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  1. John, now you can take your i bolts and I nuts and change them into ideas
  2. Billy, I would make a stand to hold it and use it as an anvil for small projects, like leaves, grind different radius on each side and flip it to the one you need
  3. Tojo, when heating the copper don’t heat it until you get the color you want, warm a spot up, move to another then go back to the first spot when you get the color you want then cool it
  4. Tojo, great job on the rose I think you have the perfect texture on it. Hav you tried heat coloring copper yet?
  5. I'm always impressed when watching him work. He's very methodical and doesn't stop all day. I wish a lot of the members on here could see the work he produces with his striking anvil and the small anvil he attaches to it when he needs his "London pattern anvil" John, try to get a picture of it attached to post for the members to see.
  6. Jenn, Ken's Custom site has detailed videos that show how to assemble the tongs and they come with detailed instructions. You not only end up with good tongs, at a good price, but you also get a blacksmith class with them and the satisfaction of completing them yourself. I bought a set when I first started, it is amazing seeing the difference in the quality of the finished product from the first set to the last set.
  7. Sindoc, I’ve seen posts and videos of ribbon burners running on natural gas, most were running on pounds, but some were running on regular house pressure
  8. Pat, you can buy steel, brass and copper finishing nails, insert the head from the inside back it up and head the front. Alex, beautiful work, as always. All, thanks for the feedback, the advice I have read on this site, and information on how to correct my mistakes, has helped me get to where I am at this time in my short career
  9. John, thank you for creating this video, this is the first time I have been able to understand how to lay out a scroll. The only ones I have made were “winged” and looked like it.
  10. Billy, copper sulfate is a chemical that can be used to color metal. It comes as blue crystals, add some to water and brush it on or dip small projects. It doesn’t take much and colors as soon as it gets on the metal. The cleaner the metal the more it will look like copper. You can polish it bright, heat color or wet it and after drying it will start getting green colors like old aged copper. The roses I posted earlier are colored with it.
  11. The body and horn of the anvil are cast iron, with a tool steel face plate. If you do heavy work on the horn, or tail you will break them off.
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