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  1. It followed me home

    Das, that stuff gives me nightmares.I worked in an onion ring factory. the 2nd worst thing I had to do was change the belts on the friers in the middle of a shift, above 300 gal. of 360deg.f oil. The worst was fixing the belt in the flash freezer at -40 deg f.
  2. Hand Crank blowers

    Champion 145 for $16. I was happy to give $75 a couple of years ago for one with a cracked pan.
  3. Champion no. 40 Blower

    I use ATF in my #40, works good in all weather.
  4. When do you finally throw scraps away

    The very reason I don't throw anything out. I have thrown thinks out after 10 years and needed it the next day.
  5. It followed me home

    Clay mixed with sand works great, I wish mine looked this good.
  6. Small cable damascus knife

    Das, I thought about cleaning the handle but decided not to on this one. Actually there are a couple of inclusions in the blade. I'm not to worried about it on this one as it will not get much use. I was just happy that I was able to get it to weld this good. I have a lot of cable in 1/2" and 1" to practice with.
  7. Small cable damascus knife

    Thank you.
  8. Small cable damascus knife

    A small knife that started out as 1/2 in. wire rope. This was my first successful forge weld and only my second attempt at forge welding. Etched in hot vinegar for 30 min.
  9. Where to get square/round stock

    OUCH! I don't think 20 ft in 4 ft lengths would cost that much at Lowes. If I remember iwill check when I am there tomorrow.
  10. Where to get square/round stock

    At my "local" steel supplier 2 hour drive 1 way I can get 20' 1/2" round a36 hot rolled for about $7. 1018 cold rolled is about $12 in the same size, cut 1 time If I need it cut more it is $1 a cut. This is the only new steel supplier in at least 4 countys. About all the big box stores sell a36 in shorter pieces but you pay dearly for it.
  11. What can you make from a spanner?

    An ax made from a 1 inch combination wrench (spanner), 12 inches long.
  12. Crazy "Sculpture" idea?

    It would have to be a block anvil the same weight as the hammers.
  13. Blacksmithing gems and pearls

    Punches and chisels can be turned into..........punches and chisels! John McPherson I love this one, so true.
  14. What can you make from a spanner?

    I have made some little battle axes out of them. They are pretty c=good sellers. The only pic I have won't load, when I finish the one I am working on I will post a pic.