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  1. Shop Build Foundation Question

    I had a nail keg too.. I prefer something that is metal vs wood.. Nail kegs are also fairly weak when not loaded.. I had to add extra screws to keep it together.. I still have a nail keg that was given to me.. Every time I practice with making nails as a warm up, I throw a few more in the keg.. After 30+ years I only have the bottom covered a few inches..
  2. Show me your anvil

    I vaguely remember reading or seeing something about this company in the way, way back.. IIRC They were war time anvils.. I could be totally off my rocker but that is what comes to mind today..
  3. Shop Build Foundation Question

    Back in the day of outdoor demo's on the ground I used to carry with me a short section of stove pipe that was capped off on one end and it had a rag on the other.. The rag I would soak with a little water to keep it damp and when I needed to see the color of the metal I'd thrust it into the pipe which I kept on the side of the forge..
  4. Is this a decent design?

    For a general camp knife I'd want a little wider blade so it can be hit on the back. For wood craft a little more rocker/belly would be nice so i could use the blade with a thumb and rocker motion for added control.. If its just as a general street carry knife (opening cans, cutting rope, opening boxes, light carving) than i think your design would be good. Add a small guard for better personal defense blade without changing function..
  5. Is this a decent design?

    I would ask " What is its intended purpose"? Blade shape for myself is based on usage.. Or primary usage..
  6. Shop Build Foundation Question

    It is pretty amazing the quality of work that comes out of small spaces.. I knew 2 very good smiths that shared an 8X8' chicken coop for a few years.. they had both a straight shot through the door to the anvil and had a vise mounted outside for hacksaw use.. I still see one of the guys a few times a year and he always say's what a great time that coop shop was..
  7. Shop Build Foundation Question

    20X14 is a great size.. The trailer is 8X10 and for singular work or a sledging guy it offers ample room for general forge work up to about 4ft long.. It really becomes how or what you have a desire to make.. When I started getting into Wrought iron work the old shop at 25X40 wasn't big enough as there were pillars at the 25'mark on the 40ft run.. I had a few scrolls that were 35' long and it become a matter of bending both legs and then forge welding in the middle.. Frosty called it on it all.. The only thing I find is so consistent is the distance and the way the forge, anvil, vise, water tub are laid out.. While i do ok working at others places there is a work flow that just makes sense to me.. Finding this for your own space can mean a big difference..
  8. What did you do in the shop today?

    Thomas so glad your ok..
  9. What did you do in the shop today?

    JHCC nice hammer and tongs.. General forging hammer? What did the weight come out to?
  10. Shop Build Foundation Question

    MC Hammer.. That is great.. Congrats.. Starting next week I'll be taking out 10 trees to make way for the new shop also.. Sadly we don't have a gravel problem but a water problem..
  11. What did you do in the shop today?

    Das, . Way to go.. Will this help with your creature creations also?
  12. What did you do in the shop today?

    Snuffy, nice leaf and bottle opener. I like your enthusiasm for "better" and wanting it to "be" exactly what you want it to be.. This desire to be better can be a great motivator, keep in mind its practice and progress that will get you to the vision you want to see.. Every forge session is that chance to learn and improve. Keep up the good work.
  13. What did you do in the shop today?

    Looking good there Hans.. I'll be putting out a video in the next few days on forging the forge side rake I like.. The french pattern cross peen is looking a little strange to me.. Have I been mounting mine upside down? Last weekend I made of bunch of new friends.. I also was asked to forge up a hardie tool.. It was made from 1" mild steel and will have a HC face welded on.. Mid way I was told to use a different anvil which had a drop in the hardie hole.. It will be fixed with a set before welding the face on.. Great work as always..
  14. 8" Vise

    Thomas, what size did you end up with for in ground? What did you find that would nest with it properly? Wiggle room?
  15. 8" Vise

    I love the stand.. get rid of that side shelf and extend a few heavy channels with a steel plate to stand on and it would be nice.. LOL.. No opinions here..