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Les, slow go. Waiting on building delivery.  Delivery date was 5-8weeks from construction drawing sign off. 

Lots of behind the scenes type things like wood pile moving  and such.

I was overly optimistic for the 5 week mark.

As long as I can get the frame up and roof on before snow sets in ,things should work out timing wise.


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we've had a week of rain.  There is some points in between that work can be done. but dang.  It was fantastic all summer.  LOL. 

Everything is as its supposed to be or else it would be different. :)  

Thanks. Me too.   At least i have the use of a Lull so as long as I can find some help to run it it should go up quick. 

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I picked up a small 2 plate coal stove at a local auction to run in my shop using wood.  Was from an old school where all the rooms had a similar one and they were all being sold off. I waited till pretty much everyone was sated on them.  Now to extract it from my wife's studio where it's buried in the storage closet. With how open my shop is it will be more of an IR source and hot drink maintainer (10' side walls and open gables, I'm a real believer that CO is NOT my friend!)

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boy that will be nice. Do you even need a heat source in the winter in NM.  My friend used to live in TX and he always complained when it was in the 50's.  

50's here is consider great working weather.. IN fact most complain when it gets anything over 82F.. 

there is somethings about the building which once things had gotten pinned down more that was was surprised about.  Few changes in height and such. 

I was told originally that the side wall comes standard with a 10ft height.   So I had the foundation go up an extra 2ft which would have given me a 12ft sidewall for a full 12ft door. 

I had assumed that the center would on a 4:12 pitch come in around 18ft ridge.    Now it is going to be 12' 9 3/8" sidewall height so just over 14ft sidewall. 

I just got the finial delivery build and it is going to be closer to 20ft + at the ridge as they increased the side wall height.    2ft doesn't seem like much when you are on the ground but from a heating and cooling perspective over the length of 60ft  It changes things a little.    

It does mean now I will have clearance for a second floor setup over the office so that is kind of cool. Storage and such for paperwork and shipping supplies. 

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I think it's a function of "at the last minute". You can keep putting it off for higher priority tasks; but there comes a time where it has to be done *NOW* or left till next spring, losing all that winter time to work on the insides.

My building projects usually proceed slowly until enough stuff has been scrounged to do the basic project and then a short flurry of overwork to get it done. I'm in the scrounging phase of adding a shed roof carport to the front of my shop. My hard cutoff is more the excessive sun and temperatures of summer though.

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Jennifer, if the students are cold they’re not working hard enough!

Thomas, I know what you mean about losing your night vision, I used to walk through the woods to my deer stand an hour before daylight, or after dark back to the truck, without a light now I need light to go to the other side of the truck to get my stuff and head out. 

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Ok, well in the last 3 days the storage container arrived for the insulation. I was told by the insulation person that a 25ft container would be enough for the insulation.  I figured I'd rather have a little extra room so ordered a 40'.  good thing to, as it was full by the time we unloaded the delivery semi. 

So, Wednesday was the container, Thursday was the insulation and today was the building.   Took nearly 3hrs to unload the stuff from the truck.   

I have decided that todays businesses that send out products try to keep it all to themselves.I'm referring to insider knowledge with script and descriptors. 

  I worked at a shipping company when I was much, much younger and we would label everything and put package 1 of 10 if there were 10 packages, etc, etc.   The insulation was not marked with anything that resembled the bill of lading so had to call them to learn there language/ script. 

Then with the building arriving some of the items were hidden in between other stacks.  Metal shapes inside metal shapes.   The bill of lading was nearly useless as was the loadout sheet as it would have been a 2 day job before sign off with the driver I think the companies do that now.  Yes, I'm complaining.  It makes it both difficult and frustrating.  Spent hours moving stuff around and making sure I/we would know which part is which.  Also the order stuff was loaded on the truck was all random.  the items needed to be installed first were in the middle of the pile loaded on the truck. Yup complaining again. 

Anyhow, today was the first day of real building construction.  It was a long day.. Wish there were 4 of me.. Would make things so much simpler. 









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4 minutes ago, JHCC said:

Lord, no. The world can barely handle the one!

Not sure that is a good or a bad thing.. :)  I certainly could use a few more put to work.  The first few uprights with no ladder and I scaled up them as they are and undid the chains. 

There is so much of this stuff that I barely remember.  I ended up getting a length of rope and making a quick release so could be on the ground and give it a good pull and the sling would release.   I don't know anyone else who could have scaled up the beams with just feet and hands.  That is the part I'm talking about.  The next series of events will for sure be longing for capable help.  Have 2 days before the rain comes in which means here.. I have 2 days before the snow comes in. 

3 minutes ago, Old Crew said:

I have built this type of building for a living in the past and have helped many people build things for free.  Mass a i can't spellit is to far for me to drive

Sorry i can't spend a day or 2 and help you get going 

Well if you are interested. I'd pay you for your time.   Problem I have is skilled boots on the ground.  i'm running the LULL, stringing up the parts, organizing things ( My buddy Andrew did a great job getting familiar with the items and which is which) and tomorrow is the first day of working at the tops with scrabbling on the trusses.  :)  Fun for sure. 

I can't spell it either. I use spell checker.. :)


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Make sure you install some temporary bracing as soon as you get the first bay set. Partially erected  pre-engineered buildings have been known to fall down if not braced. We use a bracket that bolts to one of the anchor bolts and use some big 20 ton?? come a longs to square it up. 

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