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  1. Thanks Old Crew.. Do you have a brand you like too? I have never installed one.. Do them come precut or do I have do the fitup? So I was able to make the spacers and get the main layout of the door in place. I literally had a really tough time finding a door made for steel buildings for under 1000.00.. Just looking for the threshhold and door complete with threshold was 770.00 delivered. I paid over 500 for a door that has to be adjusted, no seals and no threshold.. Reason why I mention this is, its crazy how things show up after the fact..
  2. Slag we call that type of door a storm door. I have not seen a commercial building with one. Usually houses do.. My idea as its is a 8" frame it will allow for reskinning with some pink foam and a layer of metal over it once installed. It is currently only a cored door with a 90min fire rating.
  3. Frosty, I have an aluminum one on the back door and it has eaten the concrete.. LIterally eaten it. It does wet so think maybe that has something to do with it.. So, yes I am concerned.. And yes attached to the concrete or attached to the steel frame. Ideally it is a low R value door so having it seal well would be at least a step up. Do you remember what you ended up using for the Brush seal?
  4. How do you install a threshold on z steel commercial door? The thresholds that I have seen are aluminum and aluminum and concrete do not play nicely together. Do I put plastic under it? Stainless screws? Updated photo.
  5. In order to to help a thread count at TPI would be helpful. Also are the threads square? I don't know of anyplace you can buy a square cut nut.. Well I do know one place.. Acme and Square cut are different standards and not interchangeable.
  6. So banner day today.. I was able to complete the back false wall ( eventually removable doors).. Terrible photos as it was dark out and was still working by the light of the moon. I'll take some better photos tomorrow. Hard to see the details.. I pushed in the weather seal where I could and now can move into filling it with insulation.. Though I might wait for insulation and get started on installing the workmans door and front siding. I could not decide how to brace the inside of the workmans door frame.. It is a collapsable design so can expand from 4 3/4 to 7 3/
  7. If you decide to put in a walk in door vs a slider.. Let me know.. I think its a commercial building term.. It is a door the workman go in and out of vs an owners door.. Honestly I don't know.. But did find it when looking for a door for the new school.
  8. So this is going to be a combo thread.. I started a felling ax 2 years ago at a demonstration.. I have posted photos to another thread, but this will be the dedicated video thread. The Felling ax is mild steel with 5160 cutting edge. I was shooting for a heavier ax but the weight at just shy of 4lbs swings really nicely.. Of note it has a cutting edge forwards design on purpose.. I am lazy and only like to make axes for my own use every 5 or so years if there is ample need for them.. Sadly or gladly with the School taking out all the trees there really is not a need for a larger fe
  9. That is going to be a stellar shop.. If you decide to go with a workmans door PM me.. I might have a thumblatch or 2 that would look great on a traditional framed building.
  10. George, that was funny.. Crazy but true.. JHCC It is funny that certain things do get better.. I'm much better at Martial arts. Much better about taking my time and slowing down while working.. I no longer do risky things that don't need to be done in a risky way.. More picky about what I consider to be finished. But also have an attitude that for this given item it's done.. Of note I have dropped things on the floor in the new school and dented the floor.. 30 years ago I would have been totally depressed about it and been out there with patch I do fall more as my
  11. WHERE, WHERE.. .................................................. LOL..
  12. Frosty, It is really interesting how the mind works.. And now I have nearly no short term memory.. Especially with numbers and being dyslexic. I might have to measure something 2 or 3 times because I have forgotten what the number is by the time I get where I am going. Or I will get distracted (like Terrier) and then it's gone. So, I have to measure it again. Now with this said. I have started to write the measurements down on the item to be cut or a scrap piece to take with me. Funny thing is my long term memory is amazing. As an example 9 years ago in prep for th
  13. I've used wood, charcoal, hard coal, gas and soft coal. Out of them all I prefer soft coal for nearly all things.. If money or time/storage wasn't a problem charcoal would be my choice. Nice on giving it a go on the butterfly hatchet. I do prefer it..
  14. Anvil, I have measured that space 300times if not a million.. Great info on measuring just the same and it wasn't the doors that were off but the center measurement which was in the middle of the air. Really I hate to sound like this but having a 2nd person makes all the world of difference in cases like this.. Someone with that second set of eyes and hands to keep things were they belong.. My metal tape measure has a magnet on it. but there was no way to really measure it accurately.. I'll know better next time to account for it right off.. Old crew.. I actually trie
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