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  1. Great job on the hammer. The amount of work you are putting out is amazing as well as your confidence in being able to forge different items and the improvement you are showing on each project.
  2. I was taught that top tools are tapered on the bottom and not wedged
  3. Less fuel and air =less heat. The air will prevent the fuel from backing up in the burner, unless you turn the air down too much.
  4. Thanks Hans. My wife asked me last weekend if I had enough coal to last until we can get around people again. Luckily I have enough on hand.
  5. Unfortunately I am classified as an essential employee and have to go to work until next Tuesday when I retire
  6. One of my coworkers brought me 7 band saw blades today, 1 inch wide on the flats. I haven't stretched one out yet, but their at least 10 ft. long.
  7. Great looking pattern and fish. Now you have to write a “fish damascus” tutorial
  8. Jennifer & Frosty, Thanks for the advice on making a shorter bic and for “another use” for the flipper, if I was 20 years younger I’d have another way to get in trouble.
  9. One of my friends at work asked for a meat flipper and toasting fork for his dad. My 2nd.try at each, the tongs on the fork were longer until I decided I needed to heat them up again to make a little adjustment and left it in the coals a couple seconds too long. Also made a bick , from 7/8 sucker rod, to work smaller circles because the end of the horn on my anvil is too large and blunt to make things like bottle openers. I made the opener on the end of the meat flipper using JHCC's design before I made the bick, thanks for the idea.
  10. Mine is like this also, I have seen several Mouse Holes with the horn looking the same and was wondering if it was a factory feature or just caused by work.
  11. I have a 136# mousehole also, not as good shape as yours looks, but it works great. If the rebound is good you have an excellent anvil. Remember not to grind the face, just take a wire brush to it and give it a coat of BLO (boiled linseed oil) Check the rebound with a ball bearing dropped in front of a ruler from 10" to get % of rebound.
  12. Frazer, I really like the pattern on your knife and was planning on trying one....until I read your how to article. I'm pretty sure my neighbors would call the cops when I started muttering my incantations. Great work everyone! I'll have more time to be in the shop in the near future and hopefully I'll be able to start posting pictures of items I have learned to forge from the pictures and advise on this forum.
  13. Nice find, I'm surprised you don't have some parts in your recent purchase to complete it.