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  1. Peppie, nice work. Upper Hammer/tong rack? Do you have any idea what you want to use the space for?? Anything in particular? for each shelf? Love the mockup of the anvil. Nice work.
  2. Old Crew, It's all your inspiration on the video.. You were my inspiration.. I figured it would help some. Looking forwards to your addition to the thread..
  3. I love to have shelves on the anvil stand.. I also like them to articulate so they can be moved out of the way or put into any position I need them in.. Also under the pritchel hole or hardie hole to catch drifts or items pushed thru the hole.. this way they can land in a can full of water and it speeds up the process.
  4. Thomas what is your inseam? I find that anvil height is pretty close within a few inches.. At 5'11" I run my anvil at 31" for all work. 34" inseam.
  5. VW and Audi's are expensive to build.. one other really cool factor is the 900 Turbo I would get 30miles per gallon if driving like a sane person.. and low 20's when I was aping it out.. the styling in the mid 80's to mid 90's was some of my favorites.. the Audi Group B cars were putting out 592HP out of a 5cylinder 2.2L when all said in done.. Kinda cool.. Thomas I like a stick.. My honey bought one of the new Subaru's with eagle eyes and it is very cool.. Cruise control is automatic.. very cool. I'm waiting till they come out with a self driving car before i'm willing to put out big money..
  6. I've never been a fan of slitting wrought iron of this size. I use a 2 punch method to shear the end grains if the wrought is showing a tendency to split. If it is good stuff then just punch up round leaving slightly oversized on either side of the hole so I can then pack back down. Once I get to the desired eye hole size just brush the oval back and its finished. That way the eye stays pretty well centered. If it needs correction then usually it's not bad and a hammer eye punch is used for clean up. Fyi, wrought iron tooling usually needs to be be made stouter in size vs mild steel. Understanding the true merit of steels allows for a smaller tool that will show an increase of productivity as there is less mass in the tool therefore more of the energy goes into the work being performed.
  7. CtG is that a current car? I kinda stopped looking at cars as anything other than transport.. I drive between 100 and 200miles a day so I check fluids and I'm off. Some of the little nice things about more modern cars is the fact they can be chipped for more performance.. The, Audi was at the end of my crazy car days.. I started to build parts for it, but just stopped.. I do have a 6speed transmission in a B5 1.8T and 4:10 finals to get a little more to the ground vs 3:89.. Preferring nimble over larger displacement. But overall its fast enough to get me on and off the highway. thought of a SAAB 2.0 transplant also, but never bothered. Jasent, yup deep snow can be a problem but I haven't found any here yet that I have gotten stuck in.. I even run wider tires but do run snowys with studds. the Generation before mine used a lever on the console to lock posi in.. the early 4x4 cars are cool. the toyotas the Early subarus with the pneumatic suspension little sports car thing.. I always thought one of the Early Honda box cars would be fun.. Wasn't much bigger than a Mini..
  8. Condrad I really like your work.. You do a nice job on the forging. Aspects to which I find important in a clean forging are there.. Makes it all the nicer looking at your work. Goods Looks pretty good. The weld looks great.. Face size? Which method are you using to punch the eye? Looks to be like slit and drift?
  9. Yup, I hear yeah.. I just like accellartion on purpose Before, during and after the corner.. I got nothing again draggers.. It was a bunch of fun while it lasted.. The Audi is AWD and it's a neat system where it can be more front wheel drive or rear wheel drive depending on terrain and tire slip.. Fit in with my driving style of petal to the metal and left foot braking.. One of the best cars I have ever driven in snow or mud.. Only problem is once it get to deep.. Far better than either of my 4X4 trucks.. Crazy good really. Cars now have traction control and such.. completely changes the whole ball of works.. You give the car gas and it feels like someone has the ebrake on. but at least it still vs vs slipping tires. I haven't had to rock a car nor have I ever been stuck in the Audi.
  10. I am a huge 2 stroke saab fan.. I had a 61 GT850 and a 66 Monte Carlo 850.. They were a blast to tool around it.. Of late I have had thoughts of putting a 13b or 20B Wankel in the AUDI as a performace boost.. I"m more about handling then drag racing.. Not a fan of the straight away.. But throw a corner at me.. Giddy up.
