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  1. You didn't mess up, you just realized that you were thinking about making the wrong thing. Great looking owl and longhorn.
  2. Had 21 holes and 19 after plugging 3?? Must be this new math I hear people talking about nice looking burner, I hope mine does as well when I get a chance to build it.
  3. Blue rooster, that is going to make a nice anvil. Burgersmith, congratulations on the nice anvil, I’m in the Baton Rouge area. Have you joined LAMA, Louisiana Metalworkers Association? We have several smiths in the area and have monthly meetings where experienced smiths help us learn.
  4. Jennifer, another great video, thanks for sharing it with us. Klatchianmist, good work you’re giving me ideas. GFH, great work on the steak flipper, very smooth taper.
  5. That sounds pretty economical, I plan on building one this summer and am making notes from other's work.
  6. Thanks CGL, had an hour to work this morning and started on a fire poker, I managed to get it ready for the twists, but I was having trouble with my coal fire and didn’t get finished. Couldn’t figure out what I was wrong so I quit before I messed up what I did get done.
  7. I fired up my forge for the first time in a month yesterday, only had a hour to work, but was able to make the chisel and square punch I've been needing. Great work everyone, this is the first post I open every time I come here.
  8. I would like, ugh, never mind I’d run the battery dead on my phone listing everything. That’s a great find, looks like a good start to a museum. Great pictures, by the way
  9. MCalvert,great looking build and great advice on listening to the people that know what their doing. How many hours of forging can you get out of your bottle of propane and what size are you using?
  10. It sounds like you are trying to solder. You haven’t said what you are trying to solder, or the exact torch you’re planning to use, but it sounds like you’re going to create a large heat sink with what you plan on laying it on. If the pieces are large enough I would make a table from expanded metal to lay them on and get a torch with a small tip to direct the heat where you need it
  11. IF&C, it’s looking good. I know you can’t wait to start working in it. I will start an expansion on my shop in April, after I don’t have to leave every morning at 4:30 to go to work, and move my outdoor kitchen into the new area. I didn’t know how much of a mess I could make until I fired the coal forge up for the first time. I currently have to spend about 30 minutes setting everything up, then move everything again, after the forge cools down when I’m through, so I’m basically only getting a few hours a month to work.
  12. I’m going Phats, you’re not looking in the right places. Go out in the country and talk face to face with the old farmers. Find them working on equipment and offer help. Then while you’re helping them let them know that you’re looking for blacksmith equipment. Go to the grain elevators and feed mills and talk to the old farmers. Stop at the local coffee shop, where the old farmers show up at 5:00 - 6:00 AM and let them know what you’re looking for, while buying their coffee or breakfast. And the old hammers they broke the handles on and threw in the corner of the barn are something that you can put a handle in that fits your hand.
  13. I hate/ love the new vehicles with all the computer stuff on them. They run great and get good gas mileage, but the old shade tree mechanic like me doesn’t have the computer stuff to find the problem. Give me the old stuff and I’ll be able to stop on the side of the road and get it running, at least most of the time, it may rattle and groan, but it will get me home