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  1. My question has been answered in private and it is therefore withdrawn. " It is better to remain silent and appear ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt" -Mark Twain.
  2. Good deals can be found on e-bay but now I must expalin in great detail every box that shows up on the front porch to my wife. She seems to think I already have enough toys. Silly Girl!!! Ted:D
  3. I have some on the way now and I must say that Glen is a true gentleman and a pleasure to do business with. Ted:D
  4. Exactly right. My Dad was a lineman for Western Electric in the 50's and I have seen this tool in his old kit. Ted:D
  5. Your GrandMa hit your GrandPa harder than that! Is that all you got Fat Boy? Ted:D
  6. Is there ANYTHING at HF that isn't cheaply made and or hazardous to your health? How the heck do they stay open??? Ted:confused:
  7. I am so there for Wile-E! Please post a picture if you get it done. Ted:D
  8. MoleDoc

    Post vise stand

    Thanks Jimbob, I'll get one from the ferrier supply shop tomorrow Ted:D
  9. I'm sure this is a common topic of discussion but does anyone have what they think is the best list of what type of steel can be found in a auto junk yard (now called auto recycling centers here in California---Gag!)? Post a link to your list or any good one you know of. Thanks in advance Ted :D
  10. MoleDoc

    Post vise stand

    Howdy! here are the pictures of the finished product. Thanks to all who gave me excellent suggestion on how to proceed. Any comments are welcome! Ted :D
  11. here we go a positive and a negative of the mark and the date. the name is in a diamond above the date. the other picture is the vise on the mounting post I welded up an next weekend it will get welded to the plate it is sitting on. Thanks for taking a look
  12. Got a very nice old post vise from e-bay last week. it seems to be the same style as the colombians that I have seek but the only marks I can find are a date of "1897" and part of a brand name that starts out < V W & W but the rest of the mark has been hammered out. Anyone know the Brand? Thanks! Ted :confused:
  13. MoleDoc

    Post vise stand

    Thanks Locky This is a brillaint design! Thank you for the photo essay. Ted
  14. My day job is doing dermatology surgery (Hence "MoleDoc") so I wear kevlar gloves at all times in the forge. I must report that I am the only one in our guild that does so. Ted