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Story behind your screen name?

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Well, those of you who know me know that my real name is Dallas de Marr. However, I do wish to change my first name to Vladimir-- not to be cool or anything, but I just 'feel' like a Vladimir, if that makes any sense. I am just waiting on the extra money to do so. All of the people who know me online know me as Vlad, unless I've spoken to them in person (or they insist on calling me by the name they see on my WRABA ID card, Richard! :) ). Marenus is actually the first name of a Hero from a fictional Sci-fi universe, and it sounded good with Vladimir. :P

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your real name is like one someone would change their real name to have.i thought Vladimir was your real name and when you add blacksmith after it is perfect.Vladimir Marenus Blacksmithing.but then what do i know,my last name is Hansl.maybe when you have changed names i can use the other?? LOL

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My Name is William Warren Weathersby (yes its a mouthfull) so tri means three and W you can figure out. Back in the 'old' days of CB radios my handle was triwscout (I was a scout master) and I have used that for my nick name.

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Doug C...My whole name is Frederick Douglas Cummings. Gone by Doug to avoid confusion with my dad who was Frederick. If I say something I ought to be willing to sign my name to it. It keeps me from saying too many foolish things.

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1860cooper is unique to me to this forum, since my normal screen name has no relevance to blacksmithing. I wanted my emphasis right out in front because I am finding getting into 19th century coopering so pathetically difficult (most coopers are either modern, or 18th century).

I don't mind people knowing I am Jonathan Devine. It's just that the convention with screen names is that you find your unique name, because there are lots of people out there with the same real name as me. In a sense a good screen name is a better identifier than your real name, at least on the internet. In switching back to real life that might be different.

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Facium; In latin it usualy means to build or to make. It is is the latin root word for fabrication.
I came across the quote "Aut invenium, aut facium" while reading a military history of the officer that gave the order to shoot, when Stonewall Jackson was killed (accidently) by his own men. I do not remember the officer or the military institute he attended, but the institues motto "Aut invenium, aut facium" (I will find a way or make one) I have made my own.
It has has been a constant reminder that we can only "find a way" when we look, and we can only "make a way" when we work.

My real name is,
Michael A. Crowther

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