck. I took it apart to see what was inside. Not sure what I will do with the chain, thinking it will make a good hold down for the anvil. It is 1 1/2 " wide.
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