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  1. no access to the rafters? Hammer, etc many easy ways to break or remove sheetrock.
  2. Beginner to Known Steel

    forgable. Good for making tools.
  3. Injured Grip muscles

    Sounds like tendonitis to me AKA the grip. Ice the heck out of it and cease all painful activities until healed.
  4. Can you tell

    Thank you
  5. Oh lord, I cant see

    All of the above. We are forging 385 bronze right now and either we turn off the lights when heating the bars or they split like too cold wrought iron. I know from the last time I did this though, that a lazer guided digital pyrometer ( arround $50) will also enable me to stay within forging temp easily.
  6. Can you tell

    Lots of potential reasons but we could start with eye-hand coordination. Either you have good eye-hand coordination or you don't.
  7. Can you tell

    It is a fact that only 10% of the population has the ability to focus well enough to be competent welders....I wonder if there is corresponding info about forging.
  8. Bolton ZX45 Mill Drill?

    My first Bridgeport had a 30" table and a round ram with a J head. Later I bought a much newer machine with a 48" table and power feed but no head. The round ram J head fit but was missing the head rotation gear. Eventually I put a much newer J head on it as well.
  9. Help with slip rolls

    bear in mind that you can roll thicker pieces of narrower stock. For example you may be able to roll 11 gauge 4" wide or 1/4 x1" or 5/ 16" round Heavy bends should be done at the ends of the rolls.
  10. I can't tell either. If I had to guess though, I' d say it is a Fisher made in 1896. Darned good anvil if it isn't beat up too bad. can't tell that either.
  11. method of riggng foot petal without springs the pivot point must be placed where the idler wheel end is heavey enough to return on it's own.
  12. guide box other veiw this shows the adjustment side slide adjustment the socket head bolts thread into the bronze guides. The set screws with lock nuts thread into the box and end in blind clearance holes drilled in the bronze.
  13. Leaf work, cracks at top of stem

    To avoid the notch effect a transition in size should be gradual and smooth. .
  14. Leaf work, cracks at top of stem

    read about the notch effect.
  15. Need some info.

    Dick, Welcome to Mass Tim Miller spoke highly of you. I currently have a temp shop set up at a jobsite in Taunton. Would love to meet, see, get to know another member. Send me a PM for contact info if interested. Thanks.