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  1. triw

    turning damascus

    I have an atlas lathe I picked up in a trade (along with lessons on the basic use of a lathe) . My question is what type of drill bit would you use to bore 1/4" hole approx 3 inches deep in damascus? When I drill holes for handles I use a paddle drill bit but it is not long enough to do what I am looking to accomplish. Thanks William
  2. That is a beatiful knife and I agree it is a bargain. Where do you get your stencils for your logo? Thanks William
  3. Wow nice post I really enjoyed looking at his work.
  4. Not only is it a sacrilege to post them they look nice you did a good job. Keep up the good work maybe you will try forging some time. LOL Where you from by the way
  5. Don't have a birch jokes but am glad you are back at the key board and hopefully at the forge as well frosty. Wait maybe I do.. Frosty now you know what it feels like to be "birched slapped"
  6. triw

    BIG knife

    I got this knife a few years ago, I was told it was a Shefield sales tool for one of the world fairs. Not sure if that is true or not but would appreciate any information you gentlemen might have on its value and or history. Thanks William (PS no comments on my messy shop ok)
  7. Cross Peen that is what I want to try but need to find the vinyl decal any ideas?
  8. There was a posting about using a stencil to etch a trademark on your blade. Can someone point me where these stencils are available? THank you William
  9. Looks like you have an interesting pattern would like to see it when it is done.
  10. triw

    cable tanto

    go for it and let me know how it works for you.
  11. Newbie09 I cut the chain in approx 6" pieces and laid them side by side. Then threaded steel cable through the sproket holes to fill in the space. (first time I tried with out that I could not get it to weld and the chain fell apart) Not sure what a chain break is. Educate me on that please William
  12. Beatiful work Fe-Wood, I like the cobination of wood and metal.
  13. triw

    cable tanto

    I used two pieces of 2x4's and hammered on them then used a flatner to form the sides. Had a fan going while using the 2x4's they smoked a lot but it worked.
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