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  1. yes it is!!, i think its cool, wonder how much power it uses......
  2. my vulcan says 10 but on a scale its 108.... not shure why, anyone know?
  3. wow dave thats coming along really well, i like the ide for the ash dump!!!!
  4. SATURDAY!!!!!! oh man i cant wait that long!!!
  5. WOW dave, trailers coming along really well!!!, did not think you would go through with the plan for a long time,looks cool,cant wait for more pics!
  6. yes thats the tool i got the idea from!!! jeff did an amazing job on it, just wondering, how is the shank on the bottom held on?
  7. darn, that is a good idea, it actually started sagging down a tiny bit toroed the firepot, (unlss my eyes are lying to me), but thats ok, its only a quick forge till i get my other one.... maby i do some more work when i get the other one and use this one as a demo forge......
  8. sadly yes, till i can get a 8 hour drive up to the coal place
  9. When i got my oxy-acet torch i decidedto fab up a forge, just till mine gets here from canada, we oxy welded it all together(no welder yet, still in canada to), some weds broke from the heat so we went out and rented a little mig for the day, worked great..... Firpot is a brake routor, table is 1/8" Plate, legs are bed frame angle iron, tuyre (however its spelt) or ash dump thing is some 2" exgaust pipe with a plange weded to the top and ash dump is a piece of plate, hole drilled into it and bolt sld through and welded to the tube,(hope that made sence) fierd it last night and it wor
  10. Heres a hold down tool i made this weekand, it is the copy of jeffs tool, i really like the idea, cant wait to go out and use it, i ground the weld a little so it looks really bad, also i will post a picure of a tool holder i made for behind the anvil...., it is made form almost the same stuff as jeffs, a piece of 1" by 1/4" flat bar, cut groove in it, then welded a piece of 3/8" on the top. The shank on the bottom is made of a 1" bolt with the head cut off, i welded that to the bottom, and used a piece of chain as a hook, so far it has worked really well and not had any problems, still h
  11. Ya i think orgtwister is right, theres groves on the bottom where the ring pulls up, but i dont understand how there would be better than normal tongs?? where they ment for a specific type of stock....
  12. went to a metal shop and the guy gace me a hole bunch of free steel...then the muffler shopguy cut and welded me some piping!
  13. im will, we tested it out, it seems like the extra pieces like cutting welding and rosebud are from another set, so a we changed around somepieces, just need a new tip and we should have a full cut set!! Now to do some research....
  14. Cool thanks frosty, found a few welding places near by, the one piece cant be fixed, s were going to look for a new one
  15. ok fixed the one valve leak but one of the cutting tip is busted, the lottle spring piece that goes in the handel,pushed out the handel is messd up, maby we can find the piece at the store, because i dont wanna spen 140 on a new torch!!
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