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  1. The only thing I had to do to this is the tab hooks on it. The rest is original to the singletree.
  2. The singletree can make a neat project for a pot rack, utensil rack, or coat rack.
  3. I run a shop that is in a grist mill and tannery that dates to 1797. I demo most saturdays there. I also do many Civil War re-enactments, steam shows, festivals and various living histories from French/ Indian- civil war, At each of these events I put out a candle lantern that I turned into a donations jar. For those who do not wish to buy anything can drop a dollar or whatever into the lantern. Most of the events i do, cost me to do them and this helps to defer the costs for the event and gas to get there.
  4. I recently had the same quandry with needing insurance. Abana used to have an insurance program through Hartford. It was not easy to get. They now have a better plan, that will cover your shop as well as liability for you to do demos. Do not become an llc or corp.. A sole proprietorship is the best way to go. I have a mil. in liability and it runs about $116 every quarter.
  5. I recently made a horseshoe heart and put a horse head on each side of it. Door knockers, horse hoof picks, knives with carbon steel in it. Wine racks, coat hooks, book ends. Ideas are endless.
  6. Brought home one of the blowers like Blacksmith depot sells from the school at the Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland. From what I can tell it is the 164cfm size. Hooked it up and fired up the forge and it seems to be the ticket.
  7. Grant, whats the price range and how can I get a catalog or do you have a web site. Thanks for all the input. Figure I'll get a stronger blower and maybe hook this one to the chimney for draft support.
  8. I have finally set up the coke forge in the shop at the house. The forge is a side blown forge with a water tank and jacket around the airpipe. Blower is also on an air gate. This is the blower that I'm trying to use. Blower, 60 CFM, 3030 Shaded Pole Blower, Air Flow @ 0.000 Inch Static Pressure 60 CFM, Speed 3030 , Voltage Rating 115 Volts, Current Rating 0.42 Amp, Frequency 60/50 Hertz, Thermal Protection Auto, Wheel Diameter 3 Inches, Wheel Width 1 7/8 Inches, Inlet Diameter 2 3/8 Inches, Air Flow @ 0.100 Inch Static Pressure 57 CFM This is a 1/125 hp blower. don't quite understan
  9. Going around to CW re-enactments, there is alot to barter for. I made an ash shovel for a lady in the 24th north carolina to do dutch oven cooking. For that I got a standing order of pie, and she makes really good pie in a dutch oven. Made trivets for inside of a dutch oven for bread making, net--standing order of bread. Made a spit for campfire cooking, net-- standing order of meat. need to find someone for beer and vegetables yet and dinners complete.
  10. Here is a list of our current classes: BS 101 - Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., November 6-7, 2010. Instructor-Ray Neubauer, Assistant Instructor Reb Staup. Cost $175.00. 5 openings left. BS 202 - Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., November 13-14, 2010. Instructor-Bill Clemens, Assistant Instructor-Reb Staup. Cost $175.00. 7 openings left. Forge Welding - Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., December 18-19, 2010. Instructor-Bill Clemens, Assistant Instructor-Ray Neubauer. Cost $175.00. 7 openings left. BS 101 - Wednesday Nights, 6 to 9:30 p.m. running Ma
  11. Nice work. The door knocker looks like something my Mother-in-law would have on her door.
  12. Thought I would throw this out early so anyone interested could make plans. The Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland (BGCM) will be holding their 22nd annual Blacksmith Days Hammer-in on May 14 - 16, 2010 at the Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster, Maryland. Here is a link for the flyer. http://www.bgcmonline.org/docs/bsd10.html This years demonstrators will be Mark Aspery and Glenn Horr. We will also have other demonstrations going on through out the day: Other Demonstrations Horseshoe Forging ………… MD Farriers Brass Casting ………… Walter VanAlstine Iron Kiss Hammers………… Jo
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