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  1. Looks like a nice chopper. Id like to see it when finished.
  2. Looks great. I believe she'll love it.
  3. just thinking, but if the bomb is big enough and thick enough, couldnt you possibly cut it and make a forge out of it? The only thing I know about bombs is that they usually go boom, so please dont get too mad at my stupidity.
  4. coltpax

    New blade

    Looks great. gonna be a beautiful knife when you finish it.
  5. I still like my little meyerco machete. Dont forget, another factor is the sheath too. You'll need something that will not rot, but it should be light weight and will let water drain. Good luck with the missionary work as well.
  6. Those look a little bit like whats on this link to me. The holes probably wont take an abundant amount of weight off either, so I would jsut do without them. Also, a machete that I've bought, and I love it, is my Meyerco/Camp USA 22" machete. Good rubber grip, and it has a saw blade on the back. heres the first link with a similar machete:KUKRI MACHETES and heres the meyerco:20670 - 22" Machete, Sheath, Warranty
  7. I just buff most of my horn and wood handles on a loose wheel with a fine green composite, and it usually stays fine. Makes the handle feel kind of greasy or waxy, kind of like an old, well used kitchen knife or butcher knife. I usually dont deal with wood or horn handles though, i jsut prefer wrapped handles on most of my blades.
  8. I would try differentially hardening. Heat up a big chunk of metal to red, then place the spine of the blade on the metal. Watch the colors move up through the blade, and when the tip is around a blueish color, pull it off the chunk of metal and let it air cool. This is what I've done, but maybe some others will have a better method for you.
  9. Forgot about the formula. So Finnr, your formula would be something like this? (Hrs. Work x $20)+(Material cost x 2)
  10. I just wasnt sure. that would make the forks about 15? Sounds good to me, and sounds pretty decent too. The adz would cost about 75 tho. Dont know if thats a decent price or what.
  11. How much do yall charge for labor and stuff? I have some meat forks I made, and was wondering about how much a good price would be. Probably about 30 min. in each one, and i got the metal for free. Also, about how much does a flat adz go for? Got one Im working on, made from a ballpein, and didnt know how much to charge for it either. I need to come up with some formula or something to calculate prices. Thanks for anyhelp, and Ill let yall know how the selling goes at trace.
  12. I usually wear a slpit leather welder's apron i got from HF for $8. Thats a great deal i believe, and its saved some clothers. Also, i like the front pockets that you can put stuff in for easy reach, like the neadle noses or punches.
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