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  1. Very good, 1 small nick that I can polish out, I got about 60# of various metal drops also just didn’t picture that.
  2. Picked up a few tools for $60. The socket for the handle on the Beverly Shear is broken off, but that is only a 5 minute fix.
  3. I think you covered all of the pros and cons, now all you have to do is decide if the pros outweigh the cons for you. Two items that would influence my decision: 1) it's for the children, 2) it's good advertisement, don't forget to attach your card to the items.
  4. We still use the wood smoke to conceal scent and in my younger years shooting wood arrows we used a hardwood dowel to rub the backside of the bend to apply enough heat to straighten the arrows. Same principle, just more precise.
  5. Alexandr, your work is amazing! I can’t wait for each of your posts to show my wife, but the only thing I can tell her when she asks when I am going to make that for her is it isn’t going to happen because I don’t have the skills that you do. Go fish, the blower is looking good.
  6. The check valve prevents a backflash from igniting your tank of propane. Most connect to the regulator and the hose connects to it.
  7. Drill holes around tree for fertilizer
  8. My dad was left handed too, ever try rolling up an extension cord, that had been partially unrolled, by him?
  9. Billy, I like it, looks like a good “bet you can’t in 10 seconds with your left hand “ opener, or “you didn’t know your only supposed to use your right hand for this” when you give it to a left handed person.
  10. Alexandr, another example of your astonishing work. I have one question, what are you going to do with the zinc plated nuts to blend them in with your work?
  11. Billy, the crosses look good, I texture some like Woodnmetal said and do some with a small cross pien to give them a wooden texture.
  12. Very nice handle shape and blade pattern.
  13. Three of my co-workers have them and love them. None of them have the transmitter for the TV, they just adjust the hearing aids for their surroundings at this time, a couple taps on their phone their good. Their so pleased with them that I'm going next week to see what my options are.
  14. The 1150 fpm is when your driving back to the store to return it.