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  1. Sindoc, I’ve seen posts and videos of ribbon burners running on natural gas, most were running on pounds, but some were running on regular house pressure
  2. Pat, you can buy steel, brass and copper finishing nails, insert the head from the inside back it up and head the front. Alex, beautiful work, as always. All, thanks for the feedback, the advice I have read on this site, and information on how to correct my mistakes, has helped me get to where I am at this time in my short career
  3. John, thank you for creating this video, this is the first time I have been able to understand how to lay out a scroll. The only ones I have made were “winged” and looked like it.
  4. Billy, copper sulfate is a chemical that can be used to color metal. It comes as blue crystals, add some to water and brush it on or dip small projects. It doesn’t take much and colors as soon as it gets on the metal. The cleaner the metal the more it will look like copper. You can polish it bright, heat color or wet it and after drying it will start getting green colors like old aged copper. The roses I posted earlier are colored with it.
  5. The body and horn of the anvil are cast iron, with a tool steel face plate. If you do heavy work on the horn, or tail you will break them off.
  6. Pat, what about using a thin diameter wire to rivet the pieces to the frame?
  7. Thank you for creating and sharing this video. I enjoyed watching your techniques on how you create your knives and seeing some of your beautiful country.
  8. Thomas, you gave me a good laugh, as usual. Pat, I use 20 gauge sheet and cut my own. I’ll pm you a pattern the next time I’m on my computer. The bird was made in several pieces and welded together, unfortunately I think that’s the only picture I have. I’m terrible about pictures and usually think about them after the project is gone. I have to make some more roses as soon as I can get through cleaning up after the hurricane and I’ll try to remember to take some pictures and send them to you showing the steps I use
  9. Thanks Das, the lady it is for is named Robin, he requested that I include one.
  10. I finished this special request from a friend for his wife the end of last week, just in time to start prepping for a visit from Ida.
  11. Great looking tools Mark. I'm glad to see you back posting. Looking forward to your next trip to our area. Les
  12. Chad, reversing the polarity usually creates a cutting effect with most stick welders, use your regular rods, with less amps, and hold in the same spot to build up
  13. We call it a briar hook, used to cut anything up to small trees, also known as a ditch bank blade in some areas
  14. Alex, you never cease to amaze or inspire me with your work
  15. The newer ones have the lever. When I got mine it only had the belt on for high speed and the knurled knob, to change the speed, had been pushed up against the pulley preventing it from switching to the gear box. I downloaded a copy of the manual, figured out how the machine had "previously been fixed" undid all that, got the proper size belts and set everything up properly
  16. The one in the checkered shirt is Mark Ling, thelittleblacksmith, that started this thread in 2017.
  17. Being able to change from 3000 fpm to 85 fpm just pulling one knob is nice. I can set the slow speed from 40-115 fpm by moving the belt to different pulleys
  18. What I like about this bandsaw is I can change from high speed wood cutting to slow speed metal just by pulling or pushing this lovejoy clutch. You adjust the metal cut speed with the lower set of pulleys
  19. Frosty, I have to agree with you on that one. I’ll head to the shop with big plans of what I’m going to do, then go inside several hours later and when the wife asks what I did I say “nothing”
  20. Jenn, Danny Arnold, (Old n Rusty), used a threading machine, a lot smaller than yours, to twist square bar cold. He mounted a chain link pipe vise on a post in the center of his shop at the proper height and would twist 20 ft sections at a time. I don’t know how big he could work, but here’s a piece of 5/8 he did.
  21. JHCC, This was Mark’s 3rd visit to our meetings this year , he took a roundabout way way through Tennessee and Kentucky visiting shops on his way to us this time. I asked about his next road trip and he said Quad State and will be looking for all of you. We didn’t have a lot of time to talk, because around 40 others had questions, but he looking forward to meeting everyone on here that shows up.
  22. We had our club meeting yesterday and our demonstrator was "The Little Blacksmith" and one of his friends. The made a trivet, among other items. We were also doing an iron smelt at the meeting and they helped process the bloom. Great guys, we enjoyed having them at our meeting. I asked why he hasn't been on here lately and he said he just haven't taken the time.
  23. I picked up a Rockwell 6x48 grinder and a Delta 28-303-14 inch band saw last week. Both were not working properly. Paid $100 plus a small 1.5 hr welding job, $48 in parts and both are now operating properly. We had our club meeting and I purchased a diagonal peen, made by "The Little Blacksmith" and won a bending fork in our iron in hat.
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