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  1. That has to be some super sneeky spy stuff if you got past the dog.
  2. Your best bet would be to read through the knife making section and the finish and polish sections. There is alot of usefull info.
  3. I like your idea for the home made centrifuge. I might have to borrow that idea.
  4. could use the cylinders for a dishing form after grinding the edges a bit.
  5. Thanks guys. i am going to have my cell with me so I can use that for photos and video also for any contacts I make. Im thinking this is going to be fun.
  6. I don't have a camera better than my phone but the notebook is a definate. I don't usualy go anywhere without my blacksmithing sketchbook. :)
  7. This sunday I get to go to Bristol forge at rocky mount. The local group in my area. this will be my first meeting with a group of smiths ever. I am really looking forward to meeting them and learning some things. Just thought I would share my excitement. Thanks.
  8. Your table looks great. The only critique i have is the pins in the cross braces look kinda sharp. Are you going to bend them over or wrap them down the legs? other than that very nice work I am sure the happy couple will be pleased with it. :)
  9. verry impressive the corners are perfect. Beautifully done.
  10. That looks fantastic. How did you make the square?? Just curious if it is cut out of plate or forge welded bar.
  11. dognose you sound like an artist. From looking at that flesh fork I would say you are an artist. That is great work. As an artist myself I can say that we realy are our own worst critics. The simitry on the tines are spot on the circle looks great and those spots on the handle are something I would have never thought of realy great work. I have only rairly had anything come out as I invisioned and nothing has evercome out perfict. I can point out all the mistakes on any of my work. It looks great and will blow the mind of the person you give that too.
  12. This is the way Michelangelo used to sculpt I believe. I always liked that thought process myself.
  13. I have to ask...... Are you having problems with werewolves?
  14. I agree with Glenn. If I am having one of those days that I just can't get anything right. I put it down and walk away for the day. If I have not caught it before I get frustrated I will usualy go hit a punching bag for a bit just to get the frustration out then go play with my 7 year old son.
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