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  1. Thanks guys. I have been right out straight with it. I have had the NEB crew here 2 saturdays in a row and a local smith has been coming nearly daily and helping since I put the word out. Dick L. has been coming nearly daily and he is super great worker offering guidance when needed like when getting close to close with the manbasket and such. Also it's great being able to bounce ideas and such off someone who has built this type of building as his own shop was built many year ago. The liner was fully installed this past Saturday while the others in the gang sorte
  2. The CO blowers only leak if over filled. They are a wet lube system and actually have seals that help to keep from dumping oil all over the place. Justin, The champion 400 blowers were highly machined with real bearings. So were considered by many to be a superior blower but leak oil constantly and even a few drops of proper oil should be added during an 8hr forge session. Buffalo blowers the "Silent 200" is my favorite blower out of all of them and it to is an oil leaker. I find it puts out more air then the Champion 400 or the CO but the machine work is not as tight, b
  3. boy have you been in the right place at the right time these days.. Well, done.. This blower was considered a Cadillac.. It doesn't leak oil everywhere unlike champion and buffalo.
  4. looking good. Those should work fine.
  5. Step flashing is the old way to do it. Much like a regular chimney. Wow, When I'm working hard at the forge the stack all the way up is hot, to hot to touch.. But, give it 15 minutes and it's cool to the touch.
  6. Thomas, if it's not allowed they can just fine me.. I'd be more than happy to have it fully done and enclosed like this week.. This project has eaten my summer and for the last year it's been every minute I'm not working with horses.. I'm ready to have the building aspect done. I have the floor guy aligned so as soon as I get it insulated and roof on, they can come in so I can start moving stuff in. Anvil, it's 40X60Ft 14Ft side walls with a 20ft front shed roof for storage of welding gases and such. Which in the design the shed roof can be incorparated as part o
  7. Thanks Frosty, Not sure Das has much more to be removed.. Better stick around the computer for sure. If all goes well the roof should be on or at least part of the roof should be on this coming weekend. Just sorted roof panels for left and right sides and now on my way out to install the first part of the Skyliner on the ends. It is very frustrating as getting the first few courses started or figuring out how things go together is still a problem. There are no instructions for the front roof to main building interface so not sure where it's supposed to start or s
  8. Thanks.. I try to.. I spent about 1.5hrs last night after everyone left cleaning up. I then finished up this morning before I got moving again. Because the shop is being worked on daily, it's easy to stay focused on keeping it decent. Where is lacking is in the garage where the tooling (dry goods, welders, lathe) and in the demo trailer where I have been storing the Hardness testers and shipping paper.. We don't get news papers any longer so keep the shipping paper for starting the forge.. I might have a little to much right now. It was fun yesterday showing all
  9. Arkie, Thanks.. these brownies might be worth the drive depending whether you like moist brownies or dry.. We like ours moist and delish.. Few better photos with 1 photo of the up high..
  10. So, last Monday I reached out to the NEB ask the group for help.. The response was fantastic with lots of support.. This morning at 9am 4 people showed up.. Sam P., Dick L, Larry and Bryan L.. Bryan jumped on the Manlift with his first experience with the beast.. He did extremely well and I loved watching him work it. We are both careful in the same way so it was great seeing him work the controls. It is a brutal job.. He spent 6+ hours on it.. Brutal.. He also got the rotater basket function working.. LOL.. I would never keep the button ON long enough
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