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  1. New guy says hello from Mississippi

    Your blade work is very impressive I mostly work on the blacksmithing side w/a coal forge. though I have made some large two handed machetes. looking forward to hearing from you.
  2. New guy says hello from Mississippi

    Hi lm in H-burgif u are close give me a call good looks blades !
  3. any knife makers near picayune?

    I am in Hattiesburg but you may want to check out the gulf coast blacksmithing association .
  4. Hydraulic press for forging?

    Can one be bought ,or does it need to be built?
  5. Fire at the Ms AG M.

    Thanks Glenn !
  6. Is the forge council O.K ?
  7. treating bracelets

    One more time ! I LOVE THIS SITE!! Thank ya'll !
  8. treating bracelets

  9. How do ya'll treat jewelry after the forging is done? will linseed & wax work? Thank You. Pete
  10. Flea Market Hammer Id Please

    Looks like some kind'a punch?
  11. Is your wife crying? :( You may be sleeping with that hammer.
  12. JUST THREW TOGETHER! Nice throw!!! :D
  13. What anvil size for this type of work?

    Better to have & not need ,than need & not have. Bigger is better.
  14. Trolls?

    Teachers answer the same old questions every year. Janitors empty the same old trash every day. If you want to help then help if not move on to the next post. I love This site, warts and all! p.s. I've heard it said " whining promotes Satan's success , While being positive glorifies God.
  15. Hello from around Baton Rouge

    Gulf Coast Blacksmiths meets in Covington La. I get my coal from Mr. Leonard, check out their web site. Hope this helps!