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  1. HondoWalker, good work, I applaud you for proving that people experiencing difficulties can do what they want instead of sitting on the sofa complaining.
  2. Great job, I like how the pattern stands out.
  3. JF&F, Great job on the carving, your grandfather will be proud to hang it in the cabin. Thanks all for the compliments.
  4. I haven't had much time available to work at the forge in the last few weeks, but I was able to make the time to make my Mother some flowers for Mother's Day. This was my first try at them.
  5. Great job on the pelican. Your imagination is amazing, I never would have seen a pelican's head in that before you put it together.
  6. Great work everyone! I've been busy and haven't been on in a few days so I had a lot to look at today and too many items to comment on individually. I had a chance to fire up the forge yesterday and decided to try my hand at making flowers to surprise my wife.
  7. Great job on the hammer. The amount of work you are putting out is amazing as well as your confidence in being able to forge different items and the improvement you are showing on each project.
  8. I was taught that top tools are tapered on the bottom and not wedged
  9. Less fuel and air =less heat. The air will prevent the fuel from backing up in the burner, unless you turn the air down too much.
  10. Thanks Hans. My wife asked me last weekend if I had enough coal to last until we can get around people again. Luckily I have enough on hand.
  11. Unfortunately I am classified as an essential employee and have to go to work until next Tuesday when I retire
  12. One of my coworkers brought me 7 band saw blades today, 1 inch wide on the flats. I haven't stretched one out yet, but their at least 10 ft. long.
  13. Great looking pattern and fish. Now you have to write a “fish damascus” tutorial
  14. Jennifer & Frosty, Thanks for the advice on making a shorter bic and for “another use” for the flipper, if I was 20 years younger I’d have another way to get in trouble.
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