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    Forging with a special interest in the history and reproduction of hearth and kitchen implements of la Nouvelle-France (1608-1789)

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  1. JLP services, My clips were made in the spirit of the clips described by Viollet L Duc in "L" of the following drawing. They were needed where they were used (Abbaye de Poissy) to hold the door together which I did not need with my doors making them superfluous.
  2. Clips, I added, for the fun of it. As if they would hold back clinched nails that might have broken … Just a design, exercise. Superfluous.
  3. The only pic I could find. I have made some that are longer. I used to make at least one link before starting work. The ones I make now have this elongated end that Mark Aspery always keeps. I think they look good.
  4. Just add compulsion to your obsession and you'll forge a few more …
  5. Pics were taken before the job was finished. Eyes and pintles forge welded.
  6. Automobile block heater installed in a steel barrel.
  7. It was a nice moment to see this this morning. Thanks.
  8. I started forging and did not know what I was doing. I came here and to every question, I found an answer, went back to the forge tried it out, got it to work and came back with a new problem. And got an answer. Just read what is in here and try it out. It will work.
  9. A sharp punch will cut the slug out easily. Dull edges on a punch do not work as well. I just noticed that the edges of the holes of my bolster plate have become dull. I have to make a new one.
  10. I thought you had ment wooden barrels from Molson. Still jealous !
  11. Salut, In fact wooden barrels are easy to find in my area. The probem is with the through heaters for animals. They have wires. I just can see myself dunking a piece of hot steel on a wire and cutting it. Sometimes I think of the next step in the work. That is not, how shall I say … conducive to me using a contraption with a wire immersed in the tub. You got me thinking. I could install some plumbing in the side of the wooden barrel and use the block heater in that plumbing. As for Molson, they have been, for a long time, brewing beer in vats large enough to go canoeing in. A
  12. Thank you for the quick answer. My water drum beside the forge is steel. I had installed (too mechanicaly chalendged to do it myself …) a block heater. Took me years to think about it and the village mechanic. No more winter long emptying a (too) small water bucket and carrying a new supply every morning. It was the emptying that got to me the most ! This block heater idea might be possible for you as a solution for the colder periods. I have mine on a timer. It heats the water drum (November to April more or less) for 1/2 hour every hour and 1/2. Since I do not like my steel drum
  13. Alexandr, Congratulations on another beautifull work. I know you cannot send me, somehow, your very enviable skills. However, could we come to some agreement with regards to your boots ? This morning was -27 Cº over here.
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