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  1. Than you all for your replies. Upon further designing and planning the space we decided that the tub can stand on the floor.
  2. I am renovating my bathroom/sauna and my wife would like a bath tub embedded in the sauna, it would then need to be raised from the floor and integrated with the woodwork. I will buy a steel inset bathtub and would like to build a frame for ti so ti can be raised so that it's upper edge is at about 110cm from the floor. This is the kind of tub, and it has small feet that comes with it http://www.idosevend.se/files/files/ammeet/svenska/SevenD_Badkar_montanv.pdf#page=6 How sturdy would one need to make such a frame, and what material/paint would one need to use in order for it to not become rusty etc. I would need to put "feet" on the frame so as not to damage the floor tiles. I guess i could modify the frame that comes with the tub and put it's feet on the frame. I guess the weight will be at 200kg minimum when filled. If you have thoughts, i recieve them gladly :) I attatched a picuture of how it would look like when the cover is taken off the tub and you can use it. Then it would ben in level with the seats. (the cover would be a seat as well when the tub is not used.)
  3. I made a small workout aid that i am quite satisified with. It is a stand so that i can use my laptop at the same time as i am using the exercise bike. It is self supporting, so it doesn't need anything to attach it with. I call it the Nerdworkoutr2000 - A self supporting Exercise Bike Laptop Stand It was extremely satisfying to make once it was finished.
  4. oops. Well, then i would want one of those [edit] Actually, i though i heard lathe at 0:41 in the video, but it was "computer guided blades", i think. p.s. lathe is an english word i have come into contact with anywhere else than here, so i have not heard anyone pronounce it. My guess is that i rhymes with blade. but then again there are exceptions to everyting and I could be wrong.
  5. If i had a CNC lathe, i would make something like this: YouTube - How it's made-Albion Sword
  6. Thanks! I might try something like that at some stage.
  7. Hi, i recently went to a fair where lots of people sell their stuff (kind of like a mega garage sale), and came home with a pipe bender like this: Has anyone got experience using these for forging/bending stuff. Could i make a it into a scroll jig. ideas what i could use it for are appreciated. (might need to motivate purchase etc. ) Copyrighted photo removed and replaced with a link
  8. The pedal looks very nice! Perhaps someone will also combine the pedal idea with the release mechanism, so that when you depress the pedal it would let out the pressure from the jack. I have no idea at the moment how it would be done, but combining them into two motions on the pedal would increase the amount of presses and freeing both your hands. it would of course need some fine tuning and calibration so that you get the ventile completely fastened before the air-button is pressed
  9. Btw. this is not spam or anything. It was apparently eisenkraft who made the tools, here is the twister YouTube - EISENKRAFT MT Master Twister & Basket (RUS version) (1 min) but they apparently sell only to resellers or smth. But it seems quite easy to create such a machine oneself. Here is another one that does not have "threads" on the rotating part (so that it moves to and fro)
  10. I am starting to learn to make basket twists by hand. but when i saw this video it looked too easy. Has anyone made a similar machine or tool for making twists. and/or are they easy/cheap to buy (preferrably in europe) YouTube - ohýbače na predaj (from 22 sec) I saw a blueprint for a twister in the blueprints section. It would be fun to have one that you can make basket twists as well. I guess it would need to have enough height and have the possibility to fix the slider.
  11. Hy, my expansion vessel needed to be replaced for my heating system. It is similar to this picture (without the plumbing parts) Do you have any creative ideas what i could use the old/broken one to. A gas forge is he first thing that comes into mind. Copyrighted image removed and a link placed into the text.
  12. Hi, i just extempore repaired the wheel of a [url=""]"skottk
  13. I would do as ironrosefarms' church did. Isn't church supposed to attract people and reach out to the different subcultures. Perhaps build some stoppers on the steps, but also a "better" rail to grind. somewhere where it is ok.
  14. I might have to re-read it a couple of times to fully understand. but no i am off from the computer. => family
  15. Hey, awesome tips, everyone... I grilled the patties i made along with commercial ones i had bought earlier (the expensive whole-meat talked about, that are supposed to be the best around here) They were similar in shape and handling (flippability) but mine were oh-so-much-tastier and the commercial ones were much more rubbery. And my wife agreed aswell. (And the ones i bought, i thought until now were the best patties ever made) thanks again... question: How many of have decided to make hamburgers during this discussion?
  16. I tried yesterday to make some patties using the top cut off a plastic container and a jar as the press. it worked fine and i made some nice patties, 100g, 10cm diameter and half a centimeter thick. I placed the circle on silicone topped cooking paper sheets, and put 100g of meat in them an pressed, then stacked them onto each other and put them in the freezer, using the papers as separator. They were however a bit difficult to separate once they were frozen. I probably should press them first on a separate paper, then add put them between separation-papert and onto the freezer. My next plan is ofcourse to grill some of them tonight. But now my project is this: Make a pattie press using stainless-steel pipe and a plastic cutting board as orgtwister suggested, and then make additional stainless-steel-pipe parts 10cm diameter and 2cm "high" to make bun-makers. With 9-12 of these at the same time in the oven one could easily make the perfect buns as well.
  17. Or, i will try the different approaches you all suggested and stick with the most convenient one, that makes the best patties, which includes as little mashing up the meat as possible while still giving it the perfect shape and making them store-it-in-the-freezer-able.
  18. I think i will go with that approach. And now for the actual patties. ... What do you prefer to put in them? Here, a lot of people put breadcrumbs and egg to make them stay together, but recepies for hamburger patties do not include them. (Hamburgers: The Patty - The secret to the perfect burger) But other than onion and spices, do you put other stuff in them, or is it "all about the meat"?
  19. I could saw a large hole in a thick massive (hard) wood board. Then we have a hole, and a plug. those could then be shaped and polished to become a nice hamburger press. (hmm, an alternative not involving hammers and fire ... ) Perhaps something like this:
  20. Hey, thanks, i got a great deal of good advice fro you all. I intend taking on the quest of making the ultimate pattie ;)
  21. oops, i posted this in the wrong "general discussion". The admins may move this thread as they see fit.
  22. Hi, i am from Finland, and here you won't find a hamburger patty press in a (at least local) store. So i would need to make one i guess. (So i can feed my newly purchased Weber Grill [which by the way is lovely]) I can get stainless steel pipes. Has anyone here made one? I am thinking of something like the attached photo. (If i want to buy whole-meat patties here, they are around 1
  23. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peavey_%28tool%29
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