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    married and have 2 dogs been learning blacksmithing for 2yrs
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    metal detecting when not hammering
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    i have shoe reair business i also do custom leather work

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  1. The course is offered at Kwantlen College in Langley BC.
  2. Try doing them cold using a swage block.I make ornamental grass holders,rings with a couple of legs welded on.I use 1/2'' round and hammer it cold,I find it is faster for me than doing hot.
  3. I have a shoe repair for my day job and I also sell my metal and leatherwork in my downtown shop.My sign advertises shoe repair and blacksmith.When asked if I shoe horses I answer...No just people!...Sometimes it doesn't click right away but it is usually good for a laugh.
  4. A friend of mine wrote that out and mounted it so I could hang it in my shop.This is only the second time I have come across that poem.
  5. I have 3 of Hershel's blacksmithing videos including the one you mentioned and I think they are great.I believe he has one on making a rifle as well.His work is awesome.
  6. If you are selling items then you are a professional blacksmith not an amateur,so charge professional prices.
  7. Have you talked to James Johnson about the Anyang hammers?
  8. They are probably "wobbly pops", that would be my guess.
  9. Go to the grocery store and get some 20 Muleteam borax from the laundry section,it is what I use the most.
  10. I bought my Vaughan 2cwt double horn about 4yrs ago and it is a great anvil.I would buy another if I had to.I was lucky,the farrier supply that sold the anvil bought horseshoes from the same company as the anvil so it came over with their shipment.
  11. Hi Josh.It sounds like you found Thak(Rob Martin)and if so the coal he sells will probably be the best you will ever use,I know it is for me.My friend and I have shared 2tons of it.I would still use it but the shipping is almost the price of the coal.I am lucky to have a coal mine 2hrs away:$140 a ton and $60 in gas to get it.They will load as much coal as your vehicle will handle.They loaded at least 3000lbs on my flatdeck(1 ton)and would have given me more.It is not anywhere near the quality of Thak's but it pumps the heat out and if you like big clinkers well!!!
  12. What Dodge is talking about is called whiskering.Char the handle,lightly sand,then put on a finish.I like to use a beeswax,linseed oil and turpentine mixture when the handle is still warm from charring then rub in with a cloth.
  13. I had a rat problem in my workshops and didn't want to use traps or poison because of my 3 dogs.I bought the electronic rodent deterents.It took about 2 weeks but they aren't in my shops anymore.The maker is Victor,they are cheap and plug in,no batteries.
  14. If you use a BP hammer for a dimpler[that is what I call mine] make sure you soften the hammer face before using it.It is amazing where pieces of shrapnel can end up.
  15. it is a bottom tool of great importance along with the hammer. .
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