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  1. Here are the video's of me using the pivot hammer. It seems to work well for setting a billet weld. The upper handle doesn't work as well as I'd like and the lower handle leaves my hand a bit too close to the hot steel, so I'll probably remove the top and move the lower up a bit. Otherwise I'm happy with the end result.....for now. PivotHammer.mp4 spring.pivot.hammer.mp4 pivot.hammer.mp4
  2. I did get it completed today and used it to finish a Damascus billet that had started previously. While it does indeed require some effort to move the hammer down, the spring brings it back up quickly so the overall effort seems similar to my 3.5lb Hofi hammer but with the 52 lb head it moves thing more quickly. I'll get a video posted soon so you see exactly what I've created and how it functions for me. I apologize for my post from the other day, I was either hungry or drunk or both and I tend to post things better left not posted.
  3. good thing I wasn't looking for encouragement from my fellow smiths...certainly none to be found here.
  4. Thanks Frosty, I wasn't planning on it replacing hand hammering completely but more for setting forge welds and drawing out billets. Once I have the handle completed I'll post a video of it in action. The way I have it set up should allow for fairly quick cycle of blows with the spring do the work of raising the hammer back up. the way it's built I can easily convert it to foot power and probably to motor powered with a bit of re-engineering.
  5. I started to build a treadle hammer last week and as the project progressed I decided I would add an electric motor and make it a powered hammer instead. This week as I get closer to completion I've changed my focus again and planning on it being a spring loaded hand hammer. From my photo you can see the pivot point and the spring that pulls the hammer back up after the strike. The angle iron that the spring is hooked on had to be added because the 150 lb door spring wasn't strong enough to lift the hammer with the short lever arm. I plan on attaching some sort of handle to either the arm
  6. Just a few things I've done over the years
  7. Some of the old timers may remember me, It's been a few years since I've been active here. My disabled son had been living with me for the past 6+ years but has this year gone off to college and an adult family home. While it feels weird to have time to myself again, I'm excited to being active blacksmithing and all my other activities. Glad to be home!!!
  8. When I first took lessons it was from Jerry Culberson at Old Cedar Forge in Wa. state. He had us make a punch and then a chisel and using those tools make our first set of tongs. Still a great beginner project and overall way to learn. First make the tools you need for your project, then complete the project!
  9. Larry, I so sorry to hear of your loss. My wife's son took his life just over 3 years ago and I can understand the depth of your loss. We are here at the Mt. State's Conference and hope to see you. We are staying at the Best Western Rm. 200. We can provide some resources that can help you through this time, if you want and are will to talk to you at any time. Our prayers are for you at this time. Larry Nevers
  10. Ian was checking in to the hotel just before my wife and I, so we got to meet up first thing. The weather is great here and I look forward to the rest of the event!
  11. Have you posted to the Western States Conference site asking about that yet? It's only 2 days away now but they might be able to work something out for you.
  12. If you have a pay account with Skype you can call from PC to landline. Not sure the cost but not that much I don't think.
  13. According to the Western States, accomodations page for best Western, you must call them directly to get the blacksmith rate. The online for Best Western does not have that rate. Here is their direct phone and fax numbers. I remember when I was in Germany with the US Army, calling back state side is VERY daunting. Perhaps operator assistance would be easier? Best Western Mt Hood Inn 87450 E Government Camp Loop, Government Camp, Oregon, 97028, US Phone: 503/272-3205 Fax: 503/272-3307
  14. I think that is still in development and will be posted to the site as soon as they get something firm in place. With all the groups scheduled to be there there should be quite a few demo's. I'm planning on bringing my small anvil so that I get to do some hammering while there.
  15. So sorry for your loss Glenn, you and your family are in my prayers.
  16. Ian, I saw that you had posted to the Western States Confence chat. I look forward to meeting you there! I don't have a commercial shop, just a hobbiest myself with a small gas forge and 2 anvils. I think you will have a great time at Western States and have the opportunity to meet many NorthWest smiths who have commercial shops you could easily visit. Also for anyone going who prefers indoor to outdoor living. The Best Western Inn has a special Blacksmith rate for the event, you must call and ask for it though. Instead of their regular $140 per night, it is $96 per night. I'll have t
  17. http://www.westernstates2011.com/ I'll be there, hope to see you all there too!
  18. you're link didn't work for me, not sure what happened to the pictures but I edited my original post and re-added them.
  19. So after making my gate last fall, I was trying to figure out how to make bending and scroll jigs so that I could make more gates. Finally I decided to just go for it and make some from scratch. I used a bus brake drum to initially bend the bending jig but after comparing it to the bend of my gate had to straighten it back out some. Then I welded it to some large angle iron. That was yesterday. Today I decided to have a go at the scroll jig. I laid down some plate steel and laid my gate on top, traced out the scroll then welded pieces that followed the pattern to the plate. Hammered out
  20. Thank you all for your kind words. The roughness, of course, is in my own eyes. I'm sure my friend will be well pleased with the gift. I think like many of you, I am more critical of my own work then anyone else. As it should be though, how else would we improve?
  21. My wife and I are going down to Portland, OR. soon and will visit and stay at a friends house. I decided a gift was in order and came up with this. It's a little rough looking but functional non-the-less.
  22. No, but during multi-day instruction courses, I've hammered through blisters until they became callus's!
  23. Darryl is a great instructor and fun to work with. His animal heads are amazing. I haven't taken an animal head course from him yet but I will when I get the opportunity!
  24. Hi Chris! Welcome to IFI! You're initial projects, hook and fork look great. You'll find more than one of us here are also IT people. It's great to get away from mind numbing computer issues (usually end user issues!) and just deal with hot steel and hammer. Depending on how complicated a fire poker you plan to make, that might take you longer than you think. While it's great to work on more complicated projects and have a finished product. You might want to just concentrate on basic things until your hammer control is better. Make lots of those hooks and forks, give them out to friend
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