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Story behind your screen name?

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Im a gamer. Tald was from a RPG game (name was Tald the wise) and then I started playing these first person shooters and died all the time. So I changed it to Tald the dead, since I was always the first to die in the games. I keep the name with other forums so I dont get confused with login. Some seem to think the name is negative or implying some interest in death. Nope just a d00d who likes to play some games after work.

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I just want to point out that my name is NOT making any reference to alcohol or any other mindaltering substance other than blacksmithing.
First time I spent the day in my friend's shop, I was a bit like a kid in a candy store. At the end of the day my head was spinning with all sorts of ideas, and I was still trying to digest everything he'd taught/shown me that day. You could almost say it was a bit of a high.
I can pretty much say that I was hooked from that day forward. I was "hammered".

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orgtwister; it comes from when i was moving heavy equitment the lowboys i was driving avaraged about 120 thousand pounds to about 150 thousand and i had twisted many drive shafts from being so heavy (the truck really wasn't designed for that weight)the drive shaft shop started calling me twister and its been my cb radio handle for 20 years so when i started online i could never get twister as a name cause of slang meanings so i whent with orgtwister which is short for orgional twister and have been using it on many sites for 10 years or so

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Trouble :)

I was wondering if that was you Darlin. Good to see you here with the other Ferrets. ;)

Frosty AKA Frostig on a SCA list though I'm not a Scadian.

Last name's Frost, first name isn't Jack, my folks weren't into hanging more on my neck than I was going to get as it was so they named me Jerry instead of getting cute. Thanks Parental Units!

I call my semi-pro, mostly hobby operation The FrostWorks. Guys at work told me it should have a "?" instead of a "." but what do they know. I'm retired, they're still working.

Shop motto is: "Stuff Done With Metal"

E-mail signoff is:

If it ain't forged
it ain't real.
Wrought iron is.
The FrostWorks

Meadow Lakes, AK.

And that's mine.

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Aeneas is my SCA persona name.
My real name is Sam Falzone - unfortunately Sam is such a common name that I always had a HUGE problem making up login names that I could remember. Funny enough, I've never had a problem registering Aeneas when I sign up on a new list or such (...go figure...). So that's what I use it, though I've taken to signing posts as Sam.
Oakhammer Craftings and Oakhammer Forge are also taken from my SCA persona name - I like the sound of it.


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Dangaard is a cross between my personal name and the name of a monster in a fantasy card game I played once. Sjongaard was the name of the card I liked the name used to use it, but then I realized that you could whack off "sjon" (which some people cant pronounce and add Dan. Daniel here, always preferred Dan though). the card was of a dwarf made of stone, really tough, (not meaning to brag) kinda like me.

Dangaard is actually used by other people I came to find out, pissed me off a little actually. My tailor made name and somebody else has it! meh got over it though.

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