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  1. City Coal Yard has now moved to Riley, IN and is no longer selling smithy coal... so it can come off the list.
  2. I love the idea of the copper and black but for this purpose I have a reason for using the stainless blade... The sheet of stainless belonged to my father... The last 4-5 years of his life was centered on how he could make mom happy... I know that he would appreciate even in this small way of giving toward her happiness now. I think it was GTAW on the chat the other night mentioned using brass rivets... I'm leaning that way right now... I'm getting a chuck of clay this week and think I'm going to practice it out... Thanks for the input guys... JWB I still look forward to meeting at some point
  3. Hello one and all, for those who remember me... Yes I am still alive and kicking... Got a project that I need to get started on but would like some input from all of ya. My mother is getting married and I want to make her cake serving set. Knowing my mom she is likely to use this after the wedding day and will want to wash it in the dish washer... Thus my initial thought of stainless? Here is what I have in my mind on the server itself. Square bar stock split or cut into 1/4s then tapering 2 into a heart and then doing it again on the other side so that the "blade" of the server would be held on from both sides with the hearts. Goal is that the hearts would match from side to side and follow the contour of the server blade at the point of connection. So, how would you approach this... I have some ideas but would love some input for making it easy... Thanks for your time! James
  4. The WISE and prudent thing to do, would be not to test how far we can go... GAPS and flaws in our wisdom could cause the FLAG of warning to be flown high above our heads...
  5. To READ a POST on IFI won't cost you a dime but it is worth a HEAP!!!
  6. It truly scares me to see the ZEAL that he displays in apologizing HAND over fist for who and what America is. We have lost a lot of blood on foreign SAND defending other countries and people. I personally feel blessed to be an American, if we are so bad why is it that so many still want in?
  7. Those lumberjills are quite amazing indeed... I once seen one peddling FLAX see oil but as she would TALK about the benefits she would slur her words and the sale would be a total LOSS...
  8. My PLEA is simple... I wanna stop this thing they call work and go fishing. A little corn meal a dash of SALT and I'd cook a feast of crappie and bass. EAST to West, North to South no lake and no fish would feel safe ever again!
  9. I know a SLEW of people who CALL themselves gentlemen who ought to get a SLAP
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