  11. 11 years since back surgery.. Never felt better.. Well, that is a lie.. I felt a lot better in my 20's..
  12. CtG, SAABs are really clean vs VW or AUDI. More water than anything esle.. Little watery oil but usually it was a bunch of water.. What I found was the can was alum and is in the photo.. The intake was on the outside with a baffle of steel with holes in it so the air would spin an hit the baffle.. I worked well.. the first Prototype was made out of a small Chrome moly compressed air cylinder.. Same basic design.. that thing would pull water out crazy like.. It needed to be drained every few days.. So, for that that do not now An oil catch can us used to scavenge any oil out of the PVC system before it gets put back into the engine intake.. Basically a fancy oil and water filter.. The PCV valve for a turbo charged care is different because there is no intake vacuum when on boost so the crank case can actually go positive instead of negative pressure or vacuum. This leads to really bad oil leaks and such.. On a SAAB engine they use a calibrated inducer hose and fitting so the Crank case as the boost is created uses this boost intake (inducer) to add vacuum to the upstream side of the turbo which also adds vacuum to the crank case.. Pretty much all turbo systems work the same unless someone runs to atmosphere.. Which is not good.. The key to most of these types of separators is to spin the air and then cool it so things coalesce in the container.. Then the air is fed back into just before the turbo.. So a turbo is basically a huge air sucker.. The problem is anything that bypasses and hits the turbine will ruin it.. Back when I started on SAABs The guy I worked for talked to me about setting up a water injection system and this water injection system worked with a windsheild motor and fluid and it sprayed the water directly into the turbine.. It's great if you have a bunch of turbines.. Basically what happen was the erosion of the fluid was so bad the turbine wheel was destroyed. with a slit running the diameter as the stuff sprayed in.. Injection of water increases the flash point of the gas (cheap octane boost) which allows for more advance or boost or both. Here is a run while I try to shift.. It's kinda cool.. It's on my personal old channel. I built a racing motor for one of my cars that the redline was 8500 rpms I had tach it to 10K a time or 2.. Still have the motor.. Was a SAAB V4 motor.. (Was a ford industrial motor). 1700CC. 10.3 forged pistons, ported and polished heads, etc, etc. that one was pricey to build..
  13. CtG. In 5 years of working on the same engine I ended up with piston scoring.. I started to pull about 25" of vacuum as a test time and it was high enough that it would pull the oil mist out of the engine crank case.. the car was super fast for about 2 days.. Then that was it.. It still drove but no power.. that was an expensive learning curve.. I then settled on about 15-17 and never had a problem again. Some people estimated the car in the 400HP+ realm but I never dyno'd it so go with lower numbers.. Saab Engines were ideal because they were built heavy and were designed from the factory for Turbo use.. I love SAAB... SAAB being front wheel drive Volvo rear. but also just kinda neat cars.. I own an Audi A4 Quattro and was going to originally pull the AWD from and install it in my Car I named Rosie.. Rosie is number 49 in the last year of the SPG import.. I got xxxx from all the people on the groups when I mentioned installing the awd.. I was going thru a transmission about every 6-8 months as the power was just to much.. Blew 4th gear twice . It was 1000.00 in bearings and parts and then pulling shafts and gear from other boxes.. Never blew a gear box out Rallying. but.. Was a bunch of fun while it lasted and I learned a bunch of engine efficiency as a key to power.. I designed an intercooler that was dual pass and would break up laminar flow.. Most people hate and despise dual pass because of the PSI drop.. Few realize just how much heat soak happens in the stratified layers in an intercooler.. When I quite I was into designing intake systems with full independent runners.. Kinda neat too. the bottom photo is an Oil catch can designed to scavenge oil from the intake air.. it was designed to cool off the vapor and catch water and used a centrafuge design. I would get about 1/4Gallon of water every 3-4 days.. and just a little oil in the bottom.. It had internal baffles as well.
  14. Well congrats.. That is excellent.. Mark is a great teacher.. Not sure I would agree or disagree with 1000 welds.. There is so many variations.. Looking forwards to the photos.