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  1. now made a larger and a smaller one and another medium one ready for an event here
  2. or call in my place on saturday, we run courses and are happy to discuss it courses are 'ONE TO ONE' unless arranged differently complete beginners advanced toolmaking copper and brass work
  3. a crucible rated for melting steel will cost quite a bit and does not last long also make sure you are prepared for a failure to happen at any moment or it can really spoil your day suitable PPE will probably cost as much as your induction heater and it is not a good idea for the inexperienced to do this do not rely on youtube vids as many on there are dumb and deadly
  4. not long, it needs to be welded over the entire area, tack a rod about 3/8" diameter down the center of the face, place your new top plate on top and then weld first one side then the other making sure there are no slag pockets and keep going until you reach the sides
  5. yup will probably just try to rehome it so someone else can make something out of it
  6. a piston I am told it is from a train engine diameter278mm 10 15/16" height 380mm 14 15/16" weight 35 kg, about 80 lbs
  7. yes it was good, I found a stack of these pieces in 3 sizes, weld in a lasercut part I have and some 20mm square and its ready for use, the radius on the top is how I found it
  8. if you had any experience of welding WI ( I have welded WI in castles and cathedrals ) then you would know that 309 stainless would be a very bad choice for the top of an anvil on WI
  9. you tube is not a place to learn from, nothing there is peer reviewed and anyone can post anything welding on it will seriously affect the hardness of the area around the weld are you an experienced welder of wrought iron? it is very different to mild steel and an anvil is not just a chunk of metal, the top plate is hardened and needs to be welded over the entire area you need to test the top plate that remains to see if more is delaminating and for hardness
  10. are you an expert at anvil restoration? it is very easy to make a usable anvil with some damage into something only good as a garden ornament doing it right will take a lot of time and effort and money use it as is will be your best option looks like the weight when made was 169 lbs
  11. sold today for 20 uk pounds, now have to make more
  12. thank you for posting this I agree it may not look good but it is more important that it works
  13. still waiting for parts to be made, should be some progress this week, laser cutter has been on holiday and work piled up. I plan on making it so it can fit in 4 places on my forges and with maybe a choice of rotation but first must get the prototype drive and fan working fan and handle removable from shafts sprockets will all be welded on 4 sprockets, 2 chains, 3 shafts to give 36 to 1 for first prototype fan 200mm 4 blade handle unknown length at the moment was going to do fan case close to blades as I need a reasonably high pressure handle will have 2 bearings, both clutch type so it only goes one way brass bearings on all shafts 2 small oil drip holes above chains, add a few drops whilst turning each day, surplus will drip out maybe add a flywheel if needed later trying to make this compact and at a reasonable cost
  14. I would have gone to a car boot sale or two this morning but it is the end of the season and heavy rain here, next weekend I am at an indoor historic market trading and will also be visiting another event early sunday morning on the way to look for some bargains to resell at the market
  15. welcome Ian im from northants, a few miles south east of you if you ever find yourself in my area call in for a chat I make forges and tools and at my place we also teach learn basic blacksmithing first before you go on to blades
  16. that looks like it is in quite good condition, wire brush off the loose rust and then use it, after a week it will shine. DONT GRIND OR WELD ON IT see if there are other markings on it or at least measure it and someone can tell you more about it
  17. they may not be springs ( but will probably be spring steel. I often see such things for conveying powders and other stuff inside tubes driven slowly by a motor, also larger ones on CNC mills and lathes for removing swarf
  18. dont you mean Argon? the tungstens have something else in all of them as far as I can see and the red tip ones are thorium ( look that up, it is never good to grind thoriated tungstens ) yes thorium is radioactive, most here use ceriated (SP) instead
  19. so who at SCABA job is it to list them here? if no one posts them here they are not here why dont YOU post events here and news then new members from your area may find you and your events the admins and mods here cannot post on behalf of every club or group in over 150 countries but do make space for them to post here and if you dont use it that is not IFI's fault
  20. but have the dropped an ACME anvil from a hot air balloon onto a road runner?
  21. printed, laminated and put on the inside of the door in my shop thank you
  22. here is a new tool to fit a hardie hole, one of my tool holders or just clamp it in a vice inside it is about 50mm ( 2" aprox ) outside it is about 60mm ( 2 3/8" aprox ) shank is 20mm square but can be sleeved to fit will have a few at wood green in a couple of weeks and later at TORM
  23. here is my Zomax, as you can see it has a long support for the handle shaft and the other parts are the same as well. model 25, the same as the whitlox one and IIRC it was about $100 from whitlox in the US when I looked
  24. there are plenty of places you can buy from, last sunday I was at a vintage and 4 x 4 event and got a large diagonal pein hammer for £10, a plasma cutter for £40, a WW i portable military forge and lots more. I also sell new spring and tool steels, rasps, forges. 20th and 21st of this month I am at huntingdon at a historical market with several other smiths
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