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  1. I really like that methodolgy.. If I ever have to do it again I will try it.. We live in an area with a very high percentage of rocks.. There is a top soil layer about 6-12", then subsoil about 8", then a sand layer with some decent sized rocks about 12", then a layer of clay about 12" then a bunch of huge rocks just stacked ontop of each other for about 3 to 4ft.. Hitting one of these larger rocks pretty much means disaster.. I've have pulled a rod or 2 that simply stopped and then proceeded to bend into an S underground.. Amen.. Brutal.. I knew better to make
  2. With 40 years of collecting I'm surprised I don't have more.. I did lose some items and it's kinda crazy how it still bothers me.. Not being one to accept things.. LOL.. It is amazing stout.. Very much an industrial type.. The Cannedy Otto New model 16 seems small in comparison.. I will try to get the 201 mounted where the Model 16 is and move the 16 to where the little hand crank drill is now.. Even an old table from a more modern drill press could be modified.. A lot of them have solid centers so they just use a bolt thru the U section with a flat bar w
  3. Arkie, Frosty, I am in a constant dilemma.. There are items that all my life I have wanted from very early on.. A Columbian #3 tire bender, a number 3 Champion tire and axle shrinker. A 2 or 3 speed post drill (which I owned a 3speed which got scrapped) and now 2, 2 speed, A bolt making header setup. (missed out on a complete bolt making shop back in the early 90's).. A bolt and screw threader hand crank machine. A few other items which now have joined the shop.. Then a back up or 2 for certain items.. and then if possible sell off the rest of the items.. To students or fr
  4. Thanks.. I'm hoping they will find a perfect place.. Once I get electric installed I will start shop layout for the machine shop area and welding and metal prep areas.. The items not used will go up for sale.. At this point of my life having and extra 3 or 4 of something is not really needed anymore.. Or is it????
  5. I picked up this Marvel power hacksaw 6SA and a camelback drill press that was custom modified so it would use a small car gear box to power it.. The Hacksaw is 3ph and the drill is 1ph.. Here are the manuals for the Power hacksaw. 22693.pdf 5923.pdf 5924.pdf 5925.pdf
  6. SinDoc I can not get a straight answer from anyone including the electrical inspector.. The National grid spec sheet calls for RMC.. The town over and a few examples in Rutland do use sch80 pvc.. So, I just followed what was in the NG 750B.. They want 2 hole clamps every 30" but everywhere I look, they have 1 at the top.. I installed 3.. Sign of a newbie.. More than likely.. But it's what it shows.. Thomas, that is the main Rd.. Or I should say Kenwood Dr.. I went with Buried and conduit so the wires would not be overhead and a problem.. For overhead NG supplies the w
  7. I have over the last 10 years had many tell me.. I still don't listen.. I just learn more patience and figure out other ways.. I'm a slow learner.. Extremely slow.. Like grease slow on a sub zero day.
  8. Going with the largest you can afford and then some.. Sadly with the price of copper right now, copper wire is sky high. I ran 100amp sub to the old shop and was able to run a 40HP RPC, and any equipment in there which included a 3613 DoAll bandsaw 2HP, drills, grinders, 13" metal lathe, 500amp 3PH Mig welder, 350 amp Miller dynasty 350. All the bells and whistles.. I oversized the wire from the house to the panel for better flow and less heat running alum wire. the new shop on the other hand is 400amps and priced accordingly. 200amps to setup is still pretty
  9. Mr Pedro, thanks, it sure is.. Was so excited getting it lit.. We had several days in single digits and a - or 2.. many days in the teens.. The dual fuel will be really nice.. Wood, coal, used oil, kerosene, or fuel oil or diesel.. The options are pretty good.. Once the Propane is installed I can install a propane burner if the desire is there.. So after some thought I came up with a plan for the pipe wrench.. It worked mint.. Aligning the pipe went super well.. Could not expect it to go better. I put a couple of blocks on the side of the pole and then leaned the Ri
  10. I have cooked on the forge many times at demos over the years.. Mac and cheese, hot dogs, etc.. I like items that take water to cook that way they don't get dried out and I don't eat meat so don't worry about steaks and such.. I have cooked beans which worked out well..
  11. another banner day yesterday.. Got the stove pipe in and the chimney up and cap and seal installed.. Installed new door gaskets Now the new to me combo coal/wood/oil furnace is installed and fired up.. learned a bunch.. Because the building is steel corrugated the flange that would go outside has to be mounted inside.. The original hole was cut for the flange size.. which turns out only needed a 10" hole vs a 12" hole.. The flange seal I bought is designed for roof applications but figured it would work just as well for side wall.. Sadly with metal buildings th
  12. Glenn, I used a ratchet strap to tighten the pvc to the rmc at the sweep.. Ever since the shop build my wrists have been sore so need to figure out something that will make it easier.. I have a chain wrench that I converted to shear handle and just have to find the jaws..
  13. Steve, I had planned on pulling the cable with my buddy Jodi, but Chris was driving by and I flagged down after Jodi got busy somewhere else.. Once we established a time we had to reschedule.. Chris and I were pretty much on the same page progression wise and he let me flounder with the hand winch.. I then said ok we will use the excavator.. What I did was pull a coupling off of the RMC and thread in a Male PVC adapter.. This made it so the cable and mule tape would not get cut on the Rmc sweep at the pole.. Chris suggested running them from the panel to the pole and I followe
  14. SinDoc, I got 6 of the 240's but are dimmable. The person at the lighting place tried to convince me I needed 8 of these other lights which were 3X more expensive.. So, I then did a bunch of research and found the high bay UFO's for what I am trying to do would work very well.. Made even more sense when I installed the temp lights for the concrete guys and they were only 2 150 led bulbs and 2 100watt led bulbs in those portable spot light fixtures used for chick heating.. So, I figured for the cost with 2 dimmers it would be a great way to go.. If I need to add 2 more at some p
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