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  1. jlpservicesinc

    Show me your anvil

    The vintage ones have a diamond on the end upswept The diamond is just taken from the round stock with no upset to a larger size. the diamonds are the same thickness as the parent stock.. Very easy to make in the vise with and small upset as this wont' crush the round very much.. a split die for the vise is even better.. I'd practice on a few ends to perfect the technique and boom.. Nicely done..
  2. jlpservicesinc

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Ben, I like the smooth sides.. Still not sure what the piston ring grooves are for.. Bling/trade mark? Sadly I got nothing in terms of what can make or distinguish what sets your hammers apart from others.. Unless you are using super steel or some other unique process or a different design which meets a need.. the hammer making scene is pretty saturated.. There has to be something other than.. to create a draw to buy.. The hammer Littleblacksmith made (the cross peen) was an item I would consider purchasing as I liked the shape and style.. I've seen the style before but it was well forged and finished.. I bought 2 hammers from Blu down in VA as I didn't have a hammer with me and they fit the build for a semi new design with balanced weight with a square face and fullered peen.. Anyhow not what I would call finished forgings but I bought them because of the design.. I"m in the process of forging the new wrought iron hammer build at 4lb + so the one littleblacksmith made is out but I was tempted to buy it anyhow..
  3. jlpservicesinc

    Show me your anvil

    Looks like your are all set now.. What's your first project?
  4. jlpservicesinc

    What did you do in the shop today?

    it's all about the compound leverage.. They are a dropped forged amazing shear.. I saw it and was like "WHAT".. I then proceeded to ask the lady at the flea market how much it is, she said I don't know make me an offer it's my boy friends and he just went to the bath room.. I offered 50.00 and she took it with a big smile.. that was in 1992..
  5. jlpservicesinc

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Steamboat: I dislike having the blacksmithing shop disorganized so as each item is finished everything gets put away.. Certain things get put away once I am done with using them.. I find that it's (blacksmithing) one of the traits I picked up and kept over the years.. In the way back I was a neat freak boarder like OCD BAD.. If I could do it now.. I'd have a vacuum cleaner in the trailer to vacuum everything when I get done. The biggest problem is I have stuffed so many tools into the Garage that literally there is only enough room to sneak through.. Realtree: I have used several models of the blacksmith hand shears.. I then discovered a model made by Viking manufacturing that has a compound leverage arrangement and it is amazing how much better it works.. It turns the shear into a one person tool and I can cut 3/16" and up to 6" long..
  6. jlpservicesinc

    What did you do in the shop today?

    John, in the fab, auto, machine shop, garage.. I have so much equipment that I have a certain path worked out based on my natural ryhtyum.. If 1 thing gets moved It completely leaves me tripping over everything till the object can be sorted over a time frame and it gets back to where it belongs.. I'd rather not work in there unless I have to.. Ochavoc well done.. Was it completely welded through the center? What you gonna make?
  7. Littleblacksmith, You said it very, very well.. Covering many facets and seeing this in words is inspiring.. I know that Alec Steele and Brian Brazeal were some of you early inspirations.. Do you have anybody who you have found inspiring in more recent times? Any forgings you have seen that you were like Dang, I wish I could do that as cleanly or finished? Again, very well said/written.. I to used to sleep with my forging so to speak. (right on the table near my bed). Sometimes I would sketch them to find different lines or to refine what I was looking at,, Mind, Eye, hand, Mind....
  8. jlpservicesinc

    Tong obsession

    The threads title pretty much said it all right.. They are really cool.. Which was easier to make.. Large ones or this tiny ones.. If you didn't leave a clue on the other thread.. This little secret could have gone on for years.
  9. jlpservicesinc

    What did you do in the shop today?

    YUp, nice work Das.. To this day I still have never made a bottle opener.. Well unless you consider the back of a knife not a bottle opener.. Ranchmanben.. Aw man and I thought you had an extra large bottle. . LOL.. that is really cool and the guy did a nice job on the anvil..
  10. jlpservicesinc

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Please post the pictures up tomorrow.. Can't wait to see them..
  11. Wow, JIm now you have me thinking about a new project all ready.. A fly press for the anvil.. I have a metal lathe so could cut the threads for one.. Interesting.. Very interesting..
  12. I hardly know myself.. there is a lot going on here and I have like a million idea's I'd like to apply.. It's kine of mind boggling..
  13. jlpservicesinc

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Ranchman: that is way to funny.. Howd you get that extra large bottle? And that really large/wide piece of wide pine flooring??? LOL.. Littleblacksmith, Really nice work.. LOve, love, love that cross peen.. Nice shape.. How big is the face? Few details shots maybe? Also I like the variation in the hammers.. I would really like to hear your take on a thread I started few days ago:
  14. jlpservicesinc

    What did you do in the shop today?

    From what I understand it's a soft hardwood with lots of resin in it and is slightly abrasive.. Rot resistant .. Please correct me.. I've seen some really beautiful pieces..
  15. I love that box.. It's funny but to me that is amazing work and something I'd like to tackle